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Hiring PhD students in single-molecule nanoplasmonic sequencing
University of Oulu
We are hiring PhD students in control automation to develop a novel plasmonic nanopore device able to unfold and move single protein molecules and read their sequences by plasmon-enhanced Raman spectroscopy under Jian-An's Academy Research Fellow project:
PhD and postdoc positions in nanophotonic chiral sensing
Ghent University and IMEC
The Nano-Optics lab within the Photonics Research Group at Ghent University and IMEC is currently looking for one PhD student and one postdoctoral researcher to join the ERC Starting Grant CHANSON.

You will work on developing nanophotonic and microscopy platforms for ultrasensitive detection of chiral molecules and chiral nanostructures. The ideal candidate has some experience with nanophotonics (Mie resonators, metasurfaces), fluorescence, single-molecule techniques, and novel optical microscopy methods.

For more information, contact Prof. Alberto Curto by email attaching your CV.
Scientist / Senior scientist – Micro and Nano Photonics (permanent position)
Join our team to develop Micro-Nano photonic systems and sensors of the future!

SINTEF Microsystems and Nanotechnology (MiNaLab) ( is a leading provider of R&D and fabrication services in silicon-based microsystems, including feasibility studies, device design, process development, process integration, process and device simulation, prototyping and small-scale production. We work in close cooperation with national and international companies to develop state-of-the-art and tailor-made sensors and actuators used in a wide range of application areas like Aviation and Space, Consumer electronics, Scientific and medical instrumentation, Oil and Gas, Renewable energy, Production monitoring and industrial sorting, Biomedical and Environmental technology.

We are a highly innovative environment with strong focus on bringing technology from the concept stage to the market in close cooperation with industry and research institutions across the world, as well as through commercialization of own technology via licensing and spin-offs.

We are now looking for a Scientist/Senior Scientist within Micro- and Nano Optics

Link to application site:
Postdoc in Experimental Quantum Metasurfaces
University of Southern Denmark
The Centre for Nano Optics ( at the University of Southern Denmark seeks a suitable candidate as a Postdoc Fellow within the area of Experimental Quantum Metasurfaces. The proposed project is concerned with experimental investigations and theoretical studies of possibilities for the realization of quantum metasurfaces implemented by integrating quantum emitters based on nano-diamonds containing color centers with optical metasurfaces, with the overall goal being to generate and manipulate compact and high-performance quantum sources at room temperature.

The project goals include the development of analytical approaches, computational tools, and experimental (fabrication and characterization) techniques for the realization of quantum metasurfaces implemented with optical metasurfaces integrated with nano-diamonds containing color centers as well as the contribution to further progress in the understanding of physical mechanisms involved in nanoscale light-matter interactions at the single-photon level. The overarching goal is to realize fast compact and efficient quantum sources at room temperature, enabling the efficient on-demand generation of single photons with arbitrary wavefronts and the realization of robust on-chip sources of entangled photons.

Postdoc position in chiral integrated photonics
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Nanophotonics Technology Center)
Separating enantiomers is crucial to producing bioactive molecules, e.g., in early-phase drug discovery. The present solution of chiral chromatography for this USD multi-billion market is slow and cumbersome since it requires tailored chemistry for each chiral compound, and relies on large and expensive separation columns. The EU Pathfinder project CHIRALFORCE aims at a radically new strategy to separate enantiomers on photonic chips: using optical forces in chiral silicon-based integrated waveguides.
We offer a 3-years post-doctoral position at the Nanophotonics Technology Center ( to work in the design, fabrication, and characterization of chiral circuits in silicon-photonics integrated technology. The final goals are the observation of chiral optical forces exerted by such circuits on nanoparticles and molecules in liquid environments and separating enantiomers via optical forces on a chip. Research activities will be performed within a European project and in collaboration with different European institutes, universities, and companies.
The candidates must have a PhD in one of these topics: photonic integrated circuits, chiral optics, molecular nanophotonics. They must show extensive expertise in design and optical characterization. Experience in clean-room nanofabrication will be also considered.

Postdoc / Research Scientist on Programmable Microwave Metamaterials at CNRS in Rennes
We seek prospective candidates for postdoc or research scientist positions with a strong background in wave physics (EM, photonics, acoustics), electrical engineering, applied math, or signal processing.

The research topics are in the area of programmable microwave metamaterials for applications in wireless communications, analog wave-based computing, and intelligent imaging.

Prospective candidates should directly contact me at to inquire about detailed opportunities.

Goethe-University Frankfurt
Coherent THz Emission from an Array of Resonant Tunneling Diodes (RTDs)
City University of Hong Kong
Work on theory of nanophotonics/angular momentum/singular optics/non-Hermitian optics
PhD position in Experimental Physics
Umeå University
We are looking for a PhD candidate interested in developing a state-of-the art ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy system to uncover the structure, and consequently the function, of molecular entities controlling key life processes inside our cells. The PhD project interfaces three rich fields of research: ultrafast science, optics and structural biology. The overarching goal is to measure correlations between coherent vibrations in organic molecular systems. This approach, while technically challenging, could bring the highest degree of biomolecular specificity.

The primary field of study for the PhD candidate will be to develop an experimental setup that will combine the generation of ultrabroadband pulses in the MIR spectral region (from 2.5 to 15 μm wavelength) with their coherent superposition for two-dimensional mid-infrared time domain spectroscopy (2D-MIR TDS). This system will be coupled to a home-made mid-IR microscope that will add spatial resolution. Finally, we will apply our broadband MIR pulses to detect relevant biomolecules (e.g., proteins such as the transcription factor GCN4, or the neurodegenerative biomarkers α-synuclein) in the so called “molecular finger-print region”.

This project is a part of a collaborative effort between Uppsala University (Sweden), Umeå University (Sweden), the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Germany), the National Research Council (Italy), CIC biomaGUNE (Spain), the University of Padova (Italy) and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (France), and is funded by the European Innovation Council through the Pathfinder project ‘iSenseDNA’. Within this project, the research group at Umeå University aim to develop an ultrafast pump-probe system to perform 2D-MIR TDS for the detection of vibrational signatures of molecular systems and recognize structural changes with an extreme spatial, spectral, and temporal sensitivity.
italian institute of technology
we are looking for several phd students to be included in a marie curie doctoral network on single molecule detection and sequencing by means of plasmonic and hybrid nanopores.
the project involves several research centres and universities (tudelft, cnrs, Cambridge, cicNanogune and others)
Group Leader in Photonic Elements
ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence
We look for the Group Leader in Photonic Elements, Photonic Devices, Optoelectronics who would build his group in our Centre pushing materials produced in the Centre.
Group Leader for Biophotonic applications
ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence
We look fir a group leader in Biophotonics to develop a group in our Centre to push materials developed in the Centre into biophotonic applications
Group Leader in Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Optoelectronics, Materials Science
ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence
We look for great scientists to develop their excellent groups in our Centre of Excellence for nanophotonics, advanced materials and novel crystal growth-based technologies - ENSENBLE3.
Senior Researcher in s-SNOM
ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence
We have a great Neaspec set-up including excitation wavelengths from 400 nm to 4 um and from 5 um to 15 um.
We can measure in transmission and reflection.
We look forward for a scientist working in this field to lead this workat our Centre.
PhD students position
Ariel University
We are looking for excellent students for a PhD research in the area of opological plasmonics and chiral merasurfaces.
PhD student position in nanofabrications towards single-molecule Raman sequencing
University of Oulu
You will focus on top-down fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures and single-nanoparticle optoelectrical trapping for molecular capture and manipulation. The aim is to develop a novel plasmonic nanopore device able to unfold and move single protein molecules by electromagnetic forces and read their sequences by plasmon-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPFS)
City University of Hong Kong
Looking for a PhD student to work on nanophotonics theory (chiral light-matter interaction).

The Fellowship provides:
1. A monthly stipend of HK$27,100 (~US$3,474) for three years
2. Conference and research related travel allowance: HK$13,600 (~US$1,744) per year for a maximum of three years.

More information about HKPFS =>
1 PhD & 1 Postdoc position
University of L'Aquila
We are looking for a doctoral student and a postdoctoral researcher (2 yrs, renewable) for theoretical research on chiral nanophotonics.
PhD studentship on the “Analysis and design of multi-scale materials with applications in engineering”
Keele University
This is a fully funded PhD scholarship at Keele University under the supervision of Dr Michael Nieves and Prof. Yibin Fu.

The project will focus on developing analytical and numerical methods (including the matrix Wiener-Hopf technique) for:
(i) studying elastic wave phenomena and fracture in structured materials and
(ii) designing innovative elastic media capable of unusual, but practically relevant, responses.

Further details of the project can be found in the link to below:

Deadline for applications is 5th August 2022.
If you are interested in applying please contact/email Dr Michael Nieves at:

and please send a CV. Happy to discuss this role further with you.
Postdoc, senior researcher
Russian Quantum Center
We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher or a senior researcher (a permanent position) for experimental research on several topics. Pump-probe with magnetic materials; 2D magnetic materials; ferromagnetic resonance; THz pump-probe studies.
Also available a research position on single photon emitters.
Postdoc and PhD positions available
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Multiple projects available. Let's discuss. Currently we specialize in unconventional nanofabrication methods to realize 2D and 3D designs for structural colors, photodetectors, displays, and light manipulation.
Postdoctoral researcher
Tampere university
Are you interested in photonics, optical waveguides and cleanroom work?
I'm offering a great opportunity to apply your skills in an interdisciplinary EU-project REAP. We are developing integrated components for photoacoustic microscopy.

Take a look from our website: Postdoctoral and research assistant.

staff scientist
imre, A*STAR, Singapore
We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with the background in metasurface, nanofabrication. It would be great if the candidate also has the background of simulation.
PhD scholarship
imre, A*STAR, Singapore
Currently, we are looking for a PhD student candidate to work on the photonic cavity enhanced quantum emitters.
PhD and Postdoc Positions on Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics in QNanoLight
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
QNanoLight ( is offering positions for excellent postdoctoral researchers and PhD students to work on the development of different quantum technologies based on nanophotonic platforms.

QNanoLight is a consortium of theory groups based at IFIMAC, the Condensed Matter Physics Center at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (, which is very active in the fields of nanophotonics and quantum technologies, with a broad network of international collaborators.

At the moment, we have multiple funding available from different Local (Comunidad de Madrid), National (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) and European (Horizon RIA) sources. We seek motivated and independent researchers to join our team, and offer positions with competitive salaries. The number of postdoctoral (2 years) and PhD positions (max. 3 years) that will be filled will depend on the number and quality of applications, with an expected starting date of January 2023 (some flexibility is possible).

Specific topics of interest include:
- Nanophotonic structures for the generation and manipulation of quantum states of light.
- Polaritonic physics for chemistry and material science.
- Spectroscopy and metrology with quantum nanophotonics.
- Near-infrared and THz quantum photonics and sensing.

Expressions of interest, including a CV, contact of two references and a motivation letter (specifying the group where they would like to work) should be addressed to

The deadline for applications is October 1st, 2022.
National Institute of Materials Physics
European Union Citizens! and Marie Sklodowska Curie holders of Seal of Excellence*! can receive a grant (similar financing rules apply!) to carry out research projects according to the MSCA PF scheme (postdoctoral scholarship in a Romanian organization). As the projects have been already evaluated and received a Seal of Excellence Certificate under MSCA from the EU Commission, the grants will be selected on a first come/first served basis. The guide is available at .
Those interested can check the academic compatibility with NIMP ( ; ). Feel free to contact dr. Aurelian Catalin Galca ( ) if there are queries and/or you want to try this experience!
Postdoctoral position at King’s College London - Project CHIRALFORCE - 3 years
King’s College London
A three year post-doctoral contract to work in Dr. Francisco Rodriguez-Fortuno’s team at King’s College London, on the theory, simulations and design of chiral optical force calculations for separation of enantiomers in nanophotonic waveguides, in the context of the European project EIC Pathfinder CHIRALFORCE.

Apply before 13th November 2022

More detailed description and application on:
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