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data coordinator Virginia DEQ
Virginia Deq
interested in doing some neat work with data analysis, visualization, etc related to water supply
ee the posting for more information.
Postdoc position available
Texas A&M, Dept of Ecology and Conservation Biology
Excellent opportunity for early career scholars (earned their doctoral
degrees between January 1, 2019 and July 1, 2023) for a two-year
faculty position in the Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology
at Texas A&M University (, with the expectation
of transitioning to tenure-track. The department has a strong focus on
evolution and many faculty members are part of the interdisciplinary
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program ( We
are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community and strongly
encourage candidates from underrepresented groups or who have experience
working with a broadly diverse student population
MS/PhD position in Fish Ecophysiology
University of Texas at San Antonio
Fully funded by NSF. See link to TAMU job board below for details.
Recruiting MS students in Fish Biology, Fisheries, and related fields
Salisbury University
I am actively recruiting MS students to join my lab at Salisbury University. This is a TA-funded masters program and my lab researches a wide range of topics on fish biology, biomechanics, behavior, sensory biology, fisheries, fishing-related topics, and more. More specifically, my lab focuses on invasive amphibious fishes (why they come onto land, how they move around on land, and where they go while on land, with particular interest in how that information can be used to better manage them) as well as invasion ecology of invasive blue catfish and Northern Snakeheads. Interested applicants should reach out to me. The application deadline is March 1st
Virginia Tech / US Forest Service - 4 positions starting March
Virginia Tech
The Center for Aquatic Technology Transfer (CATT) is filling up to 4 Fisheries Field Technician positions with flexible starting dates in March. If you enjoy working in streams and rivers, want to make a positive impact on our national forests, and are seeking opportunities to contribute to science then we hope you will consider applying. Please visit the CATT website to learn more about our team.

These positions expire a maximum of 170 days after start date but there is the possibility of a year-round extension based on performance, availability and funding. Contact me during or after the meeting if you would like to discuss your interest and availability. I look forward to speaking with you!
Seasonal fisheries tech
Sampling stream fish throughout Georgia using backpack electrofishing and seining techniques, completing habitat and water quality assessments, repairing and maintaining sampling equipment, assisting with grounds work, data entry, life history and fish distribution research, and other duties as assigned. Daily and overnight (1-3 nights per week) travel may be required. Field work days frequently extend beyond eight hours. Lodging, travel reimbursement, sampling gear, and uniforms provided.
Please send the completed application and three references to Chad Kaiser at .
Application deadline February 19th, 2023.

$13.00/hour, plus free housing
Wildlife Officer
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
I am at the conference recruiting for wildlife officer positions in Tennessee that will be opening in late March. Look for me around the conference and I will give you information! Major Shelley Hammonds
Link: None
Wildlife Diversity Fish Biologist 2

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) plans to fill a Wildlife Diversity Fish Biologist position in Elkins, WV.

The position serves as the staff fish biologist within the WVDNR Wildlife Diversity Unit. Under the direction of the Wildlife Diversity fish program manager this position oversees field and laboratory operations for the Wildlife Diversity Fish Program. The program’s goal is the conservation of non-game fishes in West Virginia.

This biologist ensures protocols including assessing water chemistry, water quality, water quantity, and classifying aquatic habitat are followed by staff. The employee will participate in restoration and recovery projects involving federally listed species and species of greatest conservation need (SGCN) as identified in West Virginia’s State Wildlife Action Plan.

This position will compile and analyze tabular, spatial, and genetic data to 1) Identify and fill gaps in existing data; 2) assess species status and distribution; 3) detect population trends; 4) determine aquatic community composition and richness; 5) detect aquatic non-native invasive species; 6) detect evidence of possible introductions; and 7) design, plan, and implement conservation actions for endangered fish species and SGCNs Final products will include performance reports, technical reports for peer review, species status assessments, and conservation recommendations.

Salary: $38,157 - $70,589

Minimum Qualifications:
• Education: Masters of Science
• EXPERIENCE: One (1) year of full-time or equivalent part-time paid experience in wildlife or fishery management or related fields.

Please reach out if you are interested or know someone that may be, and I'd be happy to tell you more about the position and what we do.

Senior Stock Assessment Scientist
North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
This Senior Stock Assessment Scientist position is responsible for participating in the Division’s (DMF) stock assessment program, conducting the most complex stock assessments, evaluating species Fishery Management Plan (FMP) parameters such as sustainable yield, evaluating specific management actions relative to achieving management goals and mandates, drafting stock status and management options sections of FMPs, and presenting assessments and evaluation results to the Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC), its committees, and the public. The position also provides analytical and statistical advice to the DMF staff, the MFC, and other applicable state, regional, and federal agencies. The Senior Stock Assessment Scientist may represent North Carolina on state, regional, and federal councils and commissions and serve on DMF committees related to assessments and biological sampling to collect needed data. The Senior Stock Assessment Scientist must demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills.

Key Responsibilities:

Perform complex stock assessments
Perform advance statistical analyses
Provide highly technical statistical guidance, consultation, and training
Review the literature to keep up to date with current best professional practices
Represent the NCDMF on state, regional, and federal committees
Develop written reports and oral presentations for the general public and scientific audiences
Associate Marine Scientist
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
The successful candidate will join our Marine Resources Research Institute (MRRI) team to assist ASMFC with South Atlantic stock assessments, but also participate in ASMFC technical committees and conduct state or regional stock assessment for both SCDNR and GADNR.  Specific duties will include leading the development and application of stock assessment models, such as statistical catch at age, data poor, and multispecies models to determine the status of stocks, leading the compilation and analyses of fisheries dependent and independent data for inclusion in stock assessments and other technical analyses, preparing reports and presenting information to species management boards, advisory panels, and other stakeholder groups, attending regional meetings on stock assessment and population dynamic models, providing advice and technical expertise to state fishery biologist, including the development of training workshops, and participating as a member of relevant committees of the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Programs.  All projects will include work on multi-disciplinary teams.  
Associate Marine Scientist
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
The successful candidate will join our population genetics team to contribute to the population genetic and molecular tool research projects on marine and freshwater fishes in areas of stock enhancement, fisheries management, conservation and tool development. Specific duties will include field and laboratory research, data collection and analysis and collection and data management, preparation of reports and presentations, authoring technical manuscripts, coordinating and supervising personnel, proposal preparation and budget management.  Some projects will include work on multi-disciplinary teams.
Aquatic Biologist
San Antonio River Authority
See the link below for the full job description.
Scallop Researcher
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
The position will support at-sea survey cruises, and play a leading role in the inventory and procurement of all necessary supplies and equipment for the research cruises. sition is also charged with ensuring that these items are successfully transferred to the commercial fishing vessels (docked at New Bedford, MA, Cape May, NJ or Seaford, VA) and property /configured as appropriate
responsibilities include (but not limited to):
ersees accurate and efficient data collection and execution of field work. This also includes working with vessel captains to set cruise tracks, assesses proper working course of action, setting scientific ew assignments and leading/participating in sampling processing efforts.
sures that equipment and supplies are cleaned, property maintained and stored in an appropriate manner after field work is complete. Ensures biological samples collected during field work operations are insported, stored and delivered to appropriate organizations or agencies.
ollects age data from scallop shells collected during field work.
ssists PI and project scientist with data analysis for various projects. Provides input and aides in the preparation of final, progress and industry reports as well as presentations for funding agents in ccordance with deadlines. Participates with technical papers and manuscripts prepared for peer review in scientific journals.
MS student, UGA- decision support for at-risk species
GA Coop Unit, University of Georgia
Responsibilities: Compare and develop predictive modeling frameworks to support species status assessment efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This research is expected to advance models used to forecast persistence probability of at-risk species under alternate future scenarios. Specific focal areas will be determined in consultation with the Fish and Wildlife Service. Additional responsibilities include: present research results to partners and at scientific conferences; publish in peer-reviewed literature; assist with development of research proposals; and interact with scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Georgia Cooperative Research Unit and our partners. Other related duties may also be assigned as needs arise (e.g., required training, contribution to general operation of the research unit). Further, lab members are expected to help maintain a supportive collegiate environment.

Qualifications: Required – BS in Ecology, Natural Resources, Statistics, or related field.
Preferred – experience with data management and statistics; proficiency with R.

Salary: approximately $22,000 / year, plus full tuition waver.

Contact: Drs. Kelly Robinson ( and Brian Irwin (

To apply: Prior to applying to the Graduate School, qualified applicants should send a single email containing: 1) cover letter describing professional interests (1-page max), 2) a resume, 3) unofficial transcripts of college-level work, and 4) contact information for 3 professional references to Drs. Kelly Robinson ( and Brian Irwin ( Open until filled. Preferred start is Aug. 2023.

Fisheries District Biologist
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
As a Fisheries Management Biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, you will join a highly-trained, progressive team of Fisheries Scientists working to improve conservation and management of aquatic resources in Arkansas. You will receive outstanding training and competitive pay and benefits. Fisheries Management Biologists (AGFC Biologist Specialists) are responsible for fisheries management activities in a district, with many opportunities to work on projects across the state. Job duties include: standardized fish population surveys, onsite and offsite angler surveys, stakeholder engagement, fish habitat improvement projects including nuisance aquatic vegetation control, analysis of survey data, preparation of annual fishery management reports, assist with the development of management recommendations for district waters, development and execution of an independent research project, and working with other agencies and elected officials on improving fisheries resources.

This position is located in Southeast Arkansas, a region with abundant aquatic resources. With public waterbodies ranging from small community ponds to the Lower Mississippi River, this district has a variety of fisheries on which to work. Sportfish management opportunities include some of the top trophy Largemouth Bass lakes in the state, as well as oxbow lakes known for high numbers of large crappie. Commercial fisheries for Paddlefish, sturgeon, catfish, and buffalo; along with species conservation work on Alligator Gar and American Eel makes for a diverse set of challenges for the fisheries team that works in this part of the state. This position works under the supervision of the District Fisheries Supervisor out of the AGFC Monticello Regional Office.
Fisheries Habitat Biologist
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
As a Fisheries Habitat Biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, you will join a highly-trained, progressive team of Fisheries Scientists working to improve lake and reservoir habitat across the state of Arkansas. You will receive outstanding training as well as competitive pay and benefits. Fisheries Habitat Biologists are responsible for leading efforts in all aspects of the AGFC statewide Reservoir Habitat Team. Specific job duties for this position include: propagating/planting native aquatic vegetation, working with contractors to treat invasive aquatic vegetation, creating natural/artificial fish attractors, planning/executing large-scale lake renovation projects, implementing the Agency Land Use Policy (boathouse and pier permits, personal property encroachments, etc.), evaluating the efficacy of habitat improvement practices, supervising a Fisheries Habitat Technician, and other duties as assigned.
Fisheries Habitat Biologist - Mountain Home, AR
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
As a Fisheries Habitat Biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, you will join a highly-trained, progressive team of Fisheries Scientists working to improve lake and reservoir habitat across the state of Arkansas. You will receive outstanding training as well as competitive pay and benefits. Fisheries Habitat Biologists are responsible for leading efforts in all aspects of the AGFC statewide Reservoir Habitat Team. Specific job duties for this position include: propagating/planting native aquatic vegetation, working with contractors to treat invasive aquatic vegetation, creating natural/artificial fish attractors, planning/executing large-scale lake renovation projects, implementing the Agency Land Use Policy (boathouse and pier permits, personal property encroachments, etc.), evaluating the efficacy of habitat improvement practices, supervising a Fisheries Habitat Technician, and other duties as assigned.
Black Bass Program Coordinator
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Black bass fishing in Arkansas is so important that AGFC has a dedicated program with two full-time biologists to provide leadership in managing the most important group of game fish in our state. This is a supervisory biologist position with oversight of the AGFC “Black Bass Program” (BBP) in the Fisheries Division. The BBP leads a statewide science-based effort to support District Fisheries Biologists with all issues associated with managing black bass fisheries and oversees a number of programs that engage targeted bass anglers and tournament organizers.

The BBP Supervisor supervises a Black Bass Management Biologist. Together, the BBP works with District Fisheries Biologists to execute the strategies outlined in the “AGFC Reservoir Black Bass Management Plan” as well as assisting with the execution of the strategies detailed in a new “AGFC Smallmouth Bass Management Plan” ( The BBP recently led efforts to revise both of these plans and is now leading their implementation.

This is a high-profile position requiring excellent people skills. Communication and collaboration with bass anglers and related stakeholders will be the primary responsibility of this position. The BBP Supervisor will also be expected to lead the implementation of a new agency angler recognition/trophy fish propagation program, requiring strong leadership and management skills.
Stream Habitat Coordinator
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Stream Habitat Coordinators are members of a highly motivated team of natural resource professionals within the Fisheries Division of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. This team focuses on aquatic species conservation in Arkansas by assisting landowners and other partners with stream restoration efforts, acting as consultants and project designers. In this capacity, they frequently assist with grant and permit applications. Coordinators also work with citizen scientists to create and maintain Arkansas Stream Teams. These volunteer groups adopt stream and river segments to implement a wide variety of stream conservation actions, including: stream habitat and erosion inventories, stream clean-ups, streambank restoration projects, stream habitat improvements, and water quality monitoring. AGFC Stream Habitat Coordinators are responsible for program activities in a large area near their assigned duty station, which may cover up to 25% of the state. The Coordinator is responsible for working with the general public on stewardship and educational projects relative to stream, river, and watershed conservation. Private landowners are provided technical, administrative, and resource assistance by the Coordinator to enhance aquatic habitat conservation on their land.
Fisheries Internships in Arkansas
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
The AGFC Internship program is designed to help students gain education and practical experience related to the conservation work AGFC performs and to meet hands-on training requirements necessary for students to earn their degree. This training is critical to students pursuing a conservation career and is often the deciding factor in gaining employment after college. Several positions are available at various locations around the state. Interns will learn and perform a variety of fisheries field work and gain valuable to many aspects of working in fisheries science and management.
Nongame Fisheries Technician
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Job Category: Temporary/Seasonal Position
Salary: $15.72 minimum depending on qualifications
Anticipated Start Date: 03/01/2023
End of Term: 10/31/2023
Last Date to Apply: 02/10/2023

This position supports Eastern Region Biologists with surveying and monitoring populations of rare and federal/state listed freshwater species in the region. Responsibilities include field sampling (70%), equipment maintenance (10%), aquaculture (10%), data entry (5%), and lab work (5%). The work area will be the Chowan, Neuse, Tar-Pamlico and Roanoke River basins in North Carolina. Examples of field work include canoeing/kayaking and snorkeling in rivers for freshwater mussels and fish; backpack/boat electrofishing for fish and crayfish; seine netting and water quality monitoring. Work hours are irregular due to travel and the unpredictable nature of field work. Work weeks in excess of 40 hours and occasional overnight stays up to 3 nights are expected.

Housing is not provided. Social Security, state, and federal income taxes will be deducted by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All necessary equipment will be provided. Lodging and meals will be reimbursed when overnight stays are required.

Experience with aquatic field work in remote areas; strong interpersonal skills; willingness to work outside under a variety of environmental conditions; good physical condition capable of sustained exertion and able to lift 50 lbs; positive attitude; ability to swim; curiosity and willingness to learn; strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Manager’s preference is for applicants who have a two-year or four-year degree in zoology, biology, or similar field.
To Apply: Email a resume, cover letter, and three references to
Wildlife Biologist III
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Job Duties Include:

Planning, coordinating, and implementing crustacean long-term monitoring programs.

Supervising employees responsible for day-to-day sampling and data collection operations.

Ensuring that both monitoring efforts and grant-funded project requirements are completed on schedule, as designed, resulting in accurate and accessible data.

Serving as field leader when onboard SCDNR research vessels.

Ensuring proper analysis and effective dissemination of section projects, including regular updates from monitoring surveys and reporting requirements for grant-funded projects.

Organizing and analyzing data to draw meaningful conclusions and use findings to generate new hypotheses.  

Contributing creatively to project development and identifying new directions of inquiry.

Disseminating research and advancing themselves within the crustacean and chelicerate research communities.  

Ensuring efficient operation of multiple ongoing research and monitoring projects by ensuring all work spaces in the section are maintained in a clean and organized fashion.
Fisheries Research Specialist, Sr (Offshore Wind)
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
The Fisheries Research Specialist, Sr will assist in the coordination and execution of several multi-year at-sea surveys which aim to evaluate the impacts of offshore wind development on fisheries resources. Duties will include laboratory and field logistics for fisheries surveys, at-sea sample collection for various species, sample processing, and data entry.

See posting for more details:
Clean Marina Specialist
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
The Virginia Institute of Marine Science is seeking highly motivated applicants to apply for a critical role as the Clean Marina Program Specialist in Marine Advisory Services. The Clean Marina Program Specialist will lead the Virginia Clean Marina Program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS).

Reporting to the Director of Marine Advisory Services, the Clean Marina Specialist is charged with the continuity of an established technical and informational extension program to address the social, economic and environmental needs of the marina industry of Virginia. This position also prepares and submits grant proposals for funding in support of the Virginia Clean Marina Program.
Temporary Aquatic Biologist
Duke Energy
The Water Resources Team at Duke Energy is hiring a short term (6-8 month) aquatic biologist. This position will be based in Huntersville, NC and will assist with fisheries monitoring in waterbodies associated with Duke Energy’s generation facilities in North Carolina and South Carolina. The successful candidate will work closely with Duke Energy biologists to: (1) support fish passage and associated American Shad and American Eel monitoring in the Wateree River; (2) conduct fish community assessments in Lake Wylie, Lake Keowee, and Lake Jocassee; (3) collect black bass, sunfish, and catfish for laboratory analyses from multiple rivers and reservoirs; and (4) various other aquatic monitoring as assigned.

The position is anticipated to begin in March, 2023 and continue through fall 2023, and will require 30–40+ hours per week. The number of work hours per day will vary depending on the task performed, waterbody sampled, and travel time. Due to the nature of this work, days exceeding 10 hours are expected occasionally. The individual will report to the McGuire Nuclear Station Environmental Center in Huntersville, NC. Overnight travel will be required, and all travel expenses will be covered.

Job qualifications include the ability to identify southeastern fishes, process samples, operate a variety of boats, safely trailer boats, and record detailed data on field computers. The applicant should have a good understanding of scientific practices and quality assurance principles. Fitness for duty includes the ability to walk on rough terrain, sit and stand in a boat for long periods of time, and lift up to 50 lbs. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment are essential.

Send your resume and cover letter to and contact Dr. Ryan Heise at 980-259-0685 if you have questions about the position. The deadline for submitting a resume is February 10, 2023.
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