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Assist. Prof in Foundations of AI
University of Warwick, UK
We are looking for talented and ambitious colleagues in foundations of AI (especially in multiagent systems) to join one of UK’s top CS departments. Deadline: 22/05/2023.
Post-Doc in Autonomous Robotics & Intrinsically Motivated Open-ended Learning
Institute of Cogntive Science and Technologies
Development of autonomous robotic agents within the framework of (deep) reinforcement learning and intrinsically motivated opend-ended learning. The position is support by the european project PILLAR-Robots, started in 2022 and ending in 2026
Ph.D. (Engeneering/Computer Science) in Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Robotics
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies
Development of autonomous robotic agents within the framework of (deep) reinforcement learning and intrinsically motivated opend-ended learning. The position is support by the european project PILLAR-Robots, started in 2022 and ending in 2026. The phd will be formally held either at the University of Rome la sapienza or the University of Plymouth, uk
PhD Postion in Automation of Electric Taxiing at an Airport
Delft University of Technology
lectrification is envisioned to be a key enabler for sustainability of future air transport. Electric aircraft taxiing is a novel, green technological and operational solution considered by many airports worldwide to be implemented in the nearest future. It is also envisioned that most of the future airport ground operations, including aircraft taxiing, will be automated. In this PhD project, the topic of automation of electric aircraft taxiing at an airport will be explored. More specifically, models for autonomous management of aircraft and other airport ground vehicle movements will be developed, taking into account advances in the area of autonomous driving. Interaction between the automated systems and human supervisors will be also considered.

Research will be done in the context of EU SESAR project ASTAIR, in close collaboration with academic and industrial partners (such as airports, air navigation service providers, producers of equipment for electric taxiing). The project will use the outcomes of the previous AEON project (

The position is intended as a full-time appointment, and the work will take place at the TU Delft. The researcher will be working with several European partners and support project administration.
PhD Position in AI-based Synthetic Data Generation for Airports and Airlines
Delft University of Technology
Sensor data have been increasingly used for assessing, predicting, and optimising performance of airport and airline operations. Data-driven methods and tools from the rapidly developing fields of AI and machine learning have demonstrated their extensive potential to understand and improve air transport operations. However, in some cases, real data may not be readily available (e.g., for new airports or novel, future concepts of operation). To address this issue, in this PhD project, state-of-the-art data-driven methods from AI and machine learning will be used to generate realistic synthetic datasets for airport and airline operations. The models will be trained on existing data and will be used for performance prediction of airports and airlines (in particular, turn-around time, passenger flows, flight delays), for which no or limited data is available.

Research will be done in the context of EU SESAR project SynthAIr, in close collaboration with academic and industrial partners (such as airports and airlines).

The position is intended as a full-time appointment, and the work will take place at the TU Delft. You will have to work with several European partners and support project administration. 
Postdoctoral researcher in Reinforcement Learning and Multi-agent systems
Trinity College Dublin
We are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to investigate the use of deep reinforcement learning (RL) and swarm intelligence techniques to optimize urban and highway traffic in the presence of autonomous and conventional vehicles.

More details on
4 PhD positions in Reinforcement Learning
Trinity College Dublin
We have up to 4 PhD positions tenable from September 2023 in various aspects of RL: explainable RL and transfer learning within Center for Research Training in AI (, RL and swarm intelligence for traffic optimization, and RL for optimizing data processing in edge-cloud continuum within CONNECT research center ( Contact/email me to apply or for more info.
PhD position in Self-adaptive Regulation Mechanisms for a Trustworthy and Sustainable Industry of the Future
Mines Saint-Étienne
The thesis aims to develop models and mechanisms based on normative multiagent systems to regulate manufacturing systems for enhancing their trustworthiness and sustainability in the context of the Industry of the Future.

The thesis will be fully integrated to the NAIMAN ANR-FAPESP project that has the objective to develop a new generation of autonomous systems for regulating manufacturing systems by the integration of normative concepts. Two prototypical demonstrators will be developed targeting different industrial processes: product-centric manufacturing and zero-defect manufacturing.
ML Engineer - Antibody Development and other applications
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
We are hiring a new ML-Engineer to work on challenging applications such as Antibody Development. You will work with a large multidisciplinary team of researchers in projects of big impact to society.
The focus of this position is on implementation/optimization of code rather than on the research. We expect you to be a seasoned ML engineer with experience in at least 1 ML framework, some experience on building software to run on HPCs, code versioning, etc.
US citizens preferred, but foreigners are considered if a great fit.
Algorithm Researcher & Engineer
Cainiao Network
1. Responsible for the research and development of solvers in the field of operational research optimization or machine learning, including combinatorial optimization, path optimization, online decision-making, deep reinforcement learning, large language models, etc.
2. Responsible for system optimization and machine learning and other technologies to solve domain problems, combined with CUDA/GPU programming high-performance computing technology, to achieve continuous improvement in solution results and computing performance.
3. Possess good mathematical modeling ability, be able to abstract clear mathematical models from complex business environments, and solve calculations through cutting-edge algorithms.
4. Familiar with algorithm applications and theories in machine learning or optimization, operations research and other fields, with scientific research ability and results published in international conferences and journals are preferred.
AI Solutions Engineer
AI Redefined
You are:

An expert in applied AI, ideally Reinforcement Learning, Planning, Multi-agent systems, Robotics or Time series analysis: You have designed & implemented AI systems for business applications: translate business needs into AI architectures, research and apply state of the art methods, evaluate the results and deliver solutions. Ideally you have 2~5 years of experience in that field with some projects delivered.

A full-stack software builder: You are ok getting your hands dirty to continuously deliver working software. You can build AI applications from leveraging Machine Learning libraries to implementing APIs and, ideally, you are ok contributing to web front ends, simulations or data pipelines.

Intellectually curious: you absorb new knowledge every day while always being on the lookout for new challenges for their learning opportunities. You don’t limit yourself to the bounds of your role or even of the company. You understand that knowledge, challenges and feedback can be found and come from everywhere.

Autonomous: you are proactive and self-driven. You are capable of taking a high level goal and creating your own plan to reach it. You take ownership, don’t require follow-up and are accountable to your results, whatever they might be.

You know:

Python (advanced)

Knowledge of one of TensorFlow, PyTorch, JAX, or similar (advanced)

Statistics / Data Science (strong)

AI literature, publications, and tools (reading and keeping up to date)

See more at
Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Autonomous Robotic Software Engineering
University of Manchester
[Grade 6; Fixed-term for 36 months ]

Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK

A researcher with a strong track record of relevant research, and
an appetite for tackling real-world autonomous system problems is
required for this position within the CRADLE Prosperity Partnership.

The CRADLE Prosperity Partnership is a significant joint activity
between Jacobs Engineering [], the Manchester
Centre for Robotics and AI [],
and the UKRI []. The successful candidate will
help in shaping and conducting research around software engineering,
software architectures, and software verification, with a particular
focus on autonomous systems, robots and practical problems.

The successful candidate will also be expected to collaborate with,
and develop new directions for research with, Jacobs Engineering.

The candidate should have a background of excellent research across
one or more of: Autonomous Systems; Robotic Software Architectures;
Agent-Based Systems; Software Design Patterns; Resilience; Software
Verification; and Transparency. In addition to working within CRADLE,
the candidate will contribute to the Autonomy and Verification network
[ ]

VACANCY REF: SAE-021743 [ Grade 6 ]
Salary: £35,308-£43,155 per annum, depending on relevant experience
Duration: Fixed Term, for 36 months
Location: Department of Computer Science, Manchester M13 9PL
Closing date: 29th June 2023
Postdoc in Japan
Multi-agent lab in Kyushu University headed by Prof. Makoto Yokoo is hiring a postdoctoral research fellow in the area of market design. Please see the url or meet Prof. Yokoo in person at the conference.
Postdoc Position in Strategic Reasoning
University of Naples
We invite applications of motivated and research-focused individuals to carry out research on formal aspects of strategic reasoning in AI and MAS.

The successful candidate will be hosted by the Automated Strategic Laboratory (ASTREA)
at the University of Napoli, offering:

- a vibrant working atmosphere,
- exciting and challenging research problems,
- very competitive salary,
- collaborations worldwide.
Research Associate - AI traffic control
Aston University
This project aims to validate our work on smart traffic management [press, paper] using, for the first time, a set of real junctions in collaboration with Coventry City Council. Our system, a unique, fully adaptive control system that applies deep reinforcement learning for optimizing traffic signals in real time, based solely on live camera footage from intersections, has been shown to significantly outperform all other methods, which typically rely on manually designed signal phase transitions.

The successful applicant will have a strong undergraduate/masters degree and a PhD in computer science, engineering, mathematics or a related discipline as well as excellent programming and analytical/mathematical skills.

Postdoctoral fellowship
For details refer to the link.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Citizen-Centric AI Systems / Explainable AI)
University of Southampton
We're looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join our group on citizen-centric AI systems to work on explainable AI (2-year position). See the link below for more details.

Feel free to ping me (Sebastian Stein) to discuss the position informally at AAMAS.
Postdoctoral Fellowship at University College London
University College London
Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Department of Computer Science at University College London in the Machine Intelligence Lab (

Areas of interest: multi-agent reinforcement learning; cooperative AI; causality.

Please contact Mirco Musolesi to discuss more (also in person at AAMAS).

Mirco Musolesi

PhD position in Economics and Computation
University of Edinburgh
I have funding for a PhD position in Economics and Computation (e.g., game theory, mechanism design, computational social choice, equilibrium computation etc) at the University of Edinburgh.

Feel free to message me (or come talk to me) if you are interested.
Postdoc position in agent-based modelling
Royal Holloway, University of London
We have a new exciting postdoc opportunity on agent-based modelling and multi-agent learning as part of an interdisciplinary research project on “Social mechanisms and allocations” between the Departments of Economics, Psychology and Computer Science.         
We are looking for excellent candidates with experience in agent-based modelling for game theoretic settings using experimental simulations, possibly with humans. Potential candidates should have a good understanding of as many of the following areas as possible: modelling social opponents and norms, imitation learning, evolution of cooperation, and use of simulation platforms for experiments with software agents and/or humans.
PhD position in AI
University of Bath
A PhD position is available for the coming academic year at the University of Bath. Potential topics include game theory, marl, optimization, etc.
Professor/Associate Professor of Ethical & Safe AI
Teesside university
Professor or Associate Professor in Ethical and Safe AI within our Interpretable and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence Research Group. The focus of the group covers three main themes – interpretable machine learning methods, computational health, and computational behavioural modelling. Importantly, the group strongly emphasizes interdisciplinary research collaboration among its members across the three themes.
PhD position in MAS and Strategic Reasoning
University of Naples Federico II
We invite applications of motivated motivated students to study and advance the state of the art in strategic reasoning in AI and MAS.

The successful candidate will be supported by the Automated Strategic Laboratory (ASTREA)
at the University of Napoli, offering:

- a vibrant working atmosphere,
- exciting program of study and challenging research problems to investigate
- collaborations worldwide.
Link: None
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