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Joint Pawsey/ICRAR post-doc for deep spectral line imaging
We have a 2+1 year position to work on the ASKAP Deep HI Survey: DINGO

We are looking for a candidate with good HPC knowledge, comfortable with interferometry and happy to work on the SKA regional centre/science interface.

Contact me to discuss the requirements.
Centre for Astrophysics Research Fellowships
University of Hertfordshire
We are seeking to appoint two promising early-career researchers to lead original investigations in any area of theoretical or observational astrophysics that will complement active areas of research in the Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR) at the University of Hertfordshire (UH). Details of CAR staff research interests/activities and facilities may be found on our website (see link provided). CAR also has strong links and overlapping interests with the Centre of Data Innovation Research (CoDIR; see link provided), a relatively new research centre that combines data science and machine learning expertise from astrophysics and computer science and addresses cross-disciplinary research questions.

(SKA-)VLBI work would be a great complement to strengthen what we are currently working on as a centre in this area - but, even better, this is an open call.
Postdoc in the Chinese SKA Regional Centre
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
The Chinese SKA Regional Centre (CSRC) group in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) is seeking two postdoctoral positions in observational and computational astrophysics closely focused on the science, observations and computational astrophysics of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), with a particular focus on the Cosmic Magnetism, Continuum Surveys, and Radio Transients (including pulsars).

The group is led by Prof. Tao An, and currently has more than 10 staff and postdocs. As the constructor of the world’s first SRC prototype (see details:, the group is responsible for the operation of the Chinese SRC prototype, as well as the pipeline implementation of scientific data analysis and SKA-related science research. The group has solid cooperation with many radio observatories and shares resources with SKA precursors (e.g., the MWA and ASKAP). Various scientific researches are ongoing under the support of data access and high efficient computing platform. The responsibilities of the postdoctoral position are to carry out SKA-related science and service support to the China SRC.

We welcome active young researchers of all nationalities for the postdoctoral positions. The salary is competitive and the start date is flexible in 2022. With the support from SHAO for accommodation, one can easily enjoy scientific research and life in the metropolis center of Shanghai. The position is initially for two years and can be extended to a maximum of five years.

For those who are interested, please prepare a curriculum vitae, a brief research summary on background and research plan, and three recommendation letters to be sent directly to Prof. Tao An at . For full consideration, the preferred deadline for submission of materials is March 31, 2022.

We are looking forward to having you join us in the near future!
Senior Researcher / Researcher in Data Intensive Radio Astronomy
We look for an independent radioastronomer experienced in exploiting large data sets from one of the SKA precursor/pathfinder telescopes to both conduct their own astrophysics research in data intensive radio astronomy and to help lead the establishment and growth of the Swedish SKA Regional (Data) Centre (SRC) node.
Senior Research Engineer – Digital Signal Processing
We look for a collaborative scientist/engineer to develop digital receiver technology for radio astronomy. This includes having the responsibility to coordinate the technical aspects of the delivery of digitizers to the SKA1-mid telescope in South Africa in collaboration with Swedish industrial partners - and also to help develop next generation digitizers for the SKA and other radio astronomy projects.
Senior Research Engineer - Digital Infrastructure Development – Swedish SRC node
We look for a proactive computer developer experienced in implementing new digital infrastructure for processing big scientific data sets on HPC computer systems. This person will hold a key role in establishing the new Swedish SKA Regional (Data) Centre (SRC) node.
Postdoc at IAPS-INAF (Rome)
The INAF institute is about to open new postdoc positions (2 years) on any field of astrophysics. Our AGN group at IAPS is willing to support interested applicants. Our activities are focussed on the accretion and ejection physics in accreting systems.
2 postdocs in MeerKAT/SKA/VLBI science
Wits Centre for Astrophysics (University of the Witwatersrand)
The newly approved and rapidly growing Wits Centre for Astrophysics is seeking two postdoctoral fellows in observational radio astronomy. Our members carry out leading research across the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as multi-messenger astronomy, gravitational wave and neutrino astrophysics, and dark matter detection. The Centre is an active user of several Southern African facilities, including MeerKAT, SALT, HESS, and the nearby HartRAO radio observatory, as part of the European and Australian VLBI networks. Members have extensive formal links with local and international collaborations, including the MeerKAT Large Survey Projects, SARAO Legacy Surveys, SKA Science Working Groups, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, HESS, CTA, KM3NeT, amongst others. The Centre has a wide range of observational, theoretical, and instrumental experience, with an active emphasis on the interconnect between. The astrophysics undergraduate major within the School of Physics offers a strong observational and theoretical foundation to students who proceed to postgraduate research. As part of the Wits 2022 Centenary, we will upgrade our on-campus Planetarium, the largest in sub-Saharan Africa, into a cutting-edge Digital Dome that enables unparalleled data visualisation capability and public outreach opportunities on a grand scale. More broadly, Gauteng and the northern cluster of universities are experiencing significant growth, expanding both the breadth and depth of the astronomical community in the region.

The two Postdoctoral Fellowships on offer will work within the SKA Chair in Radio Astronomy research group. We seek candidates with MeerKAT or SKA pathfinder expertise, however, other areas will also be considered, including applicants with strong gravitational lensing and cm/mm-VLBI backgrounds. Applicants with advanced statistical, Bayesian Inference, and/or machine learning experience, are also encouraged to apply.
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