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Senior Mining Consultant
Geosyntec Consultants
Managing, permitting, planning, licensing, compliance and environmental oversight of mining infrastructure and liability projects;

Managing multiple projects within the scope/budget/schedule expectations and ensuring quality standards on project deliverables;
Managing the overall delivery of projects including, project planning and controls, financial management, change management, risk management, and contract/subcontract management;

Effectively stewarding and building client relationships for repeat business;

Developing business opportunities with new and existing clients and preparing associated proposals;
Air Quality and Climate Change Senior Project Manager
Geosyntec Consultants
Performing regulatory analysis related to air quality, greenhouse gas, and other environmental matters as driven by the Clean Air Act as well as state and local regulations and evolving GHG regulations, permitting (e.g., CEQA/NEPA), and reporting programs;

Quantifying emission rates via estimates and measurement and preparing inventories with interface or use in data management programs;
Managing work that involves air quality and environmental impact analysis, dispersion modeling, and health risk assessment;
Permitting at all levels (e.g., NSR, PSD, Title V, GHG, and state-level pre-construction and operating permits, including California CEQA permitting);
Overseeing or conducting air pollution control device selection and evaluations, source, and ambient emission monitoring and measurements;
Working with multiple stakeholders, including industrial and municipal clients, research organizations, regulatory agencies, trade associations and public and private collaboratives;
Providing strategic advice and support to clients implementing programs and projects aimed at achieving carbon reduction goals;
Project management and technical lead for air quality projects related to emissions quantification and studies, carbon and climate change programs, environmental impact assessments, regulatory analysis and permitting, and compliance solutions;

Researching environmental technical solutions, incentives, and credits arising from challenging issues and opportunities in the face of changing energy systems and sustainability program implementation;

Working directly with clients and developing additional business opportunities by delivering outstanding results, forming valued relationships, and solving some of their more challenging issues
Mid - Career Air Quality and Decarbonization Consultant
Geosyntec Consultants
Conducting regulatory analyses related to air quality matters as driven by the Clean Air Act as well as state and local regulations and evolving GHG regulations and reporting programs;

Preparing air and GHG emissions inventories and emissions calculations;

Support the delivery of projects focused on energy transition, decarbonization, net-zero and science-based targets, energy, and carbon reporting, and analytics;

Preparing analysis to support carbon and climate change programs, environmental impact assessments, regulatory analysis and permitting, and compliance solutions;

Conducting air quality impact analysis involving dispersion modeling and health risk assessment;
Developing air quality permit applications under NSR, PSD, Title V, and state-level regulations, such as California CEQA requirements;

Support decarbonization pathway analyses including developing carbon reduction feasibility and cost analysis and life cycle analysis modeling for client projects, products, and operations;

Performing analyses related to air pollution control systems and source monitoring and measurements
Limited Term Air Monitoring Specialist I
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency seeks a qualified, motivated, team-oriented Air Monitoring Specialist to join the Technical Analysis team on a limited term. This position will help the Agency to deliver its strategic plan, with focus on Objectives 1.2: Measure, Analyze, and Communicate Air Quality Risk. The Agency maintains a core fine particle pollution (PM2.5) monitoring network of a dozen monitors across its four-county region. We maintain these monitors in order to ensure that the Puget Sound region is meeting air quality standards, to communicate air quality to the public, and to help inform specific technical questions about a variety of air pollution sources. In addition to the core monitoring network, we also conduct short-term studies with specific communities, often with smaller, portable air quality sensors. These sensors serve as tools to engage and inform individuals and communities.

The Limited Term Air Monitoring Specialist position is a unique opportunity for a dedicated individual to use their skills to help support the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s goals to protect public health and the environment from air pollution and become the most climate-friendly region in the United States. Our Agency supports a work/life balance by maintaining a 38.75-hour work week, and no requirement to work nights or weekends. This position is represented by Teamsters Local 763.
Air Quality Specialist 1 or 2
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency
As an ORCAA Air Quality Specialist, you play a critical role in enabling the agency to carry out its mission to protect the health and welfare of people living in our jurisdiction. In this position you will see a wide variety of commercial and industrial processes such as gas stations, spray booths, emergency generators, lumber mills, and boat building and repair. This position provides the opportunity to enter or continue a career focused on assisting people impacted by air pollution, and also offers the ability to continue to learn and make positive impact with people and the environment for years to come.
Compliance Division Manager
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency
Responsible for the overall operation of agency’s Compliance Division, which includes the Compliance and Engineering programs.

Teams of individuals from the Compliance and Engineering programs implement the agency’s principal air regulatory programs required under the Washington Clean Air Act and the Federal Clean Air Act, including Registration, Title V Air Operating Permits, New Source Review, Asbestos, Outdoor Burning, and Woodstove Enforcement programs.

The Compliance Division Manager is responsible for ensuring these programs meet requirements of federal, state, and local clean air statutes and regulations, and are implemented efficiently and effectively.

This position is a member of the agency leadership team, providing strategic direction, expertise, guidance, and insights on the agency’s operations, ensuring cohesiveness and alignment with the agency’s overall mission, values, and strategic plan.

Position not yet posted on our website, but will be in the next week. Contact Jeff with any questions.
Financial Specialist
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency
Responsible for providing several essential functions within ORCAA’s Finance Department, including a variety of administrative and technical accounting duties, such as accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, contracting, and grant management.

The position works closely with the Financial Services Manager in ensuring effective financial management across the agency and providing redundancy for critical agency functions.

Ensures agency fiscal operations are effective, timely, and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Position not yet posted to website but will be in the next week. Contact Jeff with any questions.
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