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NMR Applications Scientist
Bruker BioSpin
NMR applications scientist with a focus on liquids NMR spectroscopy on our benchtop NMR systems.
NMR Spectroscopist
Corteva AgriSciences
Corteva AgriSciences has an opportunity for a PhD chemist with experience in NMR spectroscopy to join our team!  Our team of NMR experts collaborates and supports efforts from early discovery to product support. Are you interested in joining a top-class facility and have experience in solution-state qNMR and structure characterization? Some experience with Bruker systems, and LINUX would be advantageous.  Apply to the link, and feel free to seek me out at SMASH this week for more details.
We have an exciting opportunity for a talented scientist.

The position is focused on evaluating protein-based drug samples for leachables and other impurities using quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The role requires the use of a variety of NMR methods to perform process validation, analyze process development samples, quantitate solution components, and demonstrate the comparability and stability of raw materials.  A successful candidate will be capable of applying advanced NMR methods and writing custom pulse sequences to resolve the signals of trace impurities in complex solutions.

In addition, the role may involve research involving other NMR application areas, such as real-time release testing, low-field/ TD NMR, and protein fingerprinting.

The position requires regular meetings with other stakeholders to develop experimental protocols and strategies, analyze data, and write reports.  Other duties include contributing to laboratory maintenance and performing safety inspections.

Key Job Functions
•    Plan and execute the testing of protein-based drug samples for leachables and other impurities.
•    Create customized NMR parameter sets and pulse sequences.
•    Provide SME knowledge in the area of quantitative NMR.
•    Collaborate with stakeholders to develop benchtop NMR methods, real-time release testing
•    Meet with other groups to discuss the design of NMR-based studies.
•    Collaborate with other researchers to leverage LC-MS, GC-MS, and ICP-MS data.
•    Troubleshoot instruments and methods.
•    Author protocols and summary reports.

Who You Are
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related scientific field, or equivalent combination of Bachelor’s/Master’s and experience.  2+ years of experience and an advanced knowledge of NMR methods and instrumentation.  Direct experience with quantitative NMR, operating NMR instrumentation, optimizing NMR parameters, writing or modifying pulse sequences, and analyzing NMR data is required.
Applications Specialist - Magnetic Resonance (NMR) | Western US
Oxford Instruments
Oxford Instruments is looking to hire an Applications Specialist to maintain expert level knowledge of the Magnetic Resonance product portfolio while providing training and ongoing support both customer and the sales team.
Applications Specialist, DACH
Oxford Instruments
At Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance, we provide benchtop NMR solutions. These include NMR spectrometers that accelerate academic and industrial research and NMR time domain analysers that optimise quality control in the food, agriculture, polymers, textiles, and chemicals industries.
The successful candidate will provide NMR applications support to drive business growth across DACH region. The role includes supporting our customers to position Oxford Instruments as their preferred partner and developing new applications providing supporting content.
Assistant Director in the Undergraduate Instrument Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Department of Chemistry is seeking applications for an Assistant Director in the Undergraduate Instrumentation Center

The UIC assistant director provides expertise in chemical instrumentation use to undergraduate lab students, instructors, teaching assistants, and researchers. The UIC assistant director will utilize a variety of instrumental techniques including NMR, IR and Raman spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, GC-MS, HPLC, fluorimetry, polarimetry, electrochemistry. The assistant director prepares the instruments for undergraduate use. This includes instrument acquisition and maintenance, coordinating with Chemistry Lab instructors on use of the UIC, proactively assisting them in the development of laboratory experiments utilizing UIC facilities, training users on a specified instrument, answering questions about the use of the instrument, and generally supporting the undergraduate laboratory experience. The UIC assistant director works in coordination with the Director of the Research Instrumentation Facility to provide instrument support to research projects within chemistry and the university. The UIC assistant director also runs RIF service samples for outside departments and companies.

Minimum required qualifications: Master’s in chemistry, or closely related field, plus experience with a wide variety of instrumental techniques including NMR, IR and Raman Spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, GC-MS, HPLC, Fluorimetry, Polarimetry, Electrochemistry. Instrumentation management experience necessary. An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

Preferred Qualifications: Ph.D. in chemistry or closely related field preferred.

Posted Salary: $52,000/yr minimum
metabolite scientist
Do you believe metabolic processes provide the basis to understand complex biological problems? Do you get excited about developing novel NMR and MS detection methods that push the boundaries of what metabolites we can detect? Are you passionate about having a profound impact on the future of medicine? If so, we want to meet you.


The Position 

Olaris is looking for high-performing and outgoing metabolite scientists to join our Biomarker Discovery team.


This is a full-time position with a competitive benefits package.
NMR specialist
The Position 

We are looking to hire an NMR Technical Development Scientist.  The successful candidate will lead NMR method development for complex mixture analysis and small molecule identification and quantification. Additionally, they will be capable of applying advanced multi-dimensional NMR methods such as non-uniform sampling techniques and writing custom pulse sequences.   


 This is a full-time position with a competitive benefits package
Post Doctoral Fellow
Let’s do this. Let’s change the world. In this dynamic role you will support synthetic and hybrid modality process development to advance the Amgen pipeline as part of the Pivotal and Commercial Synthetics Process Development organization. Responsibilities include:

Develops technology to collect and analyze reaction and kinetic analysis for complex organic transformations
Champions innovative applications of novel analytical techniques and data analysis through use of process analytical technologies (PAT) and chemo-metric software
Collaborates with analytical chemists, therapeutic discovery, and purification technology teams to apply these technologies across the early and late stage portfolio.
Provides significant contributions to drug substance development teams (e.g., product and process development teams) by providing technical updates, documentation, data interpretation, technical recommendations, etc.
Serves as a technical authority and keeps current development of new approaches to reaction analysis, organic chemistry and applications of process technology in pharmaceutical development including literature and technology development
Improves the technical or scientific capabilities of the department and works with team members to resolve scientific/technical issues
Works on documentation to support IP filings, publications, and presentations on technical developments
Delivers processes amenable to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) operations
NMR CORE FACILITY, Scientific Director
Scripps Research
The Director of Research Services' NMR Core Facility will manage and participate in the daily operations of the NMR core facility. The NMR core facility currently
has six high resolution NMR spectrometers: two AVIII HD 600 NMRs, both equipped with CryoProbes, AV NEO 500 equipped with BBFO Smart probe, AV III 400
equipped with BBFO probe, AV NEO 399 equipped with BBFO Smart probe, and JNM-ECZ400 equipped with 5mm Royal Probe. Four of the six spectrometers are
also equipped with sample changers.
NMR Spectroscopist, Analytical & Separations Group
Your key responsibilities:
Provide the organization with customized solutions in the field of NMR to answer key scientific
questions of drug discovery projects
Acquire project-related knowledge to contribute effectively to cross-functional collaborations
with decision-making data
Drive the design and implementation of scientific and technological innovations according to the
requirements of projects and to further strengthen the group's technology portfolio
Develop and employ NMR technology to investigate structural features and physicochemical
attributes of small molecule drugs, new modalities, and delivery systems
Contribute to maintaining state-of-the-art skills, facilities, and infrastructure within GDC through
the evaluation and implementation of new technologies, techniques, and concepts.
Introduce and share your knowledge and skills in your specific domains of expertise and
demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in applying new scientific methodologies and
Actively participate in internal and external scientific communities through presentations,
publications, and networking
Vhat you'll bring to the role:
Ph.D. or equivalent with specialization in solid state NMR spectroscopy, with additional
experience in solutions state NMR being a plus; demonstrated scientific track record as
evidenced through publications and external scientific presentations
Proficient in molecular modeling and computational chemistry with emphasis on QM calculation
of NMR parameters.

Please check out the website for further details on this posting.
Link: https://talent
NMR Field Service Engineer
Field Service NMR Engineers plan and coordinate activities concerned with installing and maintaining NMR instrumentation, investigating and resolving customer reports of technical problems with equipment, and eliminating future operational or service difficulties. This work requires frequent interpretation of data and discussions with clients to resolve problem situations. In resolving work problems, discretion and independent judgment is required. Contacts are primarily with scientists and related personnel to exchange information, resolve problems and provide advice and guidance.
Analytical Instrument Service Manager
You will direct and coordinate installation, service, maintenance, and repair of company products with service contracts or new installation requirements. This involves qualifying customer calls, confirming daily priorities for local engineers, and reviewing customer requests for service to ascertain cause for service and establish service priority. You will determine staff hours, number of personnel, and parts and equipment required for service calls. Additional responsibilities include assigning personnel to specific repair and maintenance work, coordinating on-call schedules, and reviewing records of work hours and parts utilized, and work performed for each service call. Other duties include compiling management reports detailing monthly uptime results, installation status, parts inventory and emergency call backlog. Supervisory responsibility includes evaluating engineering personnel and recommending training needs.
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