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Postdoc / Project Professor position
The University of Tokyo
We are looking for a postdoc or assistant professor to support a company sponsored project.

Potential Topics.
- Machine learning related topics to analyze people's behavior and control smart buildings using sensor data and location information

- Research on mobile and web service mechanisms that promote behavioral change to improve sustainability in daily life

- Demonstration of ideas on other innovative core technologies for sensing and wearable computers

Experience with full paper presentations at conferences such as IMWUT, UIST, CHI, Mobicom, Sigcomm, SenSys, Buildsys, etc. is preferred.

Candidates are expected to have expertise in at least one of the following areas
- Machine learning and data processing
- Electrical Circuits
- Sensing systems, mobile programming and web services

Ph.D. position on Privacy-aware domain adaptation in Affective and Wearable Computing in Lugano, Switzerland
Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)
The People-Centered Computing Lab in the Faculty of Informatics at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland, is looking for a candidate for a 4-year PhD-student position in machine learning (ML). The position is funded by an SNF Ambizione project. Dr. Martin Gjoreski and Prof. Marc Langheinrich will be the co-supervisors. The project includes collaborations with leading research groups from MIT (US), Cambridge (UK), Melbourne (AU), and UNIGE (CH).
Multiple Postdocs and PhDs at UNSW, Sydney
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Hiring for 2 postdocs:
1. Continual learning for multimodal data
2. LLMs for Simulating contextual behaviors

I’m also on the look out for prospective PhD students.

We have very attractive PhD stipend, postdoc salary package, and great research environment in one of the world’s top 20 universities.

To learn more, pls reach out. I’m around in UbiComp this week
Link: None
Several PhD / Post-doc / Internship positions on Fairness, Multimodality and Privacy of Federated Learning
You are looking for a PhD, Post-doc, or internship position.

You are interested in exciting research topics related to Bias & Fairness, Privacy, Multimodality and Federated Learning.

Please feel free to contact me so we could meet during the cobference, and further discuss the details of the open positions.
Multiple PhD Positions (Embedded Systems, HCI, VR/AR)
ETH Zurich
We have multiple positions available in our group at the CS dep. of ETH Zurich (for details, please check out the website provided). The positions may be suitable for post-docs too.
I am not responsible for hiring, but would be happy to informally chat about the opportunities and our research in general. Feel free to message me here or through the mail address if you are interested. For applications, please follow the instructions on our website.
Dean of the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering
University of Utah
The position description for the new Dean of the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering is available at the web site below, and applications are now being accepted.


Please direct any applications or candidate nominations to All applications must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae or résumé, as well as a letter of interest. Letters of interest should be responsive to the mission of the University of Utah as well as the responsibilities and qualifications presented in the prospectus. Preference will be given to applications received by November 10, 2023.
Postdoc in HABits Lab
Come join the HABits Lab in Chicago, IL at Northwestern. The lab presenting the paper SmokeMon at Ubicomp this year! We build exciting wearables and mobile health systems, and our lab is the first computing lab housed in the School of Medicine at Northwestern. We test our systems in real world studies. We work in several applications related to changing behavior and building healthy lifestyle habits! Technical areas: HCI, Wearables/systems, Machine Learning, Behavior Science, Theory.
Applications: Eating, smoking, physical activity, stress, UV exposure, weight loss.
Benefits: Experience mentoring grad/undergrad students, experience teaching Wireless and Mobile Health course, NIH and NSF grant writing, and much more, with option to work on a startup.
PI/CEO at SenseWhy, Inc.
SenseWhy, Inc.
Professors Nabil Alshurafa and Josiah Hester started a company called SenseWhy, Inc. They are funding it through SBIRs and internal funding. Looking for a visionary and someone who can lead this company to even greater success. Come join us in translating our technology into the real world!! Feel free to email a CV to
Staff Researcher – Sensing
Human Machine Interaction Lab, Huawei Canada
Our team has an immediate permanent opening for a Staff Researcher with sensing background.

Please refer to:

PhD position at UC Davis
UC Davis
Are you looking for a CS PhD at UC Davis?

We are looking for a new creative lab member to join the Interactive Organisms Lab as PhD student with Prof. Katia Vega. She is co-chair at the ISWC Design Exhibition where you could probably find her in this conference.

Katia Vega is an AssociateProfessor of the Department of Design at the University of California, Davis, where she founded and directs the Interactive Organisms Lab. By blurring the lines between human-computer interaction, the skin and wearable technologies, her lab leads interdisciplinary explorations of the next generation of organisms-device symbiosis. Novel interfaces in/around the skin, and within bio-organisms are created such as: Beauty Technology (electronics embedded into cosmetics), Body Modification Technologies (biosensors into tattoos or dental orthodontics for health monitoring) and Growable Interfaces (sustainable interfaces through bio-based materials as a substrate for circuitry). Info:

We would like to work with a student that is independent, not afraid to explore unconventional research areas, and work in multidisciplinar environments.

Our current research interests include wearable technologies, on-skin interfaces, biosensors and material design.


Master (preferable) or bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Human Computer Interaction or related fields.
Record of HCI publications (CHI, UIST, TEI, DIS, ISWC, Ubicomp).
Good communication skills.
Mandatory experience: wearable computing, digital fabrication, HCI research methods.
Desirable experience: electrochemical biosensors, chromogenic biosensors, material science, design.
Research Scientist, Consumer Health Research
As an organization, Google maintains a portfolio of research projects driven by fundamental research, new product innovation, product contribution and infrastructure goals, while providing individuals and teams the freedom to emphasize specific types of work. As a Research Scientist, you'll setup large-scale tests and deploy promising ideas quickly and broadly, managing deadlines and deliverables while applying the latest theories to develop new and improved products, processes, or technologies. From creating experiments and prototyping implementations to designing new architectures, our research scientists work on real-world problems that span the breadth of computer science, such as machine (and deep) learning, data mining, natural language processing, hardware and software performance analysis, improving compilers for mobile platforms, as well as core search and much more

As a Research Scientist, you'll also actively contribute to the wider research community by sharing and publishing your findings, with ideas inspired by internal projects as well as from collaborations with research programs at partner universities and technical institutes all over the world

Fitbit’s wide range of innovative products, including smartwatches, trackers, and a smart scale, help people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration, and guidance to reach their health and fitness goals. Coupled with our leading software and Fitbit Premium, our immersive platform experience delivers personalized experiences, insights, and guidance to support our users’ health and wellness. Fitbit’s mission has always been to help make everyone in the world healthier and now, as part of Google we’ll be able to make health even more accessible to everyone.
Post docs PhDs - topics on broadly on implications of tech/users/society
Alan Turing Institute / Uni of Cambridge
A range of opportunities open for people broadly interested in issues of tech and socket.
Link: None
Multiple Assistant Professor Positions at Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University
Hi all, we are hiring multiple people at Dalhousie University in Canada. There is a specific search for a persuasive computing professor. If you have more questions, you can ask Mayra Barrera, Rina Wehbe or Lizbeth Escobedo here at the conference.
PostDoc in AI in Health
FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg
Postdoctoral at university of Washington
University of Washington
Dr mashhadi is looking for a post doc to work on the area of privacy and fairness see here:
Graduate Oppertunities!
Dalhousie University
Graduate oppertunities for funded positions available at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
PhD and/or Postdoc at Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University
I am hiring students to work on the design of Ubicomp technology dor tracking developmental milestones (social, cognitive, motor) for children. interested in weareables, mobile, clothes,...We will combine de HCI aspect of the Ubicomp design.
Funding available.
Postdoc position in smart-city, robotics, artificial intelligence, in Nagoya, Japan
Nagoya University
We seek post-docs who want to work in Japan in the field of Ubiquitous Computing.

Please check the link!

Nagoya is Japan’s third most populous metropolitan area with close to 11 million people. A manufacturing powerhouse, the city of Nagoya accounts for 1 percent of global and 11 percent of domestic GDP. Nagoya’s economy is greater than Poland’s and nearly the size of Switzerland’s.
Tenure track in Digital Health
The Technical University of Denmark
We will soon announce a tenure track assistant professor position. Reach out to me if you want to hear more
Link: None
Research Scientist in Responsible AI
Meta AI
Link: None
Google Internships
Multiple internships available across Google. While you can apply directly to our postings through the link above, for Consumer Health specific internships in 2024 you are also welcome to email me your main area(s) of interest, preferred location(s) and your CV.
Tenure-Track Position(s) for Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Digital Health Applications in areas related to Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolic Health
University of Utah
Tenure-Track Position(s) for Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Digital Health Applications in areas related to Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolic Health

The University of Utah is recruiting multiple faculty members to expand its research strength in digital health applications specifically related to physical activity, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic health. Successful candidates will be embedded in a highly collaborative environment and thriving research area at the nexus of two interdisciplinary research initiatives, the Digital Health Initiative (DHI) and the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center (DMRC).

Areas of interest could include, but are not limited to, the following:
· Population health approaches with digital methods for outreach and education focusing on advancing health equity (e.g., text messages, chatbots).
· mHealth methods for data collection on nutrition, weight, and physical activity.
· Digital approaches to educate patients, deliver interventions, and collect data.
· Clinic-based interventions, such as offering EHR-based weight loss coaching, access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program, and point of care clinical decision support.
· Virtual reality-based tools;
· Social Robotics;
· Playful health, gamification, games for health;
· Data visualization methods used as tools to make data more understandable.
· Digital and AI approaches to improving community engagement with diverse, underserved, and underrepresented communities.
· Digital and automated approaches to support the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions.

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