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Dynamics Testing Engineer
ATA Engineering
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Plan and perform testing projects such as ground vibration testing of aircraft and spacecraft, modal testing for finite element model validation, troubleshooting vibration problems, and strain gage testing of various structures such as theme park rides.
Write proposals, technical reports, and papers.
Provide client support by conducting on-site test software support, installation and training, implementation, and application support as well as software phone support.
Provide results to clients that satisfy quality, cost, timing, and other project specifications.
Give oral presentations to clients and at technical conferences.
Develop specialized software application tools to enhance testing.


B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Structural Engineering with excellent academic record.
Willingness to travel and work at client sites.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Experience with MATLAB.
Experience with instrumentation and experimental techniques in a hands on manner.
Modal testing experience is preferred.
Experience with I-deas and other MCAE tools is desirable.
Candidate must be US Person and eligible to access government and Department of Defense classified facilities.
Developer/engineer for Sound & Vibration Technology
The VIBES team is growing rapidly and always on the lookout for people with a passion for sound & vibration engineering, software development (C#/WPF), sales, the automotive industry and just looking to become part of an amazing international and fun team. Offices are in Delft, Netherlands (if you fancy beaches and the Dutch life 🏖🧀🇳🇱👑) and also in Munich, Germany 🏔🍻🇩🇪. Reach out to me at IMAC, on Whova or contact us through the link below. Happy IMAC!!

Maarten van der Seijs

We are engineers at heart. A shared passion for structural engineering first brought us together at Delft University of Technology. And later on laid the foundation for VIBES as a company.

VIBES helps the automotive industry reduce noise and vibrations in cars, which is a relevant topic especially with electric cars. We work with engineers from car companies as BMW, Hyundai and Volvo and even help Formula 1 racing teams with our unique software. We work on a global scale and we have two offices: one in Delft and one in Munich.
PhD and Postdoc: Experimental Structural Dynamics and Wind Turbine Design
University of Texas at Dallas
Our group at UT Dallas has open positions for researchers in the areas of Experimental Structural Dynamics to study the dynamics of highly flexible structures such as wind blades and properties of emerging wind blade materials, and in development of digital twins. Opportunities also available in aero-elastic wind turbine design. Please email or visit website for more information.
Damping Technologies, Inc. (DTI)
Damping Technologies, Inc. (DTI), has developed, designed and manufactured noise and vibration control solutions for over 30 years. Our products efficiently deliver significant levels of damping to structures for control of vibration and noise related issues. DTI has extensive experience in creating effective noise and vibration control solutions in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer products industries.

• Develop, model, and test application-specific solutions for vibration issues
• Analyze vibration or noise issues for specific customer applications
• Perform experimental modal testing on a variety of structures and determine the mode shapes, resonant frequencies, and modal loss factor data for various modes of vibration
• Implement manufacturable solutions for the customer’s applications
• Provide technical support to others
• Create and present reports to internal and external customers as required.
• Maintain and improve in-house testing capability

Required Education/Experience/Skills
• BS degree in Engineering -ABET accredited college or university (preferred) and 5 years’ experience in the field or related area
• Must have experience in one or more functional areas: Vibration analysis, modal, and acoustic (including sound transmission loss) testing, constrained layer damping (CLD)
• Must have prior experience with project planning as well as posting process test data and developing final test reports
• Must have a fundamental understanding of electricity and electronics
• Must be proficient with AutoCAD LT, Catia v5 and Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
• Knowledge of Modal Strain Energy and applications to damping solutions and systems preferred
• Programming experience with MATLAB or at least one other scientific programming language is preferred
• Programming in C++ or C# would be a plus
Engineer at Environmental Testing
Kansas City National Security Campus
Work at Kansas City National Security Campus in the environmental testing group performing shock and vibrations testing . US Citizen Required. Engineer I & II .
Mechanical Environments Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories
Job ID: 681130
The Mechanical Environments Engineering Department is in the Solid Mechanics and Structural Dynamics Group of the Engineering Sciences Center. The department is responsible for leading integration of complex environmental test operations with computational simulation activities in structural dynamics and solid mechanics supporting fundamental research, model validation, development, qualification and acceptance for nuclear weapons, satellites, national missile defense, and other applications. In addition to planning and integration activities, the department directly supports several experimental capabilities, including: centrifuge, thermal conditioning, humidity, altitude, and corrosive atmosphere capabilities.

Qualifications Required
• Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field and five years relevant experience
• Experience in dynamics and signal processing
• Experience in mechanical vibration and shock analysis
• Experience with MATLAB
• Ability to obtain a United States DOE Q-level security clearance

Qualifications Desired
• Experience using Graflab or equivalent code
• Experience providing Environments support of shock and vibration field testing
• Experience with developing laboratory shock and vibration specifications
• Experience with ND shock and vibration qualification.
• Ability to build trusted relationships between analyst team members, management, and customers
• Excellent written and verbal skills in the delivery of presentations and reports

Acoustics Engineering Manager
Cummins Power Generation
Lead a team supporting one of the World's largest Semi-Acoustic test facilities
Aerospace Analysis Engineer
ATA Engineering
-Perform aerospace and electromechanical engineering analysis project work with emphasis on solving problems in structural dynamics and vibroacoustic analysis using advanced CAD/CAE software. Typical applications include launch vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, and electromechanical systems.
-Write proposals, technical reports and papers. Analysis specialties may include one or more of the following categories:
—Vibroacoustics, using statistical energy analysis (SEA), finite element analysis (FEA), or boundary element methods
—Aeroelasticity or flutter
—Model correlation to test data
—Linear and nonlinear simulation
—Multibody dynamics and kinematics
—Random analysis
—Dynamic environments definition
—Fatigue analysis
—Coupled loads analysis
—Component mode synthesis

-Participate in and lead IRAD and sponsored research (e.g., SBIR/STTR)
-Provide results to clients that satisfy quality, cost, timing, and other project specifications.
-Write journal articles and give oral presentations to clients and at technical conferences.
-Work with other technical teams at ATA, including design and test.

-B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Structural Engineering with excellent academic record.
-Willingness to travel and work at client sites.
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
-Experience with Nastran, NX, Femap, MATLAB, Python, Abaqus, Ansys, Wave6, VA One, or other CAE tools preferred.
-Candidate must be a US Person and eligible to access ITAR data.
NASA Engineering and Safety Center - Loads and Dynamics Summer Internship Opportunity
The NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) ( consists of discipline experts in a variety of fields to perform value-added independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA’s high-risk projects to ensure mission success.

The Loads and Dynamics (L&D) technical discipline team (TDT) focuses on the vibration response of a structure subjected to dynamic (time varying) forces in its operational environment. This internship will focus on providing logistical support for the L&D TDT and technical assistance for on-going assessments. Tasks include:
> Augment support on NESC assessments in topics that may include, but are not limited to vibroacoustics, dynamic loads, and vibration control. Prepare findings from reviews and technical analysis for presentation in reports and briefings.
> Assist in knowledge capture exercises for the loads and dynamics discipline.
> Organize discipline enhancement activities in pertinent structural dynamics topics including loads and vibration, vibroacoustics, shock and impact, and tests, tools, and methods.

The internship will be virtual with Langley Research Center serving as the home center. A direct link to this solicitation is also provided below:

Applicants from both the undergraduate and graduate experience level with an applicable STEM background will be considered.
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