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Senior Software Engineer, Clinical Integrations (Remote)
You will:
Help create software that improves healthcare across the country
Develop and deliver functionality that meets technical and product requirements
Create standard integrations with third-party vendors
Participate in development of our APIs and services to scale our platform
Collaborate with members across the organization to improve our products and services
Advocate for engineering best practices throughout the organization
Mentor engineers
FHIR/CDA Analyst
Lantana Consulting Group
Full Time or Contract

Responsible for design and implementation of Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and/or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based standards for the exchange of clinical information. Conduct research, analyses, and collaborate with technical and clinical experts to ensure that projects align with client expectations.

A successful candidate will:
- Exhibit methodical, organized analytical skills to evaluate data requirements and translate them into formal requirements
- Facilitate and lead requirements and design meetings with diverse stakeholders
- Identify and develop use cases to represent client needs
- Map client requirements to CDA and FHIR artifacts and publish implementation guides
- Demonstrate working knowledge and experience in HL7 standards such as HL7 CDA, HL7 V2.x, Clinical Quality Language (CQL), HL7 FHIR, and HL7 processes
- Create artifacts in XML and JSON conformant to XML/JSON schemas
- Work with APIs from Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors such as Epic, Cerner, athenahealth, etc
- Develop value sets using HIT national standard clinical terminologies (e.g., SNOMED CT, LOINC)
- Contribute to the development of standards-based papers, presentations, blogs, and memos
- Support internal business development activities as a subject matter expert, as needed
Who We’re Looking For:
The Senior Full Stack Engineer will have a significant impact on our marketplace and will have opportunities to collaborate on efforts across the company. You will participate in system design and software architecture discussions, solve problems in distributed and legacy systems, and deliver features to end users. You will primarily develop with Java or other Object-oriented languages, and be expected to write quality, maintainable code as part of a supportive team of product coordinators and developers.

1. Delivered software using Java (or other Object Oriented Languages) programming with frameworks, PHP programming, Linux System, Shell, MySQL database Concept.
2. Strong knowledge in algorithm, data structure, application architecture and design patterns.
3. The ability to analyze business requirements and assess impact within the existing system architecture.
4. Using Git and conducting code reviews within a sprint software development lifecycle.
5. Good research skills and an excellent problem solver.
6. Communicate with Project Manager about the requirements, progress, and encountered issues.

- AWS infrastructure, cloud computing concepts
- Understand Health Level Seven technologies including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR), Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), HL7 V2
- Knowledge of Direct Standard
- Familiar with federal regulations such as Cures Act, HITECH, HIPAA, and USCDI
- Test programs and APIs using JUnit and Postman

- Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field
- 4-9 years experience building software applications
- Proficiency in Java or other object-oriented language design skills
- SQL database or relational database skills
HL7 Contract Support Specialist
HL7 International
1. Assist HL7 staff in assessing funding opportunities and submitting applications for sponsored work to government and non-profit entities
2. Negotiate with sponsoring agencies and writes technical contact language covering such issues as intellectual property rights, cost-sharing, fiscal and procedural constraints and other similar matters
3. Consult with HL7 Principal Investigators during proposal development to interpret agency policies and procedures, forms, budget and cost sharing requirements, deadlines
4. Analyze and review proposal budgets for format and cost accounting consistency
5. Determine compliance with applicable regulations, clearances and certifications for both applications and awards
6. Assist in obtaining approvals necessary for sponsored grants, contracts, subcontracts and other agreements in accordance with sponsor and HL7 procedures
7. Serve as liaison between HL7 and granting agencies
8. Negotiate with sponsors, contractors or vendors to provide for modification or removal of inappropriate or unacceptable terms and conditions, fiscal reporting requirements and payment schedules
9. Follow HL7’s policies for contracted work
10. Review all contracts on which HL7 is a signatory
11. Monitor and review active projects; perform follow ups and reports, as needed to HL7 leadership and government entities
12. Develop legal agreement(s) for all projects associated with the project/opportunity
13. Retain master copies of all contracts
14. Monitor and manage project progress against deliverables
15. Develop Contractor Master Agreements, Scope of Work statements, Amendments and other contracts for subcontractors to HL7
16. Develop and establish statements of understanding with members of various HL7 FHIR Accelerators
17. Prepare and distribute project/financial reporting and W9 forms
Digital Quality Measure Developer
We are seeking a Digital Quality Measure Developer to work in any of our office locations or remotely. This person is passionate about becoming an expert in the standards and tools that are used in digital quality measure (dQM) development for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) contracts as well as additional client areas. The ideal candidate will work in data models, expression languages, tools, and frameworks such as the Quality Data Model (QDM), Clinical Quality Language (CQL), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Measure Authoring Tool (MAT), Bonnie, Measure Authoring Development Integrated Environment (MADiE), and the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC). Individuals with an interest in confronting the challenges of working with digital quality measure data, an interest in digital measure development and testing, and a desire to become a subject matter expert in health care data are strongly encouraged to apply.


Work with researchers to interpret narrative concepts and transform into a technical specification by applying data models (QDM and FHIR) and programming principles using the prescribed tooling.
Create/maintain value sets associated with data elements used in specifications.
Use federally supplied tools to create/maintain specifications and value sets (MAT, Bonnie, MADiE, VSAC).
Participate in internal, community and cross-contractor meetings to expand knowledge base.
Serve as a resource to measure development/maintenance teams.
Participate in HL7 Standards community calls and forums to expand knowledge base and influence standards used in digital quality measures.
See linked job posting for full details!

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