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PostDoc / PhD in Neurodegeneration Research at
University of Oslo
Biological/Molecular Neurodegeneration Research in AD+HD
Chemical Biology/Drug development
Drug testing
PhD and Postdoc students
Bar Ilan University
Biochemical, molecular and cellular signaling of PKA in neurodegenerative diseases using patient derived cells and postmortem brains
עמית מחקר
מעבדת אוקון, הפקולטה למדעי החיים, אוניברסיטת בר אילן
למעבדת אוקון בפקולטה למדעי החיים באוניברסיטת בר אילן דרוש/ה עמית/ת מחקר.

המעבדה של איתן אוקון חוקרת את הבסיס הנוירו-אימונולוגי של מחלת האלצהיימר, אלצהיימר אצל אנשים עם תסמונת דאון, והתקשורת המולקולרית/תאית בין העובר לאם במהלך הריון עם תסמונת דאון.

דרישות התפקיד:
· דוקטורט בביולוגיה ניסויית/מולקולרית
· נסיון בעבודה עם FACS - יתרון
· נסיון בעבודה עם תרביות תאים - יתרון
· נסיון בעבודה in-vivo עם עכברים - יתרון

אתר המעבדה:

לשאלות וקורות חיים, נא לפנות לאיתן אוקון:
Funded Postdoc and PhD positions
Medical Neurobiology, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University
We study brain-wide dynamics underlying cognition. We use mesocale techniques to simultaneously measure neuronal activity from many brain areas as mice perform complex behavioral tasks. We then combine optogenetics, two-photon imaging and labeling techniques to dissect important edges within the network. We are now also studying the disordered brain using mouse models for autism, alzheimer's and scjizophrenia. Our goal is to obtain a brain-wide acitivity map that encodes cognition as a whole in both the healthy and disordered brain.

Come check out our posters and talks and feel free to reach out.
סטודנטים לדוקטורט : מעבדת אבי אשכנזי
אוניברסיטת תל אביב
מחפשים מעבדה לדוקטורט? פרויקטים במעבדה עוסקים בתחום מנגנוני פירוק חלבונים מזיקים בתאי עצב במחלות הנטינגטון ופרקינסון ופיתוח תאי גזע כמודל להבנת מחלות נויורולגיות של מערכת העצבים האוטונומית. בואו לשמוע על המחקר שלנו ביום שלישי 8:30 באולם עדן:
Advances in understanding neurodegeneration
וחפשו את הפוסטר של סתיו כהן אדיב על מנגנוני פתולוגיה במחלת הפרקינסון.
Funded PhDs and Post Doc in cognitive neuroscience
Salomon Lab
We are excited to announce that the Salomon Lab will be moving to the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of Haifa in Feb. 2023.
The lab will continue its work on the cognitive and neural mechanisms of the Sense of Self, Sense of Reality and their relation with psychosis and psychedelics.

Eligible qualifications for the PhD position include:
• Master’s Degree in Cognitive neuroscience, Computer Science, Physics or related discipline
• Experience in fMRI (especially high field) / EEG /MEG
• Knowledge in computer programming (languages: Matlab, R, Python)
• Knowledge of cognitive neuroscience, computational psychiatry, statistics.

Lab Manager/ Research associate (50%-100% position negotiable)
Salomon lab
This position is aimed at an experienced researcher who would be interested in leading the lab along with the PI for a long term. The Manager will be responsible, along with the PI, for training and mentoring students, submitting grants, and planning , supervising and executing scientific studies.
• Ph.D. in Cognitive neuroscience, Computer Science, Physics, psychology or related discipline
• Experience in writing scientific articles/ grants / reports
• Leadership & mentoring interests and capabilities
• Passion for the lab’s research topics a must.
Postdocs & PhD students
Safra Center for Brain Science
How does our brain integrate coding of space with social codes to perceive a territory?  The Omer ( is hiring excellent postdocs fellows & graduate students to join an ERC Synergy funded research.  

Our goal is to understanding how neural spatial codes for self and others in the hippocampus are modulated by the neuromodulator Oxytocin and compute territorial behavior.  We use wireless recording technology in freely behaving marmosets and develop mechanistic data-driven models that aim to map behavioral computations to onto neural activity. 

Our lab is interdisciplinary and excellent students from fields of Neuroscience, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Computer-science and Psychology are welcome to apply. 
סטודנטים לפוסט דוק או דוקטורט
מעבדה של דורית בן שחר Molecular neuroscience , mental disorders
Link: None
study director
managing and executing in-vivo experimantations in various rodent disease models.
PhD/postdoc position -Open Position for a Super-Resolution Microscopy Expert
Tel Aviv University, Israel.
We are looking for a talented cell biologist/ microscopist for a Ph.D./postdoc position at Tel Aviv University, Israel. Excellent and motivated candidates are invited to apply for research, aimed at characterizing Parkinson’s-disease biomarkers in patients’ skin biopsies. Priority will be given to experts in dSTORM.

PhD and postdoc - physiological roles of GPCR voltage dependence
Tel Aviv University
We are looking for outstanding PhD students and postdocs to study the unknown roles of the recently found voltage dependence of GPCRs in the context of olfactory learning and memory.
Work at the lab includes: 2-photon in vivo functional imaging, in vivo electrophysiology, behavior and genetics.
PhD/Postdoc -- optical imaging, decision-making, learning & memory
Tel Aviv University
We study how cognitive abilities emerge from interactions between neurons. Our lab is especially interested in understanding how the collective activity of neurons in brain networks gives rise to cognitive phenomena, such as the ability to make decisions and form new memories. We study these questions in mice engaged in cognitively complex behaviors involving decision-making, navigation, and the use of short-term memory.

We employ innovative imaging, optogenetic, and electrophysiological techniques that enable turning ON and OFF specific neurons, in combination with advanced computational methods for modeling and analysis of neural dynamics. This allows us not only to ‘read’ the mind by recording neural activity during behavior, but also to manipulate cognitive processes by ‘writing’ information directly into the brain to influence decisions and create artificial memories.

Research Associate / Lab Manager
Tel Aviv University
Research Associate / Lab Manager for conducting active independent research and developing new research directions in the lab.

Our lab studies the neural basis of cognition using innovative optical imaging, optogenetics, and electrophysiological techniques in behaving mice.

Requirements: Ph.D. degree (background in systems neuroscience or related fields is an advantage), strong social skills, interest in training and mentoring students.
PhD students, human neuroscience and psychiatry (fully funded positions)
Bar-Ilan university
Looking to study human mood, behavior and depression using advanced computational and engineering methods and concepts?
To do across-fields multidisciplinary research, in a new cutting edge technologically lab?
Gaining experience in human -machine-interfaces, virtua reality, EEG, multi-modal data, real-time computer games and applications, and clinical studies and novel individualized treatments?
Looking to do all that at the north of the country and thought that's impossible?
Then contact us!
Funded PhD/Postdoc, songbird neuroscience
Weizmann Institute of Science
Our lab studies how the brain learns, controls, and perceives the syntax of flexible behavior.

We combine behavior studies and cutting edge physiology in songbirds with machine learning and neural networks theory.

Because our projects integrate across disciplines and levels of analysis, there are many ways to contribute and opportunities to create exciting new directions in systems neuroscience.

Join us! We are looking for excellent graduate students and postdocs interested in studying the neural basis of complex and flexible behavior.

Applicants should have a STEM background (Math, CS, Physics, Engineering, Neuroscience, Biology, or related field).

If you’re interested, please send me an email and tell me about yourself and about your interest in the lab.
5 years Research Associate Position in Behavioral Neuroscience
Italian Institute of Technology
We are looking for an experienced behavioral neuroscientist interested in developing and applying a variety of behavioral paradigms to investigate how the dynamics of synaptic neuromodulators (serotonin and noradrenaline) shape interaction between brain regions for valence processing and motor control, to implement adaptive, flexible decision-making, and support the
learning of inflexible actions.
To this purpose, you will combine behavioral investigation in murine animal models
with in-vivo large-scale neuronal imaging as well as the latest optogenetic and chemogenetic
approaches to deconstruct and manipulate neuronal circuits.

5 years Postdoc Position in Circuit Neuroscience
Italian Institute of Technology
The lab applies a multiscale neuroscience approach to investigate the synaptic and cellular mechanisms underpinning nervous system functions (i.e., motor control and behavioral flexibility) and to examine the spatiotemporal dynamic of behaviorally relevant neuromodulatory signals at circuit level resolution.

The successful candidate will examine how midbrain neuromodulatory circuits and target-specific modulation of the descending prefrontal cortex inputs shape the processing of emotional state information in motor control regions (striatum), both in health and disease states (psychomotor and affective disorders
To this purpose, the candidate will apply neurophysiological, optogenetic and chemogenetic approaches, which will be complemented by state-of-the art large-scale population imaging techniques during behavioral paradigms.

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