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Full Professor and Department Chair, Computer Science
University at Albany, State University of New York
The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Albany seeks applicants for the position of Chair of the Department of Computer Science, with the academic rank of Full Professor, to begin September 2021 or January 2022. The successful candidate will present an established record of scholarship with demonstrated potential to lead the growth and continuing development of Computer Science as a member of the Dean's leadership team.
Two postdoc positions
State University of New York at Buffalo
I am looking for two postdocs, one on "energy landscape analysis" of neuroimaging data and another on resilience of biological/model networks. For details, please see

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Data Science
Dartmouth College
The research team of Dr. Erika Moen in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Dartmouth College is seeking a motivated individual with a strong quantitative background with a PhD in biostatistics, mathematics, computer science, health services research or a related field. The individual who fills this position will have the opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in network analysis, oncology, geospatial methods, and mixed methods research. This NIH-funded project will develop network-based measures of access to interdisciplinary cancer care. We expect the findings from this project will have an impact on health policy related to improving equitable access to cancer care.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Social Science
University of Michigan
The University of Michigan Computational Social Science Initiative and the Center for the Study of Complex Systems announces a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position to conduct research on the social structure of kindergarten classrooms and the implications of this structure for both children’s decisions about who to interact with and children’s health and well-being. The project is a collaboration between Elizabeth Bruch (Sociology and Complex Systems, UM) and Tom Boyce (Pediatrics and Psychiatry, UCSF). It will combine expertise in social interaction, decision-making, and social structure with expertise in child development, gene-environment interactions, and child health. The position is for 2 years, and has a target start date of Fall 2021 but can also start later (i.e., Winter/Spring 2022).
Postdoc position at Harvard University
Harvard University
The Onnela Lab in the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is seeking candidates with a Ph.D. in biostatistics, applied mathematics, physics, computer science, or a related quantitative field for a two-year Postdoctoral Research Fellow position. We develop models and methods at the intersection of statistical learning and network science with applications in social and biological networks.
Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer in Data Science
School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Sydney
We invite applicants with research strengths in the intersection between Data Science and Mathematics or Statistics. This includes, but is not limited to, topics such as statistical machine learning, mathematical foundations of machine learning, computational statistics, information theory, information geometry, statistical natural language processing, topological data analysis, Bayesian inference, and research areas combining mathematical modelling, computational statistics, and data analysis.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Northeastern University
Northeastern seeks postdoctoral candidates from computer science and other fields related to Artificial Intelligence.

During a two-year postdoctoral appointment, fellows will be mentored by members of Northeastern’s Experiential AI faculty. Of particular interest is AI applied to cybersecurity, life sciences, healthcare informatics, information retrieval, and responsible/ethical AI.

The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. in computer science, AI, or related topics by the time of appointment. Candidates are not required to have any prior working experience. We expect postdoctoral fellows to establish and advocate for best practices in scientific reproducibility of all results, and to promote the ethical use of data and algorithms.

Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis. Successful applicants to this program will begin their appointments on September 1, 2021 or later.
3 Postdoc positions at URV
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
We have 3 open postdoc positions in data science, in particular for modeling and analyzing epidemics, full-time for 1.5 years. The starting date is July-August 2021. The position is based at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, will be coordinated by Profs. Alex Arenas and Roger Guimerà, and includes a competitive salary.

Interested candidates with a doctoral degree in relevant epidemic spreading, data analysis, or machine learning field and expertise in epidemic models, programming, physics, mathematics, microbiology, vaccines, and other qualifications are encouraged to apply via email submitting a curriculum vitae and two contact names for references, as soon as possible, at:
2 postdocs in Analytical Sociology
Linköping University
Postdoc in Analytical Sociology
formally based at the Department of Management and Engineering

The position is advertised within the framework of the Council Professorship in Analytical Sociology, which is funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR). The postdoc will work in one of these areas: (1) the social dimensions of the vaccination resistance, or (2) the numerical decline of the Church of Sweden. Both projects use the extensive register data on the Swedish population that exist at IAS and are particularly focused on the importance of social interactions for individuals' decisions not to be vaccinated or to leave the Church of Sweden.

It is a strong merit with:
1. a doctorate in sociology or in computational social science,
2. experience in social science research based on large-scale data sets; and
3. knowledge of programming and statistics.

In addition, it is a merit if the applicant has:
1. documented knowledge of machine learning and other computationally intensive statistical methods;
2. prior publications in one of the two project areas mentioned above, and
3. excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.

The position requires a doctorate or an equivalent degree from a foreign university. The doctorate shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the expiration date of the application.

Appointment time
The length of the initial contract is two years.

Starting date
At the earliest possibility.
Postdoc on online health communities, digital health and social capital
Queen Mary University of London
Pietro Panzarasa (Professor of Networks and Innovation at Queen Mary University of London) is seeking a post-doctoral research fellow to work on a 5-year project on online health communities, digital health and social capital. The project will investigate the role of online communication in promoting patients’ well-being and health-created outcomes. Candidates should have an interest and expertise in data science, network science, and text analysis. Some experience with collection and analysis of large-scale data sets would be desirable. The start time can be flexible and negotiated. For those who are interested, please contact Prof. Pietro Panzarasa (
Postdoc in infectious disease modeling
Johns Hopkins University
The group of Alison Hill at Johns Hopkins University has openings for multiple postdoctoral fellows to contribute to various projects modeling the spread and evolution of infectious disease. Areas of focus include HIV, COVID-19, and drug resistant infections, and include modeling within-host and population level dynamics. The applicant should have a PhD in a quantitative field and experience applying mathematical models to biology, medicine, or public health. Email with a copy of your CV, link to Google Scholar profile, and description of research interests and relevant background experience and education. Start date and duration of position are flexible.
Senior Vacancy - Associate Professor - University of Greenwich, London
University of Greenwich
Associate Professor Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

A great opportunity to lead a group of researchers in Organisational Behaviour-focused applications of SNA, with colleagues within the Department, the Centre for Business Network Analysis and psychologists from the School of Health and Social Care.
Postdoc openings
Korea Institute of Energy Technology
Postdoc positions at Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH), South Korea for complex systems including power grid stability for renewable energy, synchronization, control, and epidemic spreading based on analytical solutions, simulations and/or AI algorithms. Long-term contract is possible
3 postdoctoral fellowships at the new SSM-School for Advanced Studies of the University of Naples
University of Naples
The call for applications for three postdoctoral fellowships in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity iat the SSM-School for Advanced Studies of the University of Naples is now available at:

The research programme will focus on the development of new methodological approaches for the study, management and control of complex systems, the design and engineering of resilient systems and the analysis and management of risks (natural, anthropogenic, industrial and na-tech) and cascading effects. The programme focuses on the integrated description and management of phenomena affecting complex systems and the risks to which they are exposed, in different application domains, through the use of methods for mathematical, stochastic, computational and data-driven modelling.
Assistant/Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, Data Analytics / Biostats & Data Science (tenure track)
University of Southern California
We have two openings for tenure track Assistant/Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine: one in Data Analytics, the second in Biostatistics and Data Science. The Department of Preventive Medicine is home to the University of Southern California's Center for Applied Network Analysis. We are looking to diversify our faculty.
Multidisciplinary postdoctoral fellowships in Integrated Science Lab
Umeå University
The network architecture of Arctic soil pores

The fate of deep soil organic matter in arctic soils represents one main uncertainty in models predicting feedbacks between terrestrial ecosystems and our planet’s climate. One existing theory postulate that the arrangement of soil pores, being the hotspot of biological activities, may regulate microbial activities, and thus, determine if this deep soil reservoir of organic matter becomes mineralized into greenhouse gases. This project aims to put this theory to the test and increase our understanding of what role soil-pore architectures play in regulating the turnover of soil organic matter in the Arctic. Could alterations of soil pore systems cause an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from Arctic soils?

In this project, we value candidates who have experience modeling and analyzing complex networks using packages like NetworkX or self-written code. We search for a creative candidate interested in understanding differences in functionality between complex 3D structures formed by abiotic and biotic processes. The project will utilize the expertise available at the Umeå Institute of Design to create 3D replicas of natural soil pore systems that will allow us to empirically validate theoretical models. Traveling to arctic regions will be optional.
Research Scientist: Statistical learning algorithms
Zhejiang Lab
We have a position open in statistical learning and its application on big data privacy. The candidate is expected to
1) derive data privacy/inference related mathematical theorems
2) publish in top international conferences/journals
3) collaborate with the engeering team to develop and deploy algorithms to large real-life data sets
4) intention to develop independent research and leadership capabilities
2 x Postdoctoral Researchers in "Machine Learning for Complex Networks"
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
We are currently looking for two postdoctoral researchers at the newly founded Chair of Machine Learning for Complex Networks at University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany.
3 x PhD students in "Machine Learning for Complex Networks"
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
We are currently looking for three fully-funded doctoral students at the newly founded Chair of Machine Learning for Complex Networks at University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany.
Postdoctoral researcher at the intersection of complex networks and machine learning
Helmholtz Center CISPA
Are you curious about exploring the intersection of complex networks and machine learning in your PostDoc? Then please drop me an e-mail.

Machine learning has inspired exciting progress in the inference and analysis of complex networks. The opposite direction of information flow has equally great potential for long lasting impact:
How can a complex network perspective deepen our understanding of machine learning and improve learning algorithms?

I would like to invite you to study this question together with me.
Possible topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
- community detection
- graph neural networks
- deep learning (initialization, lottery tickets, disentanglement, overparametrization, ...)
- cascade processes and discrete probabilistic models
- random graphs
- biological networks

The duration of the PostDoc is flexible, as funding is available for at least six years. Visits at Harvard University for collaborations could probably be arranged.
PhD student in machine learning
Helmholtz Center CISPA
Machine learning has achieved major breakthroughs in multiple areas and continues to change how ​we answer scientific questions. Deep learning in particular generated great excitement for its successes in computer vision and natural language processing. Yet, it comes at considerable costs. Deep learning requires huge amounts of data to learn complex models that are difficult to interpret and are fragile to attacks.
The major goal is alleviate some of these problems and transfer the many benefits of deep learning to common scientific settings with smaller amounts of data but available domain knowledge.

Possible research topics in your PhD could, for example, be related to:
- complex networks
- deep learning (theory and applications)
-discrete probabilistic models
- robust learning algorithms
- applications: molecular biology in collaboration with domain experts, international food trade, …

Please write me an e-mail if you would like to explore some of these exciting research topics with me during your 4 year PhD program at CISPA in Saarbrücken in Germany.

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security is a top-tier research institution for computer science that ranked first in the world in the current CSRanking in the areas of Computer Security and Cryptography. It provides a unique work environment that offers the advantages of a university department and a research laboratory alike. As the latest member of the Helmholtz Association, the largest research organization in Germany, CISPA has embarked on a mission: to rethink the digitalized world of the future from the ground up and make it safer through innovative cutting-edge research.
CISPA is located in Saarbrücken, in the tri-border area of Germany, France, and Luxembourg. The working language is English. A command of German is not required for a successful career at CISPA.

Postdoctoral Researcher or Project Scientist at the Dept. of Computational Medicine, UCLA
Opening for a postdoctoral researcher or project scientist at the Dept. of Computational Medicine, UCLA. The candidate will mainly work with Prof. Tom Chou and collaborators on topics related to virology, biophysics, cell biology, stochastic processes, etc.

Further information on the position can be obtained via email.

Start date negotiable.
Post-doc position on Complex Systems and Network Theory
Enrico Fermi Research Center
A 1+1 years post-doc position on Complex Systems and Network Theory is open at the Enrico Fermi Research Center of Rome, Italy.
The research activity will focus on the study of complex systems in the socioeconomic and / or biological interdisciplinary field with the use of modern methods of statistical inference, stochastic processes and network theory.
Deadline soon: 10 July 2021
PhD Modelling urban environments (Funded) Ref: 4158
University of Exeter
Modelling urban environments using mobile phone and online data, Data Science, Computational Social Science, Complex Networks
PhD Program in Network Science at CEU (5 fellowships)
Central European University
CEU opens five fellowships for its PhD in Network Science, the only program of its kind in Europe, currently with 20+ PhD students, and hosted by the Department of Network and Data Science. The program provides:

- Skills to analyse large-scale datasets for data-oriented network research, with a focus on applications in the social, political, economic and urban sciences.

- Tools to understand the theoretical and methodological foundations of Network Science, including processes on networks, mesoscopic structures, network reconstruction, and temporal and multilayer networks.

- Possibility to work with leading experts, including Albert-László Barabási, Federico Battiston, Gerardo Iñiguez, Márton Karsai, János Kertész, Júlia Koltai, Tiago Peixoto, Márton Pósfai, and Balázs Vedres.

CEU doctoral fellowships cover full tuition, health insurance, and a
generous stipend for housing and living expenses.

Vienna is ranked as the most livable city in the world and one of the intellectual hotspots in Europe. It is home to several academic teams and institutes focusing on Network Science, as well as businesses that apply Network Science in organizational development, marketing, and social media.
Assistant Professor
University of Notre Dame
The Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame invites applications for a tenure track assistant professor position set to begin in the fall of 2022.
We seek a candidate with expertise in computational social science. Qualified applicants should have research and teaching experience in at least one of the many areas covered by the emerging field of data science and computational social science. These may include: working with “big data,” relational data, social network analysis, computational text analysis, machine-learning, agent-based modeling, or geospatial analysis techniques, among others. Candidates are expected to have an ambitious sociological research agenda with expertise in quantitative methodology, with the substantive field of specialization open.
This position will carry an affiliation with the Lucy Institute for Data and Society. It is one of several new positions across different disciplines that will be affiliated with the University's major new investments in data science and technology ethics.
Review of applications will begin on October 1st, 2021, and will continue until the position is filled. Please send a letter of application, CV, at least three letters of reference, a research statement, a teaching statement, course evaluations (if available), and writing samples to
Data Scientist
Nodes & Links
We are a team of curious minds on a mission to revolutionise the way in which complex, engineering projects are planned and delivered. We provide users with previously-unattainable insights, at an unprecedented speed and ease, whilst promoting collaboration and information sharing within teams.

TechNation thinks we are one of the best AI start-ups in the UK, Construction Tech Review says we are one of the best start-ups in in the EU/UK and AWS views us as disruptors of the industry. We are part of University of Oxford’s Creative Destruction Lab and Entrepreneur First alumni. We recently won the ‘Risk Innovation’ award from CIR, and have been shortlisted for AI product and innovation awards at CogX and by the British Construction Industry.

This is a great opportunity to join a well-funded and ambitious start up in a dynamic and mission-driven environment, leading the growth from a start-up to a fully-fledged organisation.
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Multiway Networks
University of Oxford
We will have an opening for a post-doctoral position in the (very) near future. If you are interested, just send me an email.
Postdoctoral position for the analysis of online information disorders
Uppsala University
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position for the analysis of online information disorders in the Uppsala University Information Laboratory in Sweden.

Profile: We seek a postdoctoral fellow in computational social science for the analysis of online information disorders to lead the work on a recently funded EU project.

The successful candidate will join the Uppsala University Information Laboratory (InfoLab), a growing interdisciplinary research group doing basic and applied research on the extraction of knowledge from data at the intersection of data mining, social network analysis and computational social science. The InfoLab is part of a nordic network on the study of online disinformation (, and is leading the establishment of a cross-faculty research environment on AI and political communication at Uppsala University.

About the project: The project aims at the creation of a Nordic observatory for digital media and information with the goal of detecting and analysing disinformation campaigns as well as producing content to support mainstream and local media and public authorities in exposing harmful disinformation campaigns. The interdisciplinary team includes three academic institutions besides Uppsala University with expertise in network science, social media analysis and media literacy as well as the main fact-checkers from the participating countries.

Contact: We would love to hear from any potential candidate interested in the topic of the opening. If that is your case, write us an email and we can arrange an informal talk.

Please, don’t self-select out because your past experience does not perfectly match the topic of the opening or because the Nordic perspective of the project. We read all applications looking for potential, plus prior knowledge of scandinavian languages or culture is not required.

Matteo Magnani ( and Davide Vega (
Postdoc at Complexity Sciences Center, UC Davis.
Univesity of CA, Davis
Available for Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science PhDs interested to work on "Detecting Bioacoustic Signatures of Cetacean Intelligence through Semantic Information Theory and Deep Machine Learning" in Prof. Jim Crutchfield's laboratory, with co-Investigators Dr. Nicolas Brodu (Machine learning, INRIA, Bordeaux) and Prof. Sarah Marzen (Biophysics, Claremont Colleges).

The position is available to recent PhDs to carry out original theoretical and computational research in information-theoretic measures of information, structure, semantics, and intentionality in acoustic signals, with a special emphasis on marine mammal communication. Key background areas include statistical mechanics, dynamical systems, information theory, and computation theory. Familiarity with applied mathematics and machine learning an asset. Ability to develop and maintain open-source software packages (Python) required.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, the project is looking for either a: (i) mathematically-strong machine learning researcher interested in interpretability and willing to learn the necessary statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics; or, (ii) strong theoretical physicist (statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics), who is an accomplished programmer willing to take on machine learning methods.

For further background, please refer to the project website:

Position will be awarded for one year and, contingent upon performance, renewed for an additional year. To apply send CV, statement of scientific interests (one page), and description of proposed work (limited to one page and specifically addressing one or several of the topics above) to Jim Crutchfield ( Candidates should arrange for three letters of recommendation from established researchers, including their current supervisor, to be sent directly from the recommenders to Jim Crutchfield (
PhD candidate / research assistant in Potsdam (near Berlin)
University of Potsdam
Posting on behalf of Julia Brennecke. More infos via the link below.
Postdoc position on complex power grids
Korea Institute of Energy Technology
Postdoc positions at Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH), South Korea for power grid researches including stability analysis for renewable energy, synchronization, and control based on analytical solutions, simulations and/or AI algorithms.
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