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PostDoc - multiple openings
Optimize the training and inference efficiency of Generative AI on large computing infrastructures.

Be part of the KAUST GenAI center: collaboration with top researchers, access to the Shaheen-3 supercomputer, ample research funding and competitive salary + benefits.

For details, contact Panos Kalnis by email, or meet in-person at the conference.
PhD Students (Jan/May/Sept 2025 intake) and PostDoc: Metaverse and Digital Twins
ISE, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Metaverse and Digital Twins Research Group at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) invites PhD students who are passionate and innovative about Digital twins and Metaverse to join us.

Admission Requirements:
The programme is a competitive-based full scholarship programme (Jan/May/Sept 2015 intake) and has high requirements for applicant's research abilities, the following are the basic conditions, which need to be met at the same time:

1. Undergraduate school ranked in any of the three lists (QS/THE/ARWU) of the world's top 200, or undergraduate major ranked in the world's top 150 professional rankings;
2. Already have a master's degree (or get a master's degree before admission), or special outstanding undergraduate graduates;
3. Bachelor's degree results: GPA ≥ 3.6/4.0 or professional ranking in the top 40% (already have a master's degree), or GPA ≥ 3.8/4.0 or professional ranking in the top 15% (undergraduate graduates);
4. Language requirements: English IELTS score of at least 6.5, or TOEFL of at least 80 (temporarily not available can also be contacted first to apply); or can provide documents proving that the course is taught in full English;
5. Merit (Preferred to have): Publication in JCR Q1/Q2 journals as the first or second author, national and international awards, etc.

Please send your application materials to ( The application materials include CV in English, transcripts, representative papers or manuscripts, and a brief biography.

Tenure-track Assistant Professor for AI+Public Health
National University of Singapore
Hi I am Mornin Feng from School of Public Health NUS. we are setting up a new center for AI+Public Health. We plan to recruit a team of young faculties who are passionate about this field
Postdoc and PhD posts
University of Bath
I currently have two openings available: a six-month postdoctoral position and a four-year PhD position. Application links will be provided shortly. The postdoc position is open for immediate start, whereas the PhD position offers flexible start dates. Additionally, the PhD position is offered at the UK Home fees level, with 25% of the time dedicated to teaching responsibilities. Research topics include algorithmic game theory, multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, and more. Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to Dr Jie Zhang at the conference or through email.
PostDoc in Machine Learning and Data Analytics
University of Bonn
Data Science & Intelligent Systems research group (DSIS) at the University of Bonn, Germany is looking for a 

PostDoc in Machine Learning and Data Analytics
(Duration: Two years, full-time, starting at the earliest date possible)

The University of Bonn is a university of excellence and one of the leading universities in Germany. 

The DSIS research group conducts research in spatio-temporal data analytics, machine learning, knowledge graphs, and various application areas, including mobility, security, and neuroscience. Furthermore, we address the usability, explainability, and traceability of data analysis.
Your responsibilities:

You develop innovative solutions for real-world problems that require the analysis of very large spatio-temporal datasets.

Your research activity is linked to work in the Attention!, Motores, and iBehave projects. 

You contribute to teaching data science and machine learning.

You contribute to acquiring third-party-funded projects.

You are responsible for the project management and contribute to the doctoral candidate mentoring and student supervision.

 Your profile:

Ph.D. in computer science or related fields of study. 

Very good knowledge of one or more of the relevant areas. 

Practical experience with current machine learning libraries, data management systems, and distributed data processing.

Very good written and spoken English, German knowledge is desirable but not mandatory at the start.

Good communication and team skills.

We offer:

A varied and demanding job in a group of excellent scientists at one of the leading universities in Germany

A salary pay-scale TV-L 13

Contract duration of two years, full-time

Financial support to attend related conferences 

Very good transport links and numerous offers of university sports
PhD candidate: ML in security certifications, starting date Sep 2024/Feb 2025
CRoCS, Masaryk University
We are looking for two doctoral students to work in the areas of computer security and machine learning improving the security certification scene. The students will join an existing research team around the sec-certs project. Positions are fully funded by the faculty with extra remuneration provided by the industrial partner.

Topics specification

The aim of these PhD positions is to analyse and improve the ecosystems of products certified under security certification frameworks such as FIPS 140-2/3 and Common Criteria. Even such security-certified products suffer from critical vulnerabilities, and assessing which certified products are impacted by such vulnerabilities is complicated due to the large amount of unstructured certification-related data and unclear relationships between the certificates. The tooling we develop automates the analysis of tens of thousands of certification-related documents, extracting machine-readable features where manual analysis is unattainable.

Expected expertise

We expect candidate(s) who have (or soon will have) a MSc degree or equivalent and a solid background in computer science or engineering, with some background either in computer security or machine learning or natural language processing (though not necessarily both). Fluent communication in spoken and written English is expected.

The team

The academic research team you'll join consists of your supervisor, two part-time engaged assistant professors and multiple supervised bachelor and master students. Furthermore, multiple Red Hat engineers are engaged to help the application of the project results at Red Hat as well as the wider certification community.
Research intern & ML engineer (full-time)
Ant group
Hi I am Wenwen Xia from Ant group. We have several research intern and full-time employee positions for LLM training and machine learning applications. If you are interested, please contact us at the email posted.
Link: None
PhD. positions in Australia
Macquarie University
I have open positions for both Master's research and PhD students at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Interested? Reach out via email or meet us at the Multimodal Content Analysis for Social Good workshop on May 14th, from 9 am to 12 pm in Room Leo 2.
Machine Learning Engineer (Recommendation), TikTok e-Commerce
About the team
Our team works on large-scale recommendation systems for various offerings under TikTok and its affiliates, focusing on developing recommendation algorithms/models/strategies. We are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for e-commerce recommendation systems.
- Work on recommendation systems, involving contents of various forms ranging from products, short videos to live streams, with each unified recommendation model fulfilling heterogeneous E-commerce scenarios/goals across multiple countries.
- Optimize e-commerce recommendation models at massive scales, using deep learning/transfer learning/multi-task learning techniques.
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Recommendation - TikTok eCommerce
E-commerce is a new and fast growing business that aims at connecting all customers to excellent sellers and quality products on TikTok Shop, through E-commerce live-streaming, E-commerce short videos, and commodity recommendation. We are a group of applied machine learning engineers and data scientists that focus on E-commerce recommendations. We are developing innovative algorithms and techniques to improve user engagement and satisfaction, converting creative ideas into business-impacting solutions. We are interested and excited in applying large scale machine learning to solve various real-world problems in E-commerce.
Tech Lead - TikTok Ecommerce Recommendation Algo

E-commerce is a new and fast growing business that aims at connecting all customers to excellent sellers and quality products on TikTok Shop, through E-commerce live-streaming, E-commerce short videos, and commodity recommendation. We are a group of applied machine learning engineers and data scientists that focus on E-commerce recommendations. We are developing innovative algorithms and techniques to improve user engagement and satisfaction, converting creative ideas into business-impacting solutions. We are interested and excited in applying large scale machine learning to solve various real-world problems in E-commerce.

What you will do:
• Lead the team to design, build, optimize large-scale (10 million to 100 million) e-commerce recommendation algorithm pipeline
• Build long and short term user interest models, analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of various data and design algorithms to explore users' latent interests efficiently.
• Design, develop, evaluate and iterate on predictive models for candidate generation and ranking(eg. Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate prediction) , including, but not limited to building real-time data pipelines, feature engineering, model optimization and innovation.
• Build, expand and manage the global e-commerce recommendation team from scratch
• Collaborate with strategy team, product managers, policy team and ops team to define products and drive initiatives from engineering viewpoints
Recommendation Algorithm Engineer
Kuaishou Technology
The Overseas Recommendation Department is the core growth engine of Kwai's overseas business. It plays a key role in the development of overseas business. The team atmosphere is harmonious and the collaboration is smooth. It focuses on the cultivation and growth of team members. In addition, the team and business are closely coordinated, so that they can have a good understanding of overseas customs, participate in the opportunities of the current Internet sailing era, and accumulate international experience. We look forward to your participation!
Senior Principal (L8) or Principal (L7) Applied Scientists
Build the next generation Generative AI driven Search and Shopping experiences

Over 10-15 years of post-PhD research experience in AI/ML.

I am in Singapore for Web2024 conference. You can also reach me via
Link: None
Research engineer on LLM/LVLM security
Singapore Management University
We have a full-time position for tackling LLM/LVLM security. It’d be a one-year contract, which can be extended subject to the performance. It is a 100% research position, with an attractive salary package and strong supervisor team. Please drop your CV at if interested.
Link: None
Algorithm Engineer, TikTok e-Commerce
About the team
Our team is responsible for developing large scale product knowledge graphs to improve online shopping experience. We are currently looking for talented software engineers that have a deep understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning(ML).

You will be developing state-of-the-art models to solve challenging problems that impact both the platform and millions of customers, including:
- Responsible for building and continuously optimizing algorithm solutions in product matching, price comparison etc. to improve supply operational efficiencies;
- Responsible for continuously maintaining and improving the robustness, stability and computational efficiencies of algorithm solutions in live business environment.
- Support the production of scalable and optimised AI/machine learning (ML) models
- Focus on building algorithms for the extraction, transformation and loading of large volumes of realtime, unstructured data to deploy AI/ML solutions from theoretical data science models.
- Run experiments to test the performance of deployed models, and identifies and resolves bugs that arise in the process.
- Work in a team setting and apply knowledge in statistics, scripting and programming languages required by the firm.
- Work with the relevant software platforms in which the models are deployed.

- Natural language generation, named entity recognition, machine translation, question answering, knowledge graph, information extraction, text mining and classification etc.
- Computer vision, facial recognition, multimodal learning, object detection & tracking, image classification etc.
- Machine learning, transfer learning, graph embedding, representative learning, large-scale optimization, recommendation, reinforcement learning, etc.
Algorithm Engineer (NLP), TikTok e-Commerce
- You will be responsible for developing and optimizing the intelligent customer service of TikTok shopping. This role will work closely with our product and operation teams to understand the intentions of our users, design solutions of experience excellence, and convey these solutions to our users conversationally, with the support of cutting-edge LLMs technology. You will have the chance to develop NLP models (like text classification, machine reading, summarization) and prediction models (like question prediction and chatbot action prediction) to achieve the above goals.

About the job
Responsible for the NLP-related research and development, mainly including:
- Building the intent classifier in a full-stack manner by designing taxonomy, creating and managing high quality labeled data, training the best performed machine learning model (like Bert, GPT), and monitoring the online performance of the model.
- Building the prediction model by mapping the shopping journey of our users to chatbot actions, including suggesting common question-answers and transferring the user to human agent, with cutting-edge prediction models (like Boosting, deep CTR).
- Building the generation model by understanding business requests, exploring proper instructions, developing high-quality data, and finetuning a language model of billions of parameters (e.g., 13B, 60B).
- Working closely with our product and operation teams to quantitatively understand the impact of our chatbot and continuously bridge the business improvement action to model optimization action.

- At least 3 years of work experience in the related field: Large Language Models, Natural Language Generation, Machine Translation, Question Answering, Machine Reading, Information Extraction, Text Mining and Slassification etc.
- Practical experience in NLP (dialogue system, machine translation, nlp-related projects in IR/Ads system, etc.) are preferred.
Research Assistant (E13 TV-L)
Paderborn University
📣Job vacancy! The Doctoral Network FAIROmics has a vacancy for a Research Assistant from 1 October.
Tenure track (or higher) in Responsible AI
We are looking for talented scientists who are keen to develop their own innovative line of fundamental research related to fairness, diversity, transparency, privacy, or ethics of cutting-edge AI technology.
The position is in the Human-Centered Data Analytics group at CWI (The National Research Centre for Math and Computer Science in the Netherlands), where we investigate human-centered, responsible AI in the culture and media sectors.
Especially women (incl. people identifying as) are encouraged to reach out, as CWI strives for a (more) balanced representation of genders in senior positions.

The contact is Laura Hollink, the Human-Centered Data Analytics group leader.
Reseacher, Post-doctoral fellow, PhD
Southwest Jiaotong University
Researchers of computer science related fields.
Full-time / internship opportunities at Pinterest Labs
At Pinterest Labs, you'll work on tackling new challenges in machine learning and artificial intelligence along with a world-class team of research scientists, and machine learning engineers. You'll conduct research that can be applied across Pinterest engineering teams and engage in external collaborations and mentoring, while also performing research in any of the following areas: computer vision, graph neural network, natural language processing (NLP), inclusive AI, reinforcement learning, user modeling, and recommender systems (see Publications). We are seeking both full-time and summer interns in our San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Seattle offices.

What you’ll do:
- Contribute to cutting-edge research in machine learning and artificial intelligence that can be applied to Pinterest problems
- Collect, analyze, and synthesize findings from data and build intelligent data-driven model
- Write clean, efficient, and sustainable code
- Use machine learning, natural language processing, and graph analysis to solve modeling and ranking problems across discovery, ads and search
- Scope and independently solve moderately complex problems
- Take proactive ownership over the completion and quality of your tasks and project with minimal guidance from your mentor, manager, and peers.

What we’re looking for:
- Working towards a MS/PhD in Computer Science, ML, NLP, Statistics, Information Sciences or related field
- Mastery of at least one systems languages (Java, C++, Python) or one ML framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow, MLFlow)
- Experience in research and in solving analytical problems
- Strong communicator and team player. Being able to find solutions for open-ended problems.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Publications in machine learning, AI, data science, data analytics, statistics, or related technical fields
- Strong passion for research and for answering hard questions with research
- Passion for applied ML and the Pinterest product

PhD student in web-based decentralised data ecosystems
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
We are looking for a PhD student to do research on methods for decentralized data ecosystems based on the Web architecture, Linked Data, and the Solid protocol family. The research shall be conducted e.g. in publicly funded resesarch projects such as in project MANDAT (funded by the European Union and the German federal ministry for education and research) about decentralized data ecosystems for financial services. In addition to research work, you will also be active in teaching and you participate in science administration.

You have a degree (Master) in Informatics/Computer Science, Information Systems/Business Informatics, or in related fields. Ideally, you have experience in:
* Knowledge Graphs / semantic technologies
* Web Architecture
* Data Management
and on top knowledge about some points from:
* Legal aspects of data processing (GDPR, Data Act, …)
* Agent Systems
* Web development
* Digital Identities
* Cryptography

Programming experience is highly advantageous. On top, you can excel using a high level of self-motivation and the ability to work in a team. A very good command of the English language in speech and writing completes your profile. Proficiency in German is very welcome, basic knowledge is required.

The position is the typical arrangement for PhD students in Germany, a fully funded temporary TVL-E13 "Research Assistant" position, during which a PhD may be pursued.
Applied Scientist, Shanghai AI Lab (Level 5)
Amazon Shanghai AI Lab
We, the Amazon Shanghai AI Lab, are working on fundamental research problems in relational and multimodal data modeling. We looking for candidates with Graduate degree (MS or PhD) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related disciplines and strong expertise in machine learning. Please visit for more details.
Senior Applied Scientist, AWS Shanghai AI Lab
Amazon Shanghai AI Lab
We, the Amazon Shanghai AI Lab, are working on fundamental research problems in relational and multimodal data modeling. We are looking for candidates with 5+ years of experience after PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related disciplines, strong expertise in machine learning, world-class track records in one of the machine learning subdomains (NLP, CV, graph machine learning, etc.), and top ML conference publication records (ICML, NeurIPS, etc.). Please visit for more details.
Multiple open-rank faculty positions in NLP
Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence
Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) is the world’s first graduate AI university. It is a research-oriented university with 191 M.Sc. and 81 Ph.D. students (from over 40 nationalities; 1/3 female), and 65 world-leading faculty members. It is one of only eight universities in the world to be ranked in the top 20 for CV, ML, and NLP (, 12th in NLP.

MBZUAI's NLP department has 16 faculty and we are actively recruiting faculty at the levels of Full Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor.
Successful applicants will be provided with an attractive remuneration package. Faculty members are allocated generous start-up funds to stimulate research projects and build a team.

To apply:
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