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looking for paid ads expert
Elsner technologies pvt ltd
Manage end-to-end PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google Ads, Meta and social media platforms.

Develop and implement PPC strategies to achieve client objectives, including lead generation, sales, and brand awareness.

Conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and audience targeting to optimise campaign performance.

Create compelling ad copy and design effective ad creatives to maximise click-through rates and conversions.

Monitor campaign performance, analyse key metrics, and provide actionable insights and recommendations for optimisation.

A/B test ad variations, landing pages, and targeting parameters to improve campaign performance and ROI.

Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and platform updates to ensure the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, design, and development, to align PPC efforts with overall marketing goals.

Proficiency in Google Ads, and social media advertising platforms (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.).

Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data, draw insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to create compelling ad copy and reports.

Detail-oriented with strong organisational and time management skills to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.


Google Ads certification and experience with Google Analytics are preferred.


Experience with bid management tools, keyword research tools, and A/B testing platforms is a plus.
DM Expert
von Greyerz
Looking for DM Expert.
please approach me
Looking for GPT/LLM/AI or automation genius
I run a business creating semantic content using real writers and would like to find someone who can help me set up ways to use AI/LLMs to train writers according to semantic rules AND/OR edit their work according to semantic rules.

I spend crazy amounts of time correcting the same old stuff from writers and would like to make the process more automatic so that the teaching and editing I do can become less manual and time consuming.

Would love to connect with someone who knows what they are doing in this area, including things like overriding AI character limits and possible integrations with Google Docs.

Link: None
Paid search and SEO for mid size ecommerce
Mark Bietz
Looking to outsource these functions for a couple of clients with an offshore company or contractors.
Link: None
Outreach manager for Asian market
We are looking for an outreach manager who will be responsible for acquiring publishers for sponsored publications on Asian markets.

If you are interested and have experience, please send an e-mail to: with the note "Outreach in Asia" in the subject line.
GMB Verifcation Expert
We are looking for an experienced person to verify Google Profiles.

Profiles mainly on the Polish and German markets.

Please send your applications to with the note "GMB Verifcation Expert" in the subject line.
SEO team leader
Knowledge Train
looking for an experienced SEO to help set up and manage an in-house SEO team. ideally, you will have 5+ years experience of different link building methods, and have a detail-oriented mindset. you should also have previous team leading experience or can demonstrate your potential. You will have excellent communication skills. including English. this is a full-time permanent role. You will be from Philippines, Vietnam. or Thailand.
SEO Specialist 2 Roles (HCM Vietnam)
RED² Digital
SEO Specialist’s primary role is to enhance a website’s visibility in search engines, aiming to attract more traffic by ensuring the site ranks highly in search results. Their responsibilities are multifaceted and include:

• Performing keyword research to identify opportunities to increase traffic and employing SEO tools effectively to achieve this goal.
• Analyzing website data to pinpoint areas needing improvement for better search engine ranking and visibility.
• Developing and executing strategies focused on site structure optimization, page optimization, enhancing content relevance, and expanding link-building efforts, all to improve positions for targeted keywords.
• Staying abreast of the latest trends in SEO, updates to search engine algorithms, and overall industry developments to ensure strategies remain effective.
• Collaborating with content creators to ensure the integration of SEO best practices in content creation, aiming for optimal search engine ranking and user engagement.
• Monitoring the effectiveness of SEO strategies through regular reporting on performance metrics, making necessary adjustments to tactics to meet traffic and conversion objectives.
• Working closely with web developers and marketing teams to implement SEO best practices seamlessly in both coding and marketing initiatives.

This role requires a balance of analytical and creative skills, with a constant eye on the evolving landscape of search engines and online marketing. The SEO Specialist must be proactive, ready to adapt to changes in search engine algorithms, and focused on long-term traffic growth. Their work is crucial for ensuring that a website is accessible, relevant, and appealing to both search engines and users, ultimately contributing to the site’s success by increasing its visibility and attracting more visitors.

Role based in Ho Chi Minh and working on global multinational brands.
We are seeking a dedicated and experienced SEO Specialist (Off-page) to join our SEO team. This role is pivotal in enhancing our online presence and improving our search engine rankings. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing our existing link portfolio, developing strategic link building plans, sourcing and managing freelance link builders, collaborating with in-house link building teams, and innovating new link acquisition methods.
New Link Opportunities: actively research and pursue innovative link building opportunities. Keep abreast of SEO trends and changes in search engine algorithms to adapt strategies accordingly.
Link Building Strategy: develop comprehensive link building plans that align with our SEO goals and overall marketing strategy. Ensure a diverse and healthy link profile to improve search engine rankings.
Freelancer Management: source, hire, and manage freelance link builders. Provide clear guidelines and monitor their performance to ensure high-quality link acquisition.
Link Management: oversee and maintain the quality and effectiveness of existing links. Regularly audit and remove or replace any outdated or harmful links.
In-house Link Building Team Collaboration: work closely with the internal link building department, ensuring alignment of goals, sharing best practices, and fostering a cohesive approach to link building across the company.
Performance Analysis: monitor the impact of link building campaigns. Provide regular reports on link building progress and adjust strategies as necessary.
Proven experience in SEO with a focus on link building.
Experience with ahrefs, linkresearchtools, similarweb, and similar tools.
Strong understanding of SEO best practices and search engine algorithms.
Experience looking for freelancers and managing them.
• Flexible working hours;
• Mental health program;
• Compensation for part of the cost of education;
Looking for Content Writers.
Royal Man Technologies
Need SEO content writer.
I need someone who can write SEO optimized content for my blogs.
DM me directly if you are interested.
If possible send me some of your ranking articles in Google.
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