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Lehigh ECE two faculty job openings
Lehigh University
Lehigh ECE has two openings in computer engineering, one tenure-track and one professor of practice (teaching faculty). If you are looking for academic jobs, please consider apply. If you know someone who are or will be on the job market, please let them know. Review of applications will begin in early December.
Two Assistant Professor positions in computer architecture
Uppsala University
We are looking to hire up to two Assistant Professors to join the computer architecture research group starting Summer/Fall 2020 at Uppsala University, Sweden. These are 6-year tenure track positions with a 30-40% teaching load. We are looking to accomplish two goals with these hires: 1) strengthen our basic computer architecture research, and, 2) expand our research across the stack by connecting to compilers, runtimes, OS, network, cloud, etc.. The ideal candidate will bring a solid background in architecture along with an interest in to co-designing architecture with the rest of the system, a true concern for quality teaching, a desire to expand her or his network both nationally and internationally, and a willingness to contribute to the group and the department. If you are passionate about architecture research and are looking for an environment where you can grow your own ideas with support from engaged colleagues, then please stop by to talk during MICRO.
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Exciting new opportunities in AMD Research
AMD Research
If you have:
A drive to create your own destiny and shape the future of computing; A Ph.D. degree in CS, Engineering, other closely related field, or have equivalent experience; An extensive record of publications and patents, and a desire to live in Austin TX, Bellevue WA, or Santa Clara CA.

Read on!

A quick summary of our openings:

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Researchers – The best have: software and system knowledge in the areas of artificial intelligence or machine learning; a broad spectrum of technologies (CPU, GPU, APU, FPGA, etc.); experience building a funded research program; and an inquisitive mind coupled with pragmatic tendencies. (Keyword# 74217)

System Architecture Researchers – The best have: Experience driving the development of hardware features, advanced memory systems, algorithms and software into a heterogeneous, scaled-out environment that utilizes a variety of accelerator technologies including GPUs and FPGAs on AMD’s best in class software and hardware. (Keyword# 73990)

Cryogenic-Computing Researchers – The best have: Experience analyzing the functionality and reliability of CMOS (e.g., CPU, GPU) at low temperatures; background in circuit designs and device characterization; architectural-level knowledge in quantum computing, system designs, and algorithms. This is an opportunity to join a growing team with a diverse set of skillsets!

Interested in learning more?

Talk to any one of the AMD Researchers at MICRO to get the conversation started!

You can also email with a copy of your resume to or, along with using the subject line “new opportunities in AMD Research.” Specify the “Keyword#” for the opening that is the best match to your skills and interests.
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Boulder
The department of electrical, computer and energy engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder is looking to hire multiple tenure track faculty positions. See the link for full details. Come join me in the beautiful rockies. Let me know if you have any questions.
Faculty in Quantum Systems Engineering
University of Wisconsin
As part of a campus-wide initiative to expand and broaden expertise in quantum science and engineering at UW-Madison we seek to fill a faculty position in Quantum Systems Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is anticipated that a successful candidate will develop strong collaborations with existing quantum research at UW Madison (see and with external research centers.
Sr. Research Memory Architect
Samsung semiconductor
At Samsung Memory Solution Lab, we are at the leading edge of today’s in/near-memory solution to break-down “memory-wall” in domain specific computing. With the deepest memory portfolio in the industry, our work has widest impact to the future of heterogeneous computing system. Our research scope spans over data intensive applications, algorithms, computer architecture, memory interface and device level architecture. Currently, we are seeking a Senior Research Memory Architect to join our team in San Jose, CA. The Candidate will be a key technical member of Memory Solutions Lab.  He or she will join a team of experts in researching and developing innovative memory computing architecture for data center acceleration/cloud computing, in memory database, and machine learning applications. The ideal candidate must have a PhD in CS/EECE or related field and has prior experiences in research and prototyping advanced computer architectures. He or she must be comfortable working in a small group setting and problem solve at multiple levels in software and hardware.
Open-rank, tenure-track faculty position in computer architecture at UC Riverside
University of California, Riverside
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of California at Riverside invites applicants for two tenure-track open-rank faculty positions in the areas of

• Natural Language Processing and/or Machine Learning
• Computer Architecture

The Computer Science and Engineering Department currently has 37 faculty members, including multiple ACM/IEEE/AAAS Fellows and Young Investigator/NSF CAREER award holders, who pride themselves in combining top quality teaching with cutting edge research. The research projects in the department are funded by federal (NSF, NIH, AFOSR, DoD) or industrial sponsors, with the new awards for 2018/19 exceeding 8 million dollars. The department offers several undergraduate degrees, as well as MS and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, with 166 PhD students currently enrolled. Information regarding the department is available at

To apply, please visit

Microsoft full time and internship positions
The AI and Advanced Architectures team is seeking motivated computer/electrical engineers/scientists to invent path-breaking technology, at all levels of experience. In this role you will architect custom solutions that will differentiate and optimize Microsoft’s strategic projects in the cloud. We are looking for individuals with background in computer architecture, comfortable working in a diverse, multi-site collaborative environment. Individuals who have education and/or experience in some of the following areas or related disciplines are encouraged to apply:

Performance Modeling
High Performance Microarchitecture
Energy Efficient Microarchitecture
Machine Learning Architectures, Applications, and Analysis
HW/SW Co-design
Cache and Memory System Design
On-chip Networks
HW/SW debug
System interface
Accelerator design and infrastructure
Our team is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and inclusive part of the Azure Hardware Systems Group. We have a track record of inventing and deploying innovative hardware, software, and architectures that differentiate the Azure ecosystem and deliver strategic impact to Microsoft. Our work spans the stack from silicon to solutions, and across domains including datacenters, quantum computing, deep learning, storage, and networking.

Come talk to me (Esha Choukse) or email me at, if you are interested. We are also co-hosting the Monday night social at Seventh Son Brewery. Be sure to attend!
Architecture Research Scientist
Intel Labs
Intel’s Processor Architecture Research Lab (PAR Lab) leads advanced heterogeneous architecture research globally. PAR Lab are looking for highly qualified, dynamic researchers for path breaking research in the following domains at Bangalore, India:
· Breakthrough CPU architectures
· Heterogeneous architectures for next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)
· Compute-in-memory and compute-near-memory driven processor architectures based on current and emerging memory technologies.

Please contact if interested in applying for full time positions or research internships.
Link: None
New Memory System Architect/Researcher
Alibaba DAMO Academy
o Define system-level memory architectures including key features, performance requirements, block level definition; develop proof of concept and conduct and/or guide implementation and prototyping efforts.
o Conduct memory and storage system performance study, workloads characterization of datacenter and mobile systems.
o Conduct Software/Hardware prototype development and feasibility studies.
o Identify opportunities in traditional computing applications and emerging AI applications; Help define new projects to address these opportunities and play a key technical role in their execution.
o Documentation of architecture, design and IP specifications.
o Create innovative IP, publish at conferences, and generate whitepapers.

o M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field.
o >5 years of experience in memory and/or storage system architecture or design, good plus in system software and machine learning framework development.
o Fundamental understanding of server memory and storage hierarchies, and the potential performance trade-offs and optimizations involved.
o Great experience in memory/storage subsystem performance modeling, and memory system design or storage system design.
o Good knowledge in component logic design, HDL/Verilog development, system integration, and debug.
o Good knowledge of C/C++, Python, Operating system.
o Good plus in FPGA design and synthesis tools, simulation tools, and scripting tools for test automation
o Good plus of neural network accelerator architecture with GPU/FPGA etc., and deep learning infrastructure (Torch, Caffe, TensorFlow, etc.)
o Track record of innovation and creativity in problem solving.
o Highly motivated with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Domain Specific Near Data Computing Accelerator Architect/Researcher
Alibaba DAMO Academy
o Develop domain specific near data processing architecture and system solution for data center/cloud computing, in memory database, and machine learning applications.
o Define system-level accelerator architectures including key features, performance requirements, block level definition.
o Develop FPGA/ASIC PoC architecture, design and feasibility studies for domain specific near data processing architecture.
o Conduct AI system performance study, workloads characterization.
o Propose and execute on innovations in large scale AI system software and hardware architecture. Help define new projects to address these opportunities and play a key technical role in their execution.
o Documentation of architecture, design and IP specifications
o Create innovative IP, publish at conferences, and generate whitepapers.

o M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field.
o >5 years of experience in AI system, memory and/or storage system architecture or design.
o Demonstrated expertise with ASIC/FPGA design and synthesis tools, simulation tools, and scripting tools for test automation; In-depth knowledge in HDL/Verilog development, IP integration, debug.
o Deep understanding of neural network accelerator architecture with GPU/FPGA etc., and deep learning infrastructure (Torch, Caffe, TensorFlow, etc.)
o Good knowledge of C/C++, Python, Operating system.
o Track record of innovation and creativity in problem solving.
o Highly motivated with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Research Scientist
Alibaba DAMO Academy
Alibaba DAMO Academy focuses on advanced research topics in computing, memory/storage, and interconnect technologies that can revolutionize today's computing systems with holistic innovations ranging from system architectures to VLSI designs, to enable new computing capabilities for improving energy efficiency and performance across multiple application domains, including both high-performance and embedded computing.

Research Focus:

◆ System Architecture
Focuses on system software and hardware design including instruction set architecture, programming languages, and compiler technologies for new computing platform.

◆New Computing Technologies
Circuit, architecture, and applications with new computing technologies, such as 3D IC design, approximate computing, ultra-low power chip design, and edge computing.

◆Memory/ Storage Technologies
Circuit, architecture, and applications with emerging memory and storage technologies, such as 3D stacking memory, emerging non-volatile memories, and in-memory/in-storage computing technologies.

◆Interconnect Technologies
Circuit, architecture, and applications with innovative intra-chip and inter-chip interconnect architecture, including network-on-chip architecture, optical interconnects, and wireless interconnects.
Algorithm/Software/Hardware Co-design Research Scientist
Alibaba DAMO Academy
We are looking for strong candidates in algorithm/software/hardware co-design for machine learning. In particular, the machine learning frameworks, the compilers for machine learning, the systems for machine learning, and the hardware accelerator modeling for machine learning.

We are looking for candidates experienced in at least two of the three layers of the system design: ML algorithm, ML software implementation, and ML hardware architecture, and co-design those layers.


* • Research novel ML algorithms.

* • Research and develop novel ML operators and integrate into existing ML frameworks.

* • Research new ML frameworks and compiler technologies.

* • Define and design novel hardware architectures for ML applications.

* • Evaluate and optimize performance and quality on the ML algorithms and software on existing and new hardware.

* • Develop tools to model new ML accelerators.

* • Collaborate with business units who deploy the solutions.

Job requirements
* • PhD degree in CS/EE/CE or equivalent, minimum 3 years experiences, with strong background on compiler technology

* • Experience on Deep-Learning/NN

* • Experience on hardware architecture design

* • Experience on DL frameworks, such as TensorFlow/Pytorch/TVM, is good plus.

* • Strong C/C++ programming skills and unix/linux experience is required, Python programming skills is required.

* • Experience on parallel programming such as CUDA/OpenCL/OpenMP is good plus.

* • Experience on system performance tuning, performance analysis is a good plus.

* • Good written and spoken English.

* • Self-motivated, team work, and good communication are a must.
Application Binary Optimization Researcher
Alibaba DAMO Academy
We are looking for strong candidates of binary optimization research. You will be part of a world-class team, led by veteran Silicon Valley senior executives and technical experts! And we rapidly advance team members who have an outsized impact.


• Design and develop the application binary re-optimization framework to analyze and optimize binary applications, and re-target them to a different architecture for high performance execution.

• Collaborate with hardware architecture teams on performance bottleneck analysis and provide feedbacks for HW/SW co-design

• Work with software teams at different levels of software stack for integration and performance tuning

Job requirements
• Deep understanding of modern computer architecture and microarchitecture

• Extensive knowledge in compiler design (gcc or LLVM)

• 3+ years experience in program analysis and optimizations

• Familiar with ABI conventions, runtime system, and low-level software tools (debuggers, post-link binary tools, etc)

• Master degree in computer science or related fields (PhD preferred)
Open Rank Tenure/Tenure-track Faculty
Colorado School of Mines
The Department of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) invites applications for multiple open rank tenure/tenure-track faculty positions in Computer Science (applications considered at assistant, associate, and full professor levels), anticipated to begin in August 2020. While all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, the department is especially interested in candidates with research specialization in one or more of the following areas, due to their synergies with existing departmental and university strengths: (1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, (2) Human-Computer Interaction, (3) Cybersecurity, (4) Data Management, and (5) Quantum Computing.
Architecture Researcher in Physically-Secure Systems-on-a-Chip
National University of Singapore (NUS)
The National University of Singapore (NUS) invites applications for Postdoc Researcher positions in the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing. We are seeking enthusiastic, motivated researchers for this longer-term research project. The goal of this project is to assure hardware security by design in SoCs, focusing on scalable solutions with minimal area and energy overhead. To accomplish this, we aim to mitigate typical VLSI-level overheads for physical hardware security through the use of computer architecture techniques.

Candidates should possess experience or interest in one or more of the following areas:
- Hardware and Systems Security
- Computer Architecture
- Energy Efficient SoC Design
- Simulation Methodologies

NUS’ School of Computing is strongly committed to research excellence in all its dimensions: Searching for fundamental results and insights in developing novel computational solutions to a wide range of applications, building large-scale experimental systems, developing theories and policies for effective management of information systems in organizations, and improving the well-being of society. We aim to play an active role both internationally and locally in the core and emerging areas of Computer Science and Information Systems.
Performance Engineer, AWS Graviton (ARM)
Amazon Web Services - Annapurna Labs
The AWS Graviton team is looking for Performance Engineers to join us to create the future of data centers. You'll be part of a world-class team in an entrepreneurial environment with the feel of a start-up. By working inside the core of AWS, you will have the opportunity to lead the design and delivery of technologies that power the world's largest cloud provider.

We work backwards from understanding the customer’s needs and we’re using this to guide our decisions. As a Performance Engineer you will work with AWS teams to understand the business need, deep dive into how the services perform on the new Arm hardware, architect the solution to optimize efficiency and lead the execution. You will be responsible for designing and developing solutions that improve the performance and reduce the cost of our services.
Openings in Mythic
Mythic's growing! There are openings across various disciplines across analog and digital, HW and SW. Please check the website for a list of these openings with more details, and apply online or send me an email!
Assistant Professor in Software Engineering
The University of British Columbia
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus invites applications for up to two tenure-track assistant professor positions in the area of software engineering.
Successful applicants will be expected to develop an independent research program that complements the department's existing strengths, assume teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and serve the department and university in various capacities. Applicants must exhibit clear interest in and potential to achieve excellence in research, teaching, and service to the academic community.
Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in a relevant discipline and must be eligible to obtain a full or limited licence with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia within five years of appointment.
Please submit applications to Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, research statement, teaching statement, and copies of two major publications. As part of their teaching andr research statements, we invite candidates to address how they will contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic environment at UBC. Please direct enquiries about the position and the application process to
Review of applications will begin on December 1st, 2019, and will be accepted until January 10th, 2020. The anticipated start date is July 1st, 2020, but is negotiable.
The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching that is ranked among the top 40 universities in the world. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the largest academic units at UBC, with approximately 400 graduate students and 1000 undergraduate students.
IBM Z Hardware Verification
Pre-silicon verification of the logical design of future System Z processors, cache and memory hierarchy, and full systems. Use state-of-the-art techniques to simulate and verify the designs of these custom microprocessor-based systems. The job uses both hardware and software engineering skills, and entails creating environments and methodologies for simulating the VHDL input, as well as analysis and problem debug. Verification is performed at various levels within the design hierarchy. BS or MS in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering with strong programming skills is preferred.
Link: None
IBM Z Microprocessor Integration
Physical and electrical design and development of high frequency System Z (mainframe) microprocessor chips. Design, coordinate and manage clock and power distribution across all levels. Optimize buffering and wiring to meet timing, yield, and manufacturability constraints. Using, driving, and/or developing automated tools and methodology to improve design productivity.
Link: None
IBM Z Microprocessor Firmware/Millicode
IBM System Z Firmware Organization is looking to hire enthusiastic entry-level professionals to join its world-class team.
Firmware may exist anywhere in a computing system from the central computing complex to management consoles, power supplies, and I/O adapters within the IBM Z mainframes.

Some projects include:
Development for the world's highest security cryptographic processors
Development and support of I/O adapters (networking and storage) and Secure Service Containers used to support applications using blockchain technology
Server virtualization and a Parallel Sysplex environment so that mainframes can communicate as a single entity
Implementation of complex z/Architecture instructions, as well as concurrent and recovery functions
Our engineers apply agile methodologies throughout the entire development cycle, from design, code implementation/review, unit testing,
functional testing, simulation, and real hardware integration testing. Selected candidates will work in a team-based, collaborative environment with peers both locally and across the global organization.

Ideal candidates will possess demonstrated software design skills, understanding of front-end, back-end technologies or embedded systems. Team-based experience in software development, agile methodologies and the ability to perform software performance analysis, debugging and test.
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