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Laboratory Technician
Dartmouth College
We are looking for an individual with a Bachelors or Masters degree in the biological or chemical sciences to fill an entry-level position in an aquatic ecology laboratory. This person will set up and conduct a variety of field and laboratory protocols and conduct experiments in support of research directed at investigating the fate of PFAS in aquatic food webs. Responsibilities for this role include following established laboratory methods, procedures, and techniques under the general guidance of senior investigators, conducting laboratory experiments involving estuarine invertebrates and fish, entering and managing data, and supporting the day-to-day activities of the lab. Preferred skills include familiarity with culturing and caring for fish and invertebrates, working with chemical reagents, data management, efficient organization and time management, meticulous attention to detail, and a working knowledge of computers with proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite.
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NH Dept. of Environmental Services
The State of New Hampshire, Department of Environmental Services, Waste Management Division, Hazardous Waste Remediation Bureau has a full time vacancy for a Hydrogeologist III - Project Manager. This position provides high level hydrogeological and regulatory expertise and experience to review and approve hydrogeological investigations and the design and implementation of remedial action plans by municipalities and other responsible parties for solid waste facilities and other contaminated sites. Implements the release detection permit program. Also communicates complex hydrological data and analysis to a variety of stakeholders.
The Electrochemist Engineer is responsible for building and maintaining the electrochemistry R&D
infrastructure to support the product development and optimize process control and performance. Works closely with
external manufacturers, vendors, and other team leaders to evaluate and provide performance data on materials and
processes. The Electrochemist Engineer will participate in a cross functional team environment with mutual collaboration to
assure success of the final product.
Build and maintain electrochemistry R&D infrastructure.
• Perform comprehensive modeling of electrochemical systems, optimization and sensitivity analysis, chargerate/capacity and electron transfer optimization.
• Develop test protocols, evaluate and implement those test protocols to the manufactured products to develop
QA/QC standards.
• Oversee experimental preparation, equipment maintenance, quality control, analysis of samples; determine
appropriate analytical methods for different parameters and experimental matrices.
• Direct the design and implementation of research protocols; design safety procedures; adapt new procedures,
methods, or instrumentation relative to research procedures, and search of pertinent scientific literature as
• Establish and verify laboratory performance indicators and ensure the integrity of the data presented to
Supervises the analysis of treatment chemicals and other purchased substances to ensure that specifications are
Chemical, Mechanical, or Electrical engineer or Chemist with Masters in focusing in electrochemistry or related is required.
Ph.D in electrochemistry is preferred. Knowledge and experience on charge, heat, and fluid transport as well as electrode
and reactor design and manufacturing is highly desirable. 2+ years of working experience in analytical chemistry is also
preferred. Environmental engineering and/or programming experience is a plus.
Electromechanical Engineer & Sprint Administrator
The Electromechanical Engineer/Sprint Administrator is responsible for designing, building,
troubleshooting, and installing components and systems in the lab and at times on-site at customer facilities. They are also
responsible for creating, updating and coordinating project schedules. Creates resource usage model and predictions.
Works closely with team leaders to build, evaluate and optimize project schedules and deliverables. This person will
participate in a cross functional team environment in development and oversight of development, design, manufacturing,
and deployment of related project schedules.Work closely with different team disciplines to develop, maintain, and manage the projects schedule; to include
product development, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, final deployment, regulatory (as needed), and
finance-related activities.
• Participate in regular project team meetings across multiple projects.
• Ensure that all projects are being scheduled and forecast using a consistent methodology.
• Support financial department to prepare spend curves and cash-flow forecasts during the projects’ lifecycle.
• Responsible for reporting schedule deliverables to the project lead and the project team.
• Assist or lead in the creation of comprehensive schedule submissions using the Project Success Method, resource,
and cost loading as necessary.
• Regularly review critical path, cost loading, schedule content, use of relationships and lag, constraints, and
• Identify activities impacting the schedule’s critical path and facilitate the identification of opportunities to accelerate
completion of the work, or measures to avoid potential delays.
• Review vendors, integrators, sub-consultants, and any other stakeholders schedule submittals and incorporate
appropriate information into the schedule(s).
• Report on project contingency, and schedule risks and opportunities.

Water Process R&D Engineer
Perform the work associated with the laboratory including but not limited to: conducting in-house
reactor experiments, performing routinely sample analysis, maintaining mobile and bench and pilot unit systems,
coordinating with suppliers and partners, maintaining inventory and purchasing of materials and consumables needed for
the proper operation of the laboratory. Assist the Director of P&D in the efficient operation of the laboratory and lab work
and assure compliance with company, regulatory, and permit requirements.
Oversees and implements product development policies, objectives, and initiatives. Leads research for optimization of
products and redesign. Evaluates the potential and practicality of products in development. The Director of R&D also
manages laboratory personnel in sampling and testing protocols and procedures as well as the efficient operation of the
laboratory and lab work including reactor experiments, physical, organic, and inorganic chemical analysis of raw and finished
waters to determine their content and assure compliance with company, regulatory, and permit requirements. The Director
of R&D is also responsible for the legal defensibility of work performed in the laboratory and the implementation of safe
practices and procedures and quality control techniques.
Collect, prepare, and analyze research data; keep a detailed and organized log record of experiments; maintain
computer database of research data; tabulate and display data for presentation in company materials, research
conferences, and for manuscript preparation; use graphics and statistical software to analyze and present data.
• Perform routinely tests and experiments following the quality control program from collection through analysis,
validate chain of custody, and sample handling procedures.
NSF I-PERF Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
Functioning somewhat independently, the Postdoctoral Researcher will design, organize and conduct
highly specialized and advanced experiments using established scientific protocols and procedures and, in some cases,
design new protocols; summarize findings and publish results in research journals; assume general responsibility for
scientific operations of the laboratory; provide supervision and guidance to junior technicians, student interns, and
researchers. The postdoctoral research fellowship is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovative
Postdoctoral Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship (I-PERF) for 12 months. Upon completion, the role may transition to a
permanent position.
Design and implement research protocols; design safety procedures; adapt new procedures, methods or
instrumentation relative to research procedures.
• Oversee experimental preparation, equipment maintenance, quality control, analysis of samples; determine
appropriate analytical methods for different parameters and experimental matrices.
• Collect, prepare, and analyze research data; keep a detailed notebook summarizing experiments and recording
research data; maintain computer database of research data; tabulate and display data for presentation in company
materials, research conferences, and for manuscript preparation; use graphics and statistical software to analyze
and present data.
• Supervise other personnel in the laboratory to coordinate research and development efforts for increased efficiency;
participate in training of current staff and student interns as needed.
• Search pertinent scientific literature as needed.
• Assist with ordering and procurement of supplies and equipment and with general maintenance of laboratory
• Follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA Laboratory Safety Guide.
Senior Product Engineer
The Senior Product Engineer will lead product development to treat various water and wastewater
streams using electrochemical technology to optimize the treatment capabilities of products and participating in new product
development projects from the planning through the design, scaling, specification, procurement, and construction phases.
This person diagnoses failure points and permanently fixes them to deliver no-drama, zero-defect product behavior. Other
responsibilities include the design of test control apparatus and equipment, evaluation of operational systems and
recommendation of design modifications to eliminate causes of malfunctions or changes in system requirements. Directs
and coordinates activities of the R&D group which include design, manufacture and test electronic, and failure analysis as
Work collaboratively with the R&D team to innovate, develop, test, and analyze various electrochemical
configurations from concept to manufacturing.
Communicate frequently and effectively with the Director of R&D on a weekly basis by providing updates and
progress during all phases of projects.
Confer with management, production, test, purchasing and sales to discuss existing or potential engineering
projects, production, and determine engineering feasibility, cost effectiveness and customer demand for new and
existing products.
Direct and modify QA/QC procedures and factory acceptance tests.
Optimize product design and operational parameters including (but not limited to) applied current/voltage, flow
rate, electrode materials and configuration, and others for efficacy, efficiency, and product-market fit.
Direct and coordinate manufacturing support, documentation, and testing activities to ensure compliance with
specifications, and customer requirements.
Deliver next-level performance from the reactor, the system in which it operates, and its control systems
Perform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing specifications.
Comms Specialists PT&FT positions
The communications specialist will assist the comms division with writing, developing outreach products, publications, and web content to showcase NEIWPCC programs and environmental efforts. These positions will coordinate the production of print & digital publications, take part in strategic social media planning and content develop, research and write news and feature stories, maintain and update assigned sections of the NEIWPCC website and assist with editorial support and branding guidance on projects within our organization.
Environmental Analyst-Tanks Program
We are seeking a full time Environmental Analyst to run our Underground Storage Tank (UST) effort in the division of wastewater and onsite programs. In this position you will lead NEIWPCC UST/LUST program, managing two multi-year cooperative agreements funded by U.S EPA focused on UST release prevention and LUST corrective action, including planning and implementation of the National Tanks Conference, LUSTLine, bulletin, UST, and LUST webinar series, and training & information exchange via the Tribal UST/LUST workgroup. You will also participate in meetings of the NEIWPCC Executive Committee & Commission, the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) & EPA region 1 Tanks Workgroup where appropriate; and coordinate on inter-media issues with the Association of Clean Water Administrators, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), and the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association (NEWMOA)
Environmental Analyst-QA and Hudson River
This position will work closely with the Hudson River Estuarine Research Reserve (HREP), the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve (HRNERR), and all matters related to NEIWPCC’s EPA-approved Quality Management Plan. HREP & HRNERR tasks include project and contract management and supervision of NEIWPCC staff located in New York State. As assistant quality assurance program manager, the incumbent will work with the current Quality Assurance Program Manager for all the QA matters, including QA training and coordinating QA related activities with EPA and other state/federal agencies on behalf of NEIWPCC. The intent of this position is to transition into NEIWPCC’s official point of contact for QA and take over the role of Quality Assurance Program Manager following a training period. Most duties will be performed in an office setting but some day and overnight travel may be required.
Environmental Analyst- Non Point Source
The ideal candidate will manage all activity related to non-point source pollution both at a regional and National level, including complete coordination of an engaged workgroup of state and federal staff as well as full planning and implementation of an annual regional conference and biennial national conference. This position will also oversee NEIWPCC staff working in satellite, state, or program partner offices within NEIWPCC jurisdiction. Most duties will be performed in an office setting but some day and overnight travel will be necessary especially for the successful implementation of conferences. Knowledge and understanding of non-point pollution programs is required.
Maine CDC
Join Maine CDC’s team of environmental toxicologists and epidemiologists and serve the people of Maine as a key player in Maine’s efforts to understand and respond to the emerging class of contaminants called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS are increasingly being found in soils, groundwater, surface water, crops, livestock, fish, and wildlife. Our team is involved in studies of the uptake of PFAS from soil into crops and crops into livestock. We are studying water related exposure pathways for home gardening and raising of farm animals, as well as the uptake and accumulation of PFAS from water into fish. We are also assisting with a study of human serum levels of PFAS and their relationship to water exposures. We are the primary state agency for the development of screening levels and action levels for PFAS in various environmental media, and are actively developing and validating novel agronomic exposure models to support the development of soil screening levels for farm land and to assist farmers with land management decisions. As a toxicologist in the Environmental and Occupational Health Program, you will be responsible for assisting with the design and conduct of such studies as well as the development of screening levels and action levels. You will respond to new data on PFAS contamination and respond to inquiries from the public. In this job, you will become an expert on the toxicology literature on PFAS and exposure and risk assessment models used to develop health-based screening levels, action levels, and standards. As with other Maine CDC staff, you will also be cross-trained in methods of COVID-19 case investigation and be available for temporary deployments as Agency surge capacity.
Chemical/Environmental Engineer - PFAS
This full-time position is expected to support environmental investigation, industrial wastewater treatment (including remediation), and permitting projects, and will be working alongside and supporting task managers, technical experts, and project managers on multiple projects including PFAS projects. As a Chemical/Environmental Engineer, you will be responsible for site-specific feasibility studies, technology assessments, conceptual wastewater treatment designs, and all of the documentation, calculations, evaluations, and data used in these estimates providing technical analysis and support to a variety of PFAS technology demonstrations currently underway for the US Federal Government and industrial clients.
Senior Project Engineer - PFAS
Arcadis is seeking a Senior Project Engineer with PFAS and emerging contaminant experience to join our team. This position can be located anywhere within North America. In this role, you will support our growing emerging contaminant project portfolio and industrial water treatment capabilities by utilizing your technical knowledge, communication abilities, and leadership skills to drive and develop water efficiency solutions for industrial clients in the region and nationally.
Project Manager - HYDROGEOLOGIST III - #19512(Job Id 25134)
NH Dept. of Environmental Services
The State of New Hampshire, Department of Environmental Services, Waste Management Division, Hazardous Waste Remediation
Bureau has a full time vacancy for a Hydrogeologist III - Project Manager. This position provides regulatory and technical oversight of Department of Defense (DoD) contaminated sites and munitions sites in accordance
with Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the New Hampshire Code of
Administrative Rules Chapter Env-Or 600 Contaminated Sites Management.
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