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Director of Spatial Science, Global Science, TNC
The Nature Conservancy
To apply for job ID 51275, submit your materials online by using the Apply Now button at by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

The Director of Spatial Science advises The Nature Conservancy Senior Leaders and Managers on broad and complex aspects of science-based initiatives. They develop, contribute to, and monitor the implementation of strategic spatial science that is aligned with TNC’s larger conservation framework and Global Science and Chief Conservation Office (CCO) priorities. The Director of Spatial Science supervises a team and staff to ensure work plans and projects are aligned and addressing priority scientific needs. Projects may include topics such as prioritization analyses, tool or guidance development, and spatial analyses tying together climate, land use, and socioeconomic data needed to answer questions about impacts from policies, natural processes, or other factors. The Director of Spatial Science plays a role in assessing the need for, and creating interest in, spatial science products, and works to gather organizational buy-in and participates in processes to ensure science-based decision-making.

As a Senior Leader, the Director of Spatial Science of the Nature Conservancy exemplifies and leads others within the organization to live TNC’s Values and creates a work place where staff thrive within TNC’s Code of Conduct.

This position reports to the Managing Director of the Global Science Team and is open to locations where TNC is a licensed operating NGO.
Appalachian GIS Manager, TNC
The Nature Conservancy
Job ID 51328, deadline May 8

The Nature Conservancy is seeking an exceptional individual to support one of the Conservancy’s high priority landscape-scale conservation efforts. The Appalachian GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Manager is an exciting leadership opportunity to provide support across the Appalachian landscape, which includes three Conservancy Divisions and 16 state chapters across the eastern U.S. They will build practical geospatial solutions to help advance Appalachian-scale conservation efforts and provide technical expertise and geospatial tools, products and interpretations to Conservancy staff and external partners. This position will support a suite of cross-cutting activities and initiatives, including conservation strategy implementation, fundraising, communications, equitable conservation, partnerships, and policy. They will coordinate with Appalachian leadership and existing GIS staff distributed across TNC state chapters to ensure effective internal cross-team collaboration and delivery on desired conservation outcomes.
Post-doc (3 years) - Species distribution, habitat & network modelling
Nowegian University for Science and Technology
We are looking for postdoctoral fellow to work in the Norwegian Research Council project: “GreenPlan: Launching the Norwegian Green Infrastructure Network and new decision-support tools for Land Prioritization, Scenario and Impact assessment”
Our approach is based on functional connectivity to quantify and map functional habitat and cumulative impacts for biodiversity. GreenPlan develops the first nation-wide set of such maps for birds, mammals, insect and plants, and uses them to initialize the Norwegian Ecological Network database, for use in land planning. [See prototype App:]
The PostDoc will develop high-resolution, scalable, nation-wide maps estimating connected, functional habitat and cumulative impacts for a range of species. She/he will further develop a network modelling approach based on two components: one estimating the suitability of a location for species’ occupancy, the other estimating the link between spatially adjacent locations (permeability). The product will be nation-wide maps on habitat quality, landscape permeability and core areas for a wide range of species and the cumulative impacts of anthropogenic drivers.
The post doc will be supported by an international interdisciplinary team with long experience integrating advances in animal ecology and computer science. The team is developing approaches to quantify cumulative impacts on connectivity conservation, identify vulnerable areas, and perform scenario analyses to guide sustainable planning.

EMPLOYMENT: 3-year, time-limited employment as Postdoctoral Fellow, starting from 1 Aug 2022
LOCATION: Norwegian University for Science and Technology - Department of Mathematical Science, Trondheim, Norway – in collaboration with Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA, Trondheim
Professor, Associate Professor (Full-time; Part-time; Visiting) Recruitment
Henan Agricultural University (HAU)
The College of Landscape Architecture and Art (CLAA) at the Henan Agricultural University ( invites candidates for a tenured position focused on the research areas related with:
1. Landscape Ecosystem Regulation and Green Space Resource Management.
2. Cultural Landscape Resource Development and Historical Heritage Protection.
3. National Park System Construction and Natural Resource Conservation.
4. Protection and Application of Landscaping plant resources.
The research background of applicants can include with:
Landscape Architecture, Urban & Rural Planning, Architecture; Ecology, Geography, Environmental Science, Environmental Sustainability, Geographical Information Science and Geospatial Technologies, Plant Life Sciences, Bio-Gene Technology.
The research experiences and interests of applicants have prepared them to be an integral contributor to the advancement of our inclusive and diverse communities engaged in scientific discovery, developing talent, and service to society.
Various post-doc and post-masters positions with the US Forest Service
ORISE/US Forest Service
There are several positions currently available with the US Forest Service. See
USDA-ARS SCINet Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applying AI to Agricultural Ecosystem Service Planning
Optimization and scenario comparisons investigating the trade-offs among ecosystem services such as crop production, pollination, and water quality in agricultural landscapes, with a hefty dose of climate change thrown in.
PhD Fellow, Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University
A PhD Fellowship ($24,500/yr +fringe + tuition remission) is available in the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University, beginning Fall 2022. Experience and/or interests in fire ecology, GIScience/remote sensing, and North American forests is desired. Please contact for further details!
new ORISE post-masters position now available working with forest disturbance remote sensing and experimental forest network analysis
USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station EFETAC
Please help me to spread the word about this new ORISE post-masters position working with Sentinel 3 forest disturbance remote sensing, and analysis of the national network of experimental forests.
Postdoctoral researcher
Georgia Tech
The Spatial Ecology & Paleontology Lab at Georgia Tech would like to invite applicants for a postdoctoral position to facilitate research on the NSF CAREER grant, “Do
species track climate? Using paleoecology to disentangle niche dynamics.” This postdoctoral research associate would join a vibrant team of researchers who integrate modern, historical, and paleontological records to better understand dynamic responses to environmental change.

The ideal candidate would have strong interpersonal skills, intermediate R coding, proficient knowledge of spatial analysis, experience assembling and analyzing large datasets, and previous experience with analysis of paleontological data.

Depending on postdoc expertise and interests, tasks will include a combination of the following: (1) computational analyses to evaluate the climate tracking and climate fidelity of mammal and plant taxa, (2) mentorship and research facilitation of graduate students examining the effects of arid conditions various aspects of taxonomic diversity of fossils from Natural Trap Cave, Wyoming, (3) participation in a large international collaboration examining trait-environment relationships through time in eastern Africa, (4) participation in grant writing and collaborative papers. It is my utmost priority to ensure that postdocs in the lab take on projects that will allow them to achieve the scientific visibility that will make them as competitive as possible in this difficult job market.

The candidate will subscribe to and support our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA).
Hundreds of US Forest Service job outreach notices
US Forest Service
This searchable website link below lists active US Forest Service job notices. It's good to bookmark.
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