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NMR Spectroscopist
Eurofins Selcia Ltd.
QC NMR support for synthetic chemistry including radiolabelling in Essex, UK.
See link for further info.
Research Associate in NMR Spectroscopy
University of Manchester
Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoctoral research associateship in the development and application of novel high resolution NMR techniques for the analysis of heterogeneous and dynamic mixtures. Funded by The Leverhulme Trust grant NMR Method for in Situ Monitoring of Heterogeneous Reactions (RPG-2023-105), the appointment will be made as part of a broad project including researchers in Fluid Dynamics (Department of Mathematics) and Organic Chemistry (Department of Chemistry).
Postdoc in “Advanced non-stationary NMR spectroscopy"
University of Warsaw
A series of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments with
different environmental conditions is often used to monitor changes
to molecular structure.

The hypothesis of this project is that
conditions can be varied during the measurement to create a non-
stationary signal. The project has 4 main objectives:

1. Establish the neural network for decoding non-stationarity
2. Create signal acquisition and processing protocols
3. Verify the reliability of the new methods developed through experiments.
4. Demonstrate the power of the technique with regard to previously
impossible experiments:
- reaction monitoring
- studying protein-ligand binding
- studies of protein dynamics

Key responsibilities include:
The postdoc will implement the neural networks to process non-
stationary NMR signals. The networks will be adapted during the
project to meet the requirements of particular applications - protein-
ligand binding, protein dynamics, reaction monitoring and others.
The output from the network will be coupled with programs for
NMR spectral analysis.
Research Associate in NMR Spectroscopy
University of Manchester
Applications are invited for a 3-year postdoctoral research associateship in the development and application of novel high resolution NMR techniques for the analysis of complex mixtures, funded by the EPSRC grant “Multiple independent NMR dimensions: smart experiments for complicated problems”. The research will be carried out in the NMR methodology research group of Professor Mathias Nilsson, Professor Gareth Morris, Dr Laura Castañar and Dr Ralph Adams. This project offers an excellent opportunity for a suitable candidate to build a wide NMR skill set and to contribute intellectually to other projects within the research group.
PhD project - Improved Forensic Analysis by Pure Shift NMR Spectroscopy
University of Manchester
This PhD project aims to advance the understanding and application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods in the analysis of complex samples. Our primary focus will be the use of pure shift NMR methods to analyse samples containing bio-toxins or related materials important in forensics and the Defence industry. This will lay the groundwork for rapid identification and/or quantification of targeted components of mixtures.
Head of Organic and Biological NMR
University of Oxford
The Chemistry Department are seeking a senior NMR specialist to lead the NMR facility and team supporting organic chemistry and chemical biology in the department.
Postdoc in "NMR spectroscopy of natural and synthetically modified marine polysaccharides"
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
The position will be part of a recently started Estonian Research Council funded 5-year project PRG1808 “Polysaccharide Based Biomaterials: Synergistic Combinations and Enhanced Functionalities” that is led by the Tallinn University. We will work towards elaboration of polysaccharide-based functional biomaterials, which have applications in biomedicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
The position will focus on NMR characterization of polysaccharides and their preparations. Most work will be carried out by solution NMR, but solid-state NMR instrumentation and training will be available if needed. While working on NMR analysis, the candidate will maintain a close collaboration with the polysaccharide chemistry side of the project.
PhD position in developing parahydrogen hyperpolarization based targeted metabolomics methods and applications.
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
NMR analysis of complex biological mixtures (e.g., human biofluids) is challenging due to the limited sensitivity of NMR – a lot of biologically valuable information falls below the NMR limit of detection (LoD). However, more than 1000-fold sensitivity gains have been recently
demonstrated with parahydrogen (pH2) hyperpolarization. We have shown that pH2 hyperpolarization allows detection and quantification of sub-micromolar quantities of analytes in a biofluid (urine) [1] and is applicable for metabolomics [2,3] below the usual NMR sensitivity barrier.
The aim of the PhD project is to use pH2 hyperpolarization to develop practical NMR detection-based tools to access previously undetectable information below the LoD of regular NMR, including diagnostic biomarkers and drugs. The candidate will work towards adapting pH2 hyperpolarization to biological matrices, including liquid biopsies (blood and urine). He/she will use the pH2 hyperpolarization toolbox to develop practical analytical and diagnostic methods that are not feasible by regular NMR. In other words, the goal is to gain
access to previously unobtainable biological information.
The project is inherently interdisciplinary and will combine our expertise in several chemistry disciplines. The PhD candidate will be exposed to analytical chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, (metal)organic chemistry and biochemistry. Prior exposure to solution NMR and experience
in one or more of these disciplines will be seen as a plus.
Doctoral Student in NMR Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry
ETH Zürich
Investigation and optimization of structure-permeability relationship of peptide antibiotics by NMR and computational methods
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