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Data Science Facilitator
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Post-Doctoral Associate
University of Minnesota
The Learning Informatics Lab at the University of Minnesota is seeking a postdoctoral fellow. This postdoc position is part of a new project in Educational Data Mining and Learning Engineering funded by Schmidt Futures ( and in collaboration with Infinite Campus. The goal of this two-year grant is to develop new, cutting-edge research projects that will advance learning analytics, educational data mining, learning engineering, and cognitive science. The specific projects will be developed by the postdoc with guidance from U of M faculty and Infinite Campus research staff. Projects can take on areas such as personalized learning, proficiency estimation, predictive learning analytics, adaptive assessment, curriculum recommendation, and fairness and inclusion in learning analytics. Projects are encouraged to address pressing challenges in K-12 education, from better matching students with learning paths that meet their needs to addressing achievement gaps.
Ph D Position
Stockholm University
Recent technical, research, and societal developments have suggested using AI to understand better and optimize student learning, ensure improvements in educational quality, and boost retention rates. While these unprecedented developments promise to unlock the black box of student learning and to inform educational institutions about the complexities of educational processes, the use of student data and analytics techniques raises a series of issues that require ethical and legal considerations.

The Ph.D. position will investigate ethical and legal concerns embedded in AI development and deployment in higher education from a human-computer perspective. The Ph. D. position will be part of the research project Ethical and Legal Challenges in Relationship to AI-driven Practices in Higher Education conducted as part of the research program WASP-HS, funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. The project aims to contribute knowledge about how to conceptually and empirically approach ethical and legal challenges, but most importantly, how to deal with them in practice.

The thesis project within the Ph.D. program Information Society with a focus on human-computer interaction is expected to align with the project's aims of mapping and explaining ethical and legal considerations as they emerge in AI-driven practices in higher education and contributing to the development of the Swedish Observatory for Responsible AI in Education. The topic of the Ph.D. thesis is expected to contribute to the empirical and pragmatic (i.e., critical action research) parts of the project. Swedish language proficiency is an asset.

Post-Docs for US Federal Data
Institute for Education Sciences, US Department of Education
The Strategic Data Project (SDP), an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, is offering a one-year research fellowship at the postdoctoral level starting in the summer of 2021. The fellow will work at a US Federal Agency in Washington, DC and engage in research projects related to the department’s focus.
Federal research leaders are working to realize the potential of previously untapped data collected across multiple federal agencies. To carry out the work of bringing together new data sets and tools and publishing novel insights, SDP will host the inaugural cohort of post-doctoral data fellows to work with federally collected education data and to connect those data across departments to generate new insights about the health, well-being, and achievement of students.
The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to work with Harvard faculty advisors focused on education policy research, such as Tom Kane and Chris Avery. Additionally, they will engage in ongoing research projects and will participate in the design of new studies utilizing federal data sets at a summer summit of faculty, fellows, and researchers that kicks off the fellowship program. Finally, fellows will have the opportunity to access Strategic Data Project training opportunities as desired.
Generally, fellows should expect to spend about 75% of their time working on ongoing research projects at a US Federal Agency, while dividing the other 25% between building new collaborations and developing independent research projects.
Post-doctoral project in LA in Higher Education
University of South Australia
The University of South Australia has adopted OnTask, a platform to support instructors to provide personalised feedback messages to students. Instructors manipulate a table containing a set of features or attributes for each student enrolled in a course and use these features to create rules that identify subset of the cohort to send the personalised message. The tool has been used in a large number of courses by an equally large number of instructors.

The project consists of two elements. The first requires gathering and sourcing data about how instructors use OnTask to create rules for personalised feedback messages. This data will be used in association with information about academic attainment of the students to explore research questions about fattributes selected.

The second element consists of literature reviews about how institutional structures influence the deployment of initiatives like the one described above.
PhD with experience in quantitative and qualitative methodologies andstrong capabilities in statistical analysis, text analysis and experimental design.
Solid background skills:
• Statistics, data mining, R (or equivalent)
• Able to work effectively in a collaborative environment.
• Comfortable with scientific publication workflows and ready to disseminate the results through these venues.
The project has a duration of 9 months.
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