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UC San Diego FIRST Program
UC San Diego
The UC San Diego FIRST program is recruiting 7 diverse faculty in 4 clusters areas including Cancer, Cardiovascular Sciences, Immunology/Infectious Diseases and Neurosciences. The FIRST faculty will form a cohort with 5 recently hired faculty and engage in structured Faculty Development Core components that provide effective, evidence-based professional development. FIRST faculty will receive strong mentorship in research and career development, guidance in academic promotion, integration into the university and access to networks of colleagues and communities of diverse scholars over a 5-year training period. New job search will open in mid-July, 2023.
Assistant Professor Cellular Interactions
University of Richmond
Job ad coming in July for tenure-track position at University of Richmond, a liberal arts college with strong support for undergrad research. Teaching intro molecular/cell biology and advanced topics in area of specialty.
Tenure Faculty - Chemical Engineering
Cooper Union
Visiting Assistant Professor - Chemical Engineering
Cooper Union
3 tenure track positions opening at TAMIU
Texas A&M International University
TAMIU will be searching for 3 faculty members this fall to join our Biology and Chemistry Dept. The positions are listed below. If you are interested, please contact me (Amanda Munoz) or Ruvini Patirana ( We would be happy to tell you more and forward you the notice when it becomes available this Fall.

1. Physiologist - Will need to teach A&P
2. Ecologist - All types of ecology will be considered, but entomology will be preferred.
3. Chemistry/Biochemistry
<< See 50567 More Jobs Posted in Whova Events