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Postdoctoral fellow
Columbia University
Rodent models of stress and resilience. Behavior, neuronal morphology, circuit manipulation, miniscope imaging, whole brain ex vivo imaging, graph theory and more. We also sometimes work with wild rats!

Find me at the meeting and we can chat!
Link: None
Pre-Postdoctoral Fellows, Technicians and a Project Scientist
UC Davis SOM MIND Institute
More over a meeting or zoom
Grad Students (2) and Postdoc or Tech
University of Guelph
I am a multidisiplinary lab (cell, systems, behaviour) that is looking to hire grad students and a postdoc (or tech) to work on preclinical depression study in rats to a evaluate a putative female-specific target (non hormone related) in depression. In vitro and in vivo methodologies, systems ephys, inflammatory processes and vascular leak, behavioural testing. Please reach out!
The University of Western Ontario
Interested in a postdoc in Canada? Come work with us at Western! We are studying rat models for neurodevelopmental disorders/autism, focussing on changes in sensory/auditory processing and behaviour. We are looking for a postdoc with experience in electrophysiology, Matlab knowledge is an asset. We use a wide array of techniques in the lab, ranging from in vivo and slice ephys, optogenetics and DREADDs, and behaviour to advanced immunohistochemistry, MALDI, etc.
Postdoc to study individual differences
Wayne State University
The Kenney lab is looking for a post-doc that's interested in understanding the biology of individual differences in behavior. We use adult zebrafish as a model system and combine computational analysis with whole brain activity mapping.
Postdoc to lead study of MYT1L haploinsufficiency rescue!
Dougherty Lab, Maloney Lab
We are seeking a motivated scientist to join us to lead our exciting work on rescuability of MYT1L haploinsufficiency leveraging cutting-edge genetic techniques and exploring avenues of therapeutic interventions!
Bioinformatic Analyst Opportunity
The Dougherty Lab
We are generating extensive RNA (bulk RNA-seq, single cell RNA-seq, MPRA RNA-seq) datasets and need a creative, motivated and intelligent researcher to take lead in the analysis and interpretation of these data. We have an extremely strong record in gene expression profiling analysis and can offer mentoring in the analysis of genomic experiments and the use of computational statistics.
PhD and Postdoc positions available
KU Leuven / Philipps University Marburg
We're looking for highly motivated candidates to work on animal models for neurodevelopmental details. For details come talk to us or write us an email!
Postdoc position available
Washington University in St Louis
Postdoc position available in the Kravitz lab at Washington University in St Louis! looking for someone interested in dopamine, decision making, and feeding. Please get in touch if you want to meet up and chat!
Postdoctoral Fellow
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Hurd lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York: Post-doctoral fellowship position available focused on studying the developmental effects of cannabis on behavior and neurobiological processes. Candidates should have strong behavioral and computational skills working with complex preclinical behavioral models. Experience in in vivo viral manipulations, chemogenetic behavioral strategies, biochemistry assays and molecular methodologies is helpful. Knowledge of studying high throughput molecular strategies is also beneficial, but not required. Strong experimental and theoretical skills are important as well as good organizational, writing and communicative skills.

Candidate will be responsible for conducting behavioral and molecular studies in rodent animal models of developmental cannabis exposure. This work can involve rodent drug self-administration paradigm and general rodent behavioral models. In addition, their work will entail stereotaxic surgery, in vivo fiber photometry, biochemical assays, pPCR, RNA-sequencing as well as bioinformatic analysis of high throughput transcriptomic and epigenomic datasets. The candidate will be responsible for supervising laboratory assistant and graduate students in these research efforts. Interested candidates should submit their CV to

If you would like to discuss this position and the lab in person at the conference, reach out to Jacqueline-Marie Ferland via email ( or the app.
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