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Lab Manager
- Application-related establishment of innovative technologies and molecular biological methods, taking quality-relevant guidelines into account
- Preparation and implementation of sample measurements, test developments and validations in the field of histone modification analysis and mass spectrometry
- Technical implementation of protein extractions and further development of molecular biological methods
- Implementation of automated laboratory processes
- General laboratory organization
Post doctoral fellowship
institute of molecular oncology (IEO)
Are you interested in epigenetics,Polycomb (PRC1, PRC2 AND PRDUB)??? is time to apply
Postdoctoral research officer (genomics) - King lab, WEHI
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
There is an exciting opportunity for a talented and motivated researcher with expertise in functional genomics and gene regulation to join the laboratory of Dr Hamish King in the Epigenetics and Development Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

The King lab aims to understand how defects in the epigenetic control of gene expression are involved in human disease, with a particular interest in B cells and the immune system. The newly established lab is building upon our recent single-cell transcriptomic and epigenomic profiling of the human immune system (King et al. 2021a Science Immunology eabe6291, King et al. 2021b Science Immunology eabh3768) which identified transcription factors, chromatin-associated proteins and gene regulatory elements that warrant further investigation. The successful candidate will therefore have the opportunity to leverage our existing genomics resources and other unpublished observations to direct their particular research focus according to their specific interests and expertise.

This position will focus on the application of (epi)genomic editing strategies to cultured and primary human B cells, including in immune organoids, to dissect basic principles of gene regulation and ultimately to understand how these can be dysregulated in disease. There will be the opportunity to implement/develop experience in both experimental and computational aspects of cutting-edge genomics techniques such as single-cell transcriptomics and epigenomics.
Senior Research Associate - Taipale Lab
University of Cambridge
Applications are invited for a Senior Research Associate position to be based in the University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, central Cambridge, working in the laboratory of Prof. Jussi Taipale. The group includes both experimental biologists and computer scientists.

The laboratory focuses on the study of transcriptional control of cell growth, using functional genomics and systems biology, and mouse genetic models. Current lines of work include high-throughput determination of binding sites and binding specificities of human transcription factors, and using this information to identify regulatory elements that control cell growth during normal development or in cancer (see, for example Hallikas et al., Cell 124:47-59, 2006; Sur et al., Science 338:1360-1363, 2012; Jolma et al., Cell 152:327-339, 2013; Jolma et al., Nature 527:384-388, 2015; Yin et al., Science 356:eaaj2239, 2017; Zhu et al., Nature 562:76-81, 2018; Yan et al., Nature 591:147-151, 2021).

The work profile is a combination of scientific and administrative tasks. The successful applicant will supervise day-to-day activities of the research lab, including supervision of graduate and PhD students and lab managers. In addition, the candidate will support the PI with regard to tasks such as writing manuscripts and grant applications, reporting of grants and organizing courses and international meetings. Finally, the applicant should pursue an independent research project in the general area of gene expression and/or cancer.

Applicants should have a PhD in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry or computational biology, and should have a few years of post-doctoral experience in the area. Candidate should also have experience in writing grants and supervising undergraduate, MSc and PhD students.

Postdoc position
Barts Cancer Institute
Postdoc position available in the Stojic lab on the role of long noncoding RNAs in genome stability and cancer. Position is for 2 years and is available from 01/03/2022. please Email me for details if interested.
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