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The University of Tennessee
The Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) is seeking applications for one full-time, non-tenure-track, 9-month lecturer position in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. EECS is one of the largest departments on campus and currently enrolls more than 800 undergraduate and 275 graduate students, and is housed in one of the newest buildings on campus, the Min H. Kao EECS Building. Please apply at
Cybersecurity Interns
Mercer Engineering Research Center
Looking for energetic, bright, and professional interns for potential future hire positions within the Engineering and Research field. Must be self starting, motivated, and eager team with high perform work groups
Automation Engineer
If you are a self-assured, driven student with compelling initiative and exemplary interpersonal skills, this is a program you will want to learn more about. Our fast-paced, team-driven environment gives you the opportunity to work as a key contributor on high priority initiatives by developing new products, solutions and platforms, and supporting technology operations while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Equifax is a data and technology company fostering on innovation, growth and collaboration.

As a global leader in consumer, commercial and workforce information solutions Equifax provides businesses of all sizes and consumers with insight and information they can trust.

Employees at Equifax are helping us disrupt the marketplace by delivering leading-edge technology to create and deliver unparalleled customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.


The cloud has changed everything and automation is at the core of what we do. We want our customers to have an easy button for everything! Whether we are developing code for our administrators and customers to interact with, exposing infrastructure APIs or provisioning 1000s of systems at our 19 locations around the globe we need developers to do it all. You will work on small agile teams that combine the skills of systems and release engineers to deliver infrastructure services to our business units globally.

What we need from you:
- Team players
- Energy, passion, curiosity, creativity and continuous learning and sharing
- Coding skills (Python, Ruby, Java, C, etc.)
- Ability to work in Linux
- Systems thinking, viewing the system as a whole from idea to delivery
- Understanding and knowledge of Metrics driven improvements
- Motivation to succeed, ability to learn quickly
- Positive and professional attitude, high level of integrity
- Strong analytical and structured problem solving abilities
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Ability to understand the big picture as well as pay attention to detail

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university. Degrees in business, management information systems, computer science, industrial engineering or technology related field preferred.

Primary Location:

Computer Scientist/Software Engineers
US Army Cyber Command and affiliated units.
1. Deliver modularized architecture designs, based on microservices architecture to support concurrent development within the team.
2. Develop high-performance, resilient, scalable, offensive tool suites and frameworks.
3. Deliver new features to the product suite on a continuous basis using Go, MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Docker, and other cutting edge technologies.
4. Develop novel techniques for safely and efficiently carrying out automated penetration tests against web applications at a massive scale.
5. Identify and diagnose bottlenecks across the system and evaluate performance of various components.
6. Easily adapt and collaborate with a team of security engineers to develop innovative solutions to the world's most complex security challenges.
7. Qualifications:
a. 5+ years of software development experience, (preferably backend and web services).
b. Past performance in working on a cross-functional team using collaborative development and communication tools (Git, Trello, Slack).
c. Production experience creating software with C & Python is required (5+ years of C/C++ experience in system / networking / client-server programming).
d. Experience with building scalable, resilient, high-performance systems, RESTful web services a plus.
e. Experience with unit and functional testing design.
f. Understand TCP/IP networking, communications, synchronous and asynchronous programming models.
g. Strong understanding of technologies and software engineering fundamentals (concurrency, non-blocking networking, resilience patterns, system performance, Amazon Web Services, etc.).
h. Experience with virtualization and container technologies such as Docker is a plus.
I. Knowledge of both relational and nonrelational database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc.
j. Experience with queueing/messaging systems such as RabbitMQ, NSQ, SQS etc.
k. Security experience is a plus.
l. Ability to learn new technologies, be accountable and take ownership of your code.

Security Engineer
US Army Cyber Command and affiliated units
1. Perform technical security assessments, code audits and design reviews.
2. Perform network monitoring and IDS tuning to identify and mitigate malware and other threats.
3. Assess, understand, and communicate the risks associated with complex large-scale projects.
4. Perform penetration testing exercises to test security controls and detection capabilities.
5. Develop technical solutions to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities rapidly in a DevOps style work environment. Manual work should be kept to a minimum -- automate everything.
6. Conduct research to identify new attack vectors against identified products and services.
7. Qualifications:
a. Experience in application-level vulnerability testing and code-level security auditing.
b. 3+ years' experience in security engineering, computer and network security, penetration testing, web security, authentication, security protocols and applied cryptography.
c. Good knowledge of the commercial security market and its vendors (vulnerability scanning, IDS/IPS, SEM/SIM, WAS/WAF, log management, patch management).
d. Good knowledge in networking/security (switches, NG Firewalls, ip tables, IP protocols, BGP/routing, Vulnerability scanning).
e. Software development experience in Python, C/C++ or Java.
f. Experience in capture the flag or similar offensive security exercises.

Dev Ops Engineer
US Army Cyber Command and Affiliated Units
1. Architect and deploy new infrastructure to internal and external infrastructure for development and offensive/defensive operations.
2. Perform system updates and security hardening in repeatable/automated methods.
3. Monitor and diagnose systems to ensure they are working flawlessly and are up to date.
4. Support application development and operational teams whenever infrastructure help is needed.
5. Collaborate and/or escalate development and operations teams focused on creating technical bulletins, procedures and support processes (templates, FRO bulletins, service bulletins, etc.).
6. Analyze data, establish trends, validate baselines and identify outliers.
7. Backup, Recovery and overall system reliability/health (including the creation of plans to actively test failover and recovery/restoration scenarios).
8. Qualifications:
a. 1+ years of experience working in or building DevOps environments or relevant degree.
b. Development operations and automation experience.
c. Working knowledge of Linux (Debian/Ubuntu Amazon Linux/RedHat preferable).
d. Past experience delivering to Cloud Platforms like AWS or Openstack.
e. Knowledge and experience with automated infrastructure deployment and maintenance (Jenkins and other build systems, application packaging and versioning, configuration management systems like Chef and Puppet, etc.).
f. Proven ability to implement continuous integration environments.
g. Good knowledge in networking/security (switches, NG Firewalls, ip tables, IP protocols, BGP/routing, Vulnerability scanning).
h. Past performance in working on a cross-functional team using collaborative development and communication tools (Git, Trello, Slack).
I. Working knowledge of Typical OSS (Apache, Tomcat, nginx, Varnish, HAProxy).
j. Familiarity with scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby).
k. Ability to work independently.
l. Must have experience with distributed directory services (OpenLDAP or Active Directory & DNS/Bind).
m. Writing and debugging shell scripts and using tools such as truss/strace and gdb on binary executables.
n. Practical experience in installation and upgrade (patching) processes.
o. Strong working knowledge in database best practices, or experience in basic support.
p. System Administration experience with UNIX & Linux required.
q. Experience working with Cloud and large virtualized environments (VMware/Xen).
r. Experience supporting a large distributed enterprise environment.
s. Ability to maneuver cross-organizationally.
t. Experience with Hadoop, Red Shift, Big Table, Document Storage Solutions.
u. Experience with relational databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL.
v. Experience with monitoring (ELK) and open source monitoring tools.

Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer
US Army Cyber Command and affiliated units
1. Perform hands-on data analysis and modeling with large and disparate data sets in order to identify trends such as malicious behavior, unauthorized users, etc.
2. Find and communicate trends and stories within data to senior leadership in order to inform executive decision making.
3. Develop, configure, and maintain algorithms that aggregate, correlate, and report on very large data sets derived from disparate sensing and logging capabilities.
4. Work with distributed storage and compute environments that support parallel processing.
5. Implement analytics that focus on cyber security discovery and detection methodologies.
6. Apply data mining, NLP, and machine learning (both supervised and unsupervised) to achieve organizational objectives and goals.
7. Work side-by-side with mission leaders, software engineers, and operators in designing experiments and minimum viable products.
8. Discover data sources, get access to them, import them, clean them up, and make them "model-ready". You need to be willing and able to do your own ETL.
9. Create and refine features from the underlying data. You'll enjoy developing just enough subject matter expertise to have an intuition about what features might make your model perform better, and then you'll lather, rinse and repeat.
10. Run regular A/B tests, gather data, perform statistical analysis, draw conclusions on the impact of your optimizations and communicate results to peers and leaders.
11. Qualifications:
a. 1+ years of experience or relevant degree in data science.
b. BS, MS, or PhD in an appropriate technology field (Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Operations Research, or a related field).
c. Expertise in modern advanced analytical tools and programming languages such as R or Python with scikit learn, numpy, scipy, etc.
d. Fluent in SQL, Hive, SparkSQL, etc.
e. Expertise in data mining algorithms and statistical modeling techniques such as clustering, classification, regression, decision trees, neural nets, support vector machines, genetic algorithms, anomaly detection, recommender systems, sequential pattern discovery, and text mining.
f. Knowledge of cyber security operations, cyber security data types, cyber security threats, and network protocols (SOC tools and methodologies).
g. Strong mathematical background (linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics).
h. Solid communication skills: Demonstrated ability to explain complex technical issues to both technical and non-technical audiences, and experience using disparate data sources to tell a cohesive story to disparate audiences.

Embedded Software Developer
Cyber Security Innovations (CSI) // Raytheon
All experience levels needed!

Develop embedded software for our commercial product team - securing systems at the lowest levels.

*C/C++/Rust development
Nice to haves:
*OS internals knowledge (any major OS)
*UEFI, Hypervisior, FPGA experience

Looking for a challenge?

Work at the forefront of cybersecurity research and development by providing tools and capabilities to the U.S. government.We see the impact we have on our nation’s security each day.
Vulnerability Researcher
Cyber Security Innovations (CSI) // Raytheon
All experience levels needed!

Discover and perform root cause analysis of security vulnerabilities in software and systems.

*DEP, ASLR or similar
*Intel, PowerPC, MIPS or ARM assembly
*C/C++ development
*Network protocols
Reverse Engineer
Cyber Security Innovations (CSI) // Raytheon
All experience levels needed!

Analyze hardware, software and network behaviors and interfacers without source code.

*Static and dynamic software analysis
*PCB layout analysis
*Network protocol analysis
*Intel, PowerPC, MIPS or ARM assembly
System Emulation Engineer
Cyber Security Innovations (CSI) // Raytheon
All experience levels needed!

Develop state-of-the-art hypervisors and emulation technologies for the security domain.

*C/C++ development
*OS internals (any major OS)
*Intel, PowerPC, MIPS or ARM assembly
*System and application debugging
Summer Internship (2018)
Cyber Security Innovations (CSI) // Raytheon
Looking for a challenge? Do you like CTFs and Super Smash Bros? We will hire on-site.

We are seeking summer interns for our Huntsville, AL office. Must be skilled in C/C++ and knowledgeable of Operating Systems.
System Security Engineer
Integration Innovation, Inc. (i3)
The System Security Engineer (SSE) must display advance knowledge of the RMF and DIACAP processes, DoD IA policies, and networthiness program that is required under this contract. This position will provide security engineering of system applications, control servers, network devices, operating systems, interfaces and communications protocols within the scope of an enterprise system security boundary. The security engineering effort shall include identification, development, and implementation of the cybersecurity controls, to include technical, procedural, and documentation requirements as described in DoD and Army requirements and guidelines. The SSE is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and/or integration of a DOD CS/IA architecture, system, or system component for use within CE (computing environment), NE (network environment), and/or enclave environments in support of higher ranking CS/IA professionals.

Primary Objectives:

• Perform Army-required RMF security actions utilizing eMASS.
• Designs and recommends security policies and procedures.
• Ensures all FISMA requirements are met.
• Monitors, evaluates, and maintains systems according to DoD and industry security best practices and safeguards internal information systems and databases.
• Reviews system configurations to ensure compliance with security requirements and complies with established standards.
• Investigates security violations and recommends solutions.
• Consults on tasks, provides leadership and guidance for others.
• Gives recommendations for product upgrades, patches and general security measures to secure and/or mitigate threats for various clients.
Software Engineer
Integration Innovation Inc. (i3)
i3 is seeking an Embedded Software Engineer to support Army programs!

The successful candidate will:
Be responsible for working in a development team as well as be responsible for individuals tasks to support development of a real-time system.
The candidate will be responsible for developing code, reviewing code, and correcting deficiencies within the code to support delivery of the product.

Required Experience
0 - 7 years of software development experience.
Experience in C/C++, VxWorks, or Android development.
B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related technical field.
Technical role that will require problem solving skills.
DoD Secret clearance required.
Data Scientist
Integration Innovation Inc. (i3)
Interpret and analyze data using exploratory and statistical techniques;
Develop, implement and utilize data systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality;
Develop innovations in data analysis techniques;
Analyze and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets;
Develop data modeling methods;
Work with data scientists to coordinate multifaceted scientific research and analytic activities that provides scientific and technical consultation.

Required Qualifications and Experience:
(Preferred) A four-year (4-year) degree in math, science, statistics, engineering or related fields and at least five years of prior experience of information technology with an emphasis on computer, or information science or applied mathematics is preferred.
Two (2+) years of experience with Python, JAVA and R;
Two (2+) years of experience with Hadoop;
Multiple Information Technology certifications are preferred in provisioning technologies such as Cloudera Certified Professional, SAS Certified Big Data Expert, Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA)
Information Assurance Analyst
Integration Innovation Inc. (i3)
The Information Assurance Analyst will provide a role in protecting the organization's information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording and destruction. Duties may include managing and enforcing of security strategies and policies within established guidelines. Areas of responsibilities include, but are not limited to, IT Security Strategy, Cyber Security, and Compliance and Risk Management which includes IT Security and Compliance Teams.

Primary Duties:
1. Support Risk Management Framework implementation and documentation.
2. Support IAVM and STIG implementation.
3. Coordinate with various stakeholders on Information Assurance topics.
4. Responsible for running IA scans.

Successful candidate will possess:
1. BS degree and 2 - 12 years of prior relevant experience or Masters with 0 – 10 years of prior relevant experience.
2. Candidate must have advanced software IA experience with DIACAP and RMF, as well as a thorough understanding of network security.

DoD Secret security clearance required.
SCA-V Risk Management Framework Analyst
Integration Innovation Inc. (i3)
Under general supervision, performs Assess and Authorization (A&A) or other RMF and cybersecurity Compliance and Auditing processes and inspections for DoD enterprise systems and networks; ensures validity and accuracy review of all associated documentation. Performs compliance reviews of computer security plans, performs risk assessments, and performs security test evaluations and audits. Analyzes security requirements for information protection for enterprise systems and networks. Assists in the development of security policies. Analyzes the sensitivity of information and performs vulnerability and risk assessments on the basis of defined sensitivity and information flow. Assess security risk, research and recommend countermeasures in accordance with Army and DoD requirements, conduct formal security engineering assessments and security assessments. Be an integral member of the team of cybersecurity validators to ensure that US Army systems are compliant with NIST Special Publication 800-53 rev4 cybersecurity controls. Professionally certified as Technical Level III as defined by DODI 8570 is a requirement.

Security+ CE and CASP (or higher, such as CISSP) certification to qualify at DODI 8570 IAT III
Deep experience with eMASS, ACAS, and other tools
Background in RMF Security Control Assessment (especially with the U.S. Army is preferred)
Knowledge of DIACAP to RMF transition process
Ability to travel up to 35% of the time but work remote the remainder
Live within 50 miles (commuting distance) of a military facility having SIPRNet access
System/SW Developer (Big Data)
Integration Innovation Inc.
Assure insider threat information system interfaces under development are technically
compatible with existing FBI systems;
Prepare design plans and written analyses, unit, test scripts and documentation;
Perform quality control of processes and products produced;
Write, interpret and analyze technical documentation related to information technology;
Conduct software development utilizing programming languages including but not
limited to Java and JavaScript;
Interpret and analyze end user identified bugs;
Familiarization with SCRUM\AGILE software development methodologies; Familiarization with Hadoop and conducting development within big data ecosystems;
Provide recommended software development enhancements or changes in support of
existing and projected organizational mission requirements.

(Preferred) A four-year (4-year) degree preferred and at least five years of prior
experience in information technology, software development or software design is
Experience with Java software development;
Experience with Service Oriented Architecture Protocol (SOAP//web service
development preferred;
Experience with development and integration with JavaScript libraries;
Multiple Information Technology certifications
Knowledge of methodology, federal information system policies (e.g. NIST 800.53,
FISMA, Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), configuration management)
and knowledge of the FBI’s mission and processes.
Cyber Engineering Summer Hire
COLSA Corporation
COLSA Corporation is seeking energized and innovative students who are in pursuit of a cyber (or related) degree, and who are interested in helping configure a cyber lab and develop cyber tools in the areas of Software Assurance and Forensics. Tracking Number 2640-987
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