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Multiple positions (Postdoc,PhDs) AI+MDSE - Université de Montréal
Université de Montréal, Dep. of Computer Science and OR (DIRO)
1 Postdoc position for 1 year renewable, 2 fully funded PhD positions. The research projects are related to the application of Model Driven Software Engineering principles, methodologies, technologies and abstractions to the AI domain and vice versa. Successful applicants will work with professors Houari Sahraoui and Michalis Famelis from the GEODES research group.
PhD and Postdoc Positions
INRIA & Univ. Rennes 1
PhD and Postdoc in Model driven engineering and Software language engineering. Want to hack your own languages? Contact us!
Link: None
Ph.D. Position
University of Antwerp, Department of Computer Science
I have a full scholarship (plus tuition fee) available for a Ph.D. for 4 years. The project is about the smart cyber-physical system of systems.

If you have experience in Model-based System Engineering, Software Agent (Multi-agent systems), Cyber-physical Systems, and/or Internet of Things, then you are welcome to apply using this link:
PhD scholarship in Safe AI at IT University of Copenhagen
IT University of Copenhagen
This PhD position is within the DIREC subproject on Verifiable and Safe AI for Autonomous Systems. The aim is to develop methods and tools that will enable industry to automatically learn controllers for safety critical systems within a variety of domains. The challenge is to offer the advantages of AI-based system (robustness to small changes, near-optimality) to the safety critical industry which requires strong guarantees about the behavior of the controller. The key problem is to explore the design space between the controller synthesis (correct-by-construction) and reinforcement learning (efficient but based on sampling) to design new learning methods. The project will be run in collaboration with Aalborg University, and industrial partners: Grundfos, Seluxit, Aarhus Vand, and HOFOR.

An ideal candidate has background in computer science, including some foundations of machine learning and program verification (for example model-checking, abstract interpretation, or symbolic execution).

Questions about this position can be directed to Professor Andrzej Wasowski (
15 PhD positions on Software Engineering and Robotics AI
REMARO: Reliable AI for Marine Robotics
REMARO seeks candidates for 15 PhD positions that will work together on more reliable AI for marine robotics (vision, navigation, perception, planning, failure recovery, testing, verification, model-checking, model-driven engineering …), There are 15 different research projects available with different prerequisites and focus, located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Bremen, Aachen, and Delft.

More info under the link
2 PhD Candidates on the Intersection of Model-Based Testing, Software Product Lines and High-Tech Systems
Radboud University
Vacancy for 2 PhD candidates on the intersection of Model-Based Testing, Software Product Lines and High-Tech Systems. Come work with Jan Tretmans and me on a topic tuned to your interests (formal to applied, with industry partners). Apply until Nov 11.
Modeling and Testing of Quantum Programs
Simula Research Laboratory
The ambition is to develop radically new methods for automated and systematic testing of quantum programs using model-based approaches, based on a rigorous theoretical foundation with the ultimate goal of supporting future ubiquitous services and data related to quantum computing (QC) applications to guarantee their dependability.
PhD position - Collaborative human-centric model-driven approaches for eHealth
Monash University
Using big data analytics to improve decision-making has become a highly active research and practice area in many fields including eHealth. Big data analytics projects involve stakeholders from different backgrounds including domain experts, business managers, data scientists, and software engineers. Model-driven software engineering aims to improve the software development process by employing high-level, domain-specific models in the implementation, integration, maintenance, and testing of software systems. Model-based software tools are very useful for multidisciplinary teams where a range of complicated steps and users with different skill sets are involved.

This project aims to develop online collaborative domain specific visual languages (DSVLs) for designing eHealth data analytics applications. Such tools would empower domain experts and business managers during the discovery and exploration phase by modeling the problem, extracting insights/patterns, and designing predictive/clustering models (if feasible) before they involve other stakeholders such as data scientists and software engineers. Such tools provide multidisciplinary team members from different backgrounds with a common language to communicate and collaborate through the software development process.
2 PhD Positions on Evolution and Maintenance in MDE and SE
INRIA & Univ. Rennes 1
Two fully funded PhD opportunities.
The research projects are around evolution and maintenance in Model Driven Engineering and Software Engineering.

You will work in a dynamic environment within the DiverSE team.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions :)

Best regards.
fully funded PhD Student / PostDoc positions in DSL engineering
Ulm University
We have two open positions (PhD student level, PostDoc level) in domain specific languages in the area of embedded systems.
PhD in DevOps + AI
Concordia University
I am looking for a PhD student to join a team of students working on a project with Ericsson Global AI Accelerator (GAIA), which revolves around the used of ML (and deep learning) to support DevOps analysts in analyzing operational crashes. There is some modeling involved as well. Contact me for more info.
PhD position in AI4 Model-driven Engineering
TU Wien
At TU Wien, we currently have a PhD position open focusing on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Model-driven Engineering.

Please contact me in case of interest. I am happy to forward to english version of the opening.
PhD studentship in MDE for AI planning
King's College London
Join me to work on correct-by-construction domain-specific AI planners -- apply DSL and graph transformation techniques to enable people to write better AI planning specifications. Apply for your PhD here by November 22:
Industrial PhD position in Madrid
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)
Open PhD position on software language engineering, at the modelling and software engineering research group ( of the Universidad Autonoma in Madrid (Spain), with placement in an industrial partner. Very competitive salary.
Three Assistant Professors in Software Engineering, Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University
Utrecht University is looking for an assistant professor in software engineering.

The Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University is recruiting three or more Assistant Professors in Information and Computing Sciences:

The vacancy text has just been published on the UU website. We are especially searching for candidates with expertise in the area of software engineering. It would be great if the candidate had affinity or could complement our research domains, such as software production, requirements engineering, software ecosystems, continuous integration, cloud deployment, and software architecting for AI.

The deadline for applying is November 1, 2020.

Utrecht University is a high-ranked research university, with broad strategic themes for university-wide research collaborations: Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Pathways to Sustainability.

Utrecht is a lively city in the middle of the Netherlands, where, according to UNICEF, the happiest children in the world are living. The academic institutions are very modern with excellent opportunities for research funding and industrial collaboration.

Inquiries can be addressed to the persons mentioned in the vacancy text, but also to Fabiano Dalpiaz .

PostDoc position in Model-Driven Engineering at Mälardalen University (Sweden)
Mälardalen University
The ITEA3 BUMBLE project, funded in Sweden by Vinnova and run in cooperation with 20+ academic and industrial partners from 4 countries, is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher.

BUMBLE aims at providing an innovative system and software development framework based on blended modelling notations/languages (e.g. textual and graphical). The framework is expected to provide automatic generation and management of fully-fledged blended modelling environments from arbitrary domain-specific modelling languages. Blended modelling environments are expected to greatly boost the development of complex multi-domain systems by enabling seamless textual and graphical collaborative modelling.

The postdoc will focus on a variety of challenges related to blended modelling, including: definition of (meta)models for the description of blended languages, design and implementation of model transformations to ensure seamless synchronization across notations, consistency management and change propagation for collaborative modelling/design.

The postdoc will work with the project team in BUMBLE, but is expected to manage her/his duties independently and to contribute with, e.g., co-supervision to PhD students’ research.

The position is a temporary employment of 2 years.
PhD Position on Model Management and Model Versioning
Johannes Kepler University (JKU)
We are looking for a PhD student for working on the TransIT project (
The project is part of a research collaboration between multiple universities and revolves around the application of model-driven techniques in the construction industry to store, manage, and organize diverse artifacts, processes, and workflows.

Please contact us for more information!

PhD on Trustworthy Autonomous Robotic Teams
University of York, UK
Fully-funded PhD studentship at University of York, UK on Assured and Scalable Self-Adaptation for the Engineering of Trustworthy Autonomous Robotic Teams.

Application Procedure
You can apply online for a full-time PhD in Computer Science (

You should state “ASSA DSTL Studentship” in the “Funding information” section of your application.

There is no need to write a formal research proposal in your application to study as this studentship is for a specific PhD project. However, a research statement elaborating your interest in the project and how your skills match the project requirements is desirable.

We will look favourably on applicants that can demonstrate a strong mathematical background, a keen interest in machine learning and AI, and excellent writing, communication, presentation and organization skills.

This project is being interviewed for and filled on a rolling basis. Please submit your application at your earliest opportunity.

* Due to funding restrictions, the studentship is available only to candidates with British or French citizenship.
PhD with 3 x MoDELS Best Paper Author (2011/2015/2020)
University of Leicester
2 funded opportunities, ideal for UK/EU students (international students have to pay a big difference in study fees -- up to 20k per year).

January 2021 (by Monday 26/10/2020): Model Analyses, Semantics, and Evolution
Very flexible topics but extremely short deadline:

September 2021 (by 23/11/2020): Efficient Evolution for Intelligent Autonomous Systems
We will look at software systems with AI components and check how we can make their evolution more efficient by viewing the software architecture and AI components in a holistic way (see the link of this posting).

PhD Position
Ryerson University
I am looking for a PhD student to join a research project in the MDE for IoT systems area. Funding is available. International students will have to pay the tuition fee difference. Please contact me for further information.

Application details are available at
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