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Chief Plant Science Officer
Company Description

Standard Botanic is a dedicated medicinal cannabis nursery business, growing and delivering rooted clones derived from our elite genetics to customers (medicinal cannabis licensed cultivators), assuring premium flower production at incomparable quality, volume and time to first sales.

Job Summary:

The Chief Plant Science Officer is responsible for driving innovation and development across all components of Standard Botanic’s botanical assets and supporting processes.

This role extends to research and development of high throughput tissue culture of our our elite genetics, pathogen testing and elimination processes, data capture and analysis, experimentation and molecular breeding.

The role incorproates process design and oversight incorporating Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions applicable across all processes, with a particular focus on developing accurate and economic testing.

There are some supervision and training requirements relating to key Plant personnel in the grow team, and Lab Technicians.

The Chief Science Officer should aim to be a leader in medicinal cannabis cultivation and propagation in support of the cultivation industry.
Grow - Propagation Technician - Cannabis Cultivation
Company Description

Standard Botanic is a dedicated medicinal cannabis nursery business, growing and delivering rooted clones derived from our elite genetics to customers (medicinal cannabis licensed cultivators), assuring premium flower production at incomparable quality, volume and time to first sales.

Job Summary

Become a cultivation leader in the medicinal cannabis Industry by joining the experienced, pioneering team at Standard Botanic.

Key Responsibilities

Shared responsibility for mother stock maintenance and development
Carry out continuous clonal propagation to meet production targets for rooted cuttings for fulfilment of customer orders
Contributing to and carrying out experiemental development programs to optimise grow protocols for different cultivars, in various environmental conditions
Developing and carrying out data measurement and capture processes
Facilitate training and oversee employee training compliance associated with propagation and mother stock production activities.
Oversee and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions associated with all growing operations.
Propagation/Mother Stock Technician - Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation
ECS Botanics
Our Medicinal Cannabis Operation in Northern Victoria (near Swan Hill) is expanding, and we are seeking for a Propagation/Mother Stock Technician to join our energetic cultivation team. Reporting to the Farm Manager, this role is responsible for leading cultivation activities associated with seed and clonal propagation, including management of mother stock. The Propagation/Mother Stock Technician role must participate in their job with professionalism and safety, consistently.
Key Responsibilities (Including but not limited to)

Maintain ownership of all mother and clone tasks, processes, and ensures proper documentation of all applicable activities in accordance with standards set by the Office of Drug Control.

Manage mother stock: mother crop replacement schedules, and cultivar inventory levels to meet commercial priorities.
Ensure Mother Plant health by pruning, toping, trimming, IPM, analysing plant health according to company policies.
Maintain a clean and sanitized working space within the Mothers polytunnels, Propagation Room, GACP Wash bay.
Liaise with the Farm Manager and Cultivation Supervisor to execute the facility’s production plan within the scope of propagation and mother stock.
Facilitate training and oversee employee training compliance associated with propagation and mother stock production activities.
Oversee and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions associated with propagation and mother stock production activities.
Coordinate inventory and maintain stock and consumables associated with propagation work.
Perform any other activity as directed by the site leadership.
Post-Harvest Manager
ECS Botanics
Duties and Responsibilities (Including but not limited to)
• Responsible for all post-harvest production activities from harvest, bucking, drying, curing, trimming, and packaging of dried flower
• Manage employees and the use of mechanical equipment to ensure a high-quality product able to meet the stringent regulatory requirements associated with making a natural medicine.
• Responsible for maintaining stringent hygiene requirements of the facility and the personnel working therein.
• Participate in the recruitment of employees and manage their productivity, training, safety and performance.
• Oversee production planning, including supply chain activities to ensure customer orders are met on time and in full, to GMP standards and compliance with all relevant polices and SOPs
• Ensure air quality and room quality standards are met at all times.
• Document and mange destruction and disposal of waste cannabis
• Work effectively with Farm Manager and Quality Manager to deliver operational goals.
• Identify opportunities for process improvements and manage the improvement initiatives
• Raise deviations in a timely manner and take a lead role with any investigations and data analysis to identify root causes. Provide and implement where appropriate solutions to corrective and preventative actions
• Manage and oversee operations for preventative maintenance & calibration of production equipment and the drying rooms
• Document quantities of cannabis as it moves through the production process
• Assist in internal and external audits to ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies
• Liaise closely with the sales team to ensure production targets are met.
Nurse Practitioner prescribers sought are recruiting NPs to join the WeCan family as prescribers.
Mentorship will be provided .
Link: None
GMP Oil Manufacturer Lead - Full time
Reporting to the Operations Manager, this role will oversee and execute the commercial production of medicinal cannabis medicines in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), including the manufacture of finished product oral oils and other dosage forms.

The daily duties are, but not limited to, as follow:
1) Documentation and processes:
-Following GMP manufacturing instructions provided by the R&D team for manufactured products;
-Ensuring compliance and accuracy when filling in Batch documentation;
-Liaising with the Inventory planner/delegate to fill out vault record documentation in compliance with ODC, TGA and GMP regulations;
-Being responsible for correctly labelling manufactured finished products.

2) Product manufacture:
-Receiving APIs and excipients into pre-manufacturing process stock.
-Following SOPs and Work Instructions for product manufacture, and ensuring team members assisting are compliant with processes.
-Collaborating with R&D and QA departments (as required) to ensure manufacturing compliance and operational consistency.
-Operation of bottling, labelling and other manufacturing equipment/machinery used in completion of batch manufacturing runs.
-Filling out analytical request forms and shipping the samples for testing to a third-party laboratory for quality assurance testing.
-Liaising and following direction from Quality Assurance staff to ensure regulatory compliance.

To be successful in this role you need to:
-Minimum Bachelor degree in Science or related speciality.
-Extensive knowledge on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and PICS/ICH Guidelines.
-Previous experience in Pharmaceutical or Complementary healthcare industry GMP product manufacture.
-High attention to detail, particularly accuracy in paperwork completion.
-Demonstrated strong interpersonal communication skills.
-Capability of working with minimal supervision.
-Demonstrates strong organisational and time management skills.
GMP Post-Harvest Specialists - Full time | AM & PM
This role is a great opportunity for a motivated individual that wants to grow within the Medical Cannabis industry. You’ll learn and explore more about the possibilities and health benefit that medical cannabis offers.

The duties are as below.
1) Harvesting:
-Assisting the cultivation teams with the harvesting process
-Removal and disposal of supportive trellis netting
-Harvesting of plants and ensuring pre-set parameters are maintained throughout harvest process
-Visually inspecting plants to ensure no sub-standard material on plants
-Transfer of harvested materials to post harvest area
-Recording/reporting of all waste created during the harvest process

2) Drying:
-Ensuring that there is adequate spacing between plants to enable necessary airflow
-Ensuring that humidity levels are consistent with expected levels within the drying area
-Logging of all data and activities undertaken during the drying process.

3) Trimming:
-De-budding the dried plants by use of a de-budding machine
-Taking the newly separated buds and transferring them into the trimming machine
-Ensuring both the trimming machine and de-budding machine are cleaned and well maintained between uses
-Manually removing any excess/undesirable material not removed by the trimming machine
-Proper storage of freshly trimmed buds to prevent excess drying
-Recording and disposal of excess plantmaterial removed during the trim process
-Weighing and recording of weights prior to commencing trim process and of final product.

4) Packing involves ensuring all end packaging process is followed and packed in a GMP compliant process. This involves primary and secondary packaging.

5) Cleaning all GMP areas and equipment to maintain clean room environments

To be successful in this role you need to:
-Have experience working in process/operational based role/environment.
-Have excellent documentation and record keeping skills
-Be a reliable, fit and proper person
-Be a friendly & energetic
Seeking Pain Specialist
Chronic Therapy
Chronic Therapy is a telemedicine platform that connects appropriate patients to Doctors to be screened for cannabinoid treatments.

Chronic Therapy is seeking a Pain Specialist to join our ever growing team. We have a lot of DVA gold card patients that need a referral from a pain specialist.

Why work with us?
• Choose your own hours;
• Work from the comfort of your home;
• Earn up to $400/per hour.

Our ideal candidate:
• Has full registration with AHPRA;
• Is interested in the potential benefits of
medicinal cannabis in the management
chronic pain;
• Has One year or more of relevant clinical
• Has excellent bedside manner.

Email your resume to for more details.
Medical Practitioner - Medicinal Cannabis (Telehealth Australia wide)
MediCann Clinics
MediCann Clinics exists to improve the quality of life of patients in need.

MediCann Clinics is a privately owned cannabis clinic that provides telehealth services to patients Australia wide. We strive to provide the most professional, reliable and affordable service to all patients. MediCann holds values such as compassion, honesty, reliability and integrity to the highest regard and are looking for a passionate healthcare professional to join the team and to continue upholding these values. 


This position will allow you to practice from the comfort of your own home, with a roster tailored to suit your availability. Whether you are available for 2 hours a week or 40 hours a week, we can facilitate you.

Qualifications & experience

Valid registration with AHPRA

Experience and understanding of scripted medications preferred.

Experience with prescribing medicinal cannabis is required.

Authorised Prescribers (AP) of medicinal cannabis highly preferred. (If you are not an AP but are already prescribing cannabis, we can assist you to become an AP).

Tasks, responsibilities and requirements

Consultations with patients Australia wide via Telehealth

Reviewing patient cases and providing clinical assessments of patient suitability for medicinal cannabis

Excellent communication skills 

Full Australian working rights


Practice from the comfort of your own home

Experience an emerging and exciting area of mainstream medicine

Work with a professional and friendly team

Flexible rosters - create your own schedule based on your availability

Nursing support assists with TGA applications, patient counselling and follow up appointments.

Extensive product and in-house software training

Supervision can be provided during the training phase

Ongoing support from the nurse and management team

Competitive rates

Starting ASAP
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