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Computational epigenomics data scientist
Full-time government contractor position, competitive salary, hybrid work possible
IBS Biomedical Math Group Senior Researchers & Postdocs
Institute of Basic Sciences
Biomedical Mathematics Group (BIMAG) is a research group in the Pioneer Research Center for Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), which is located in Daejeon, South Korea. BIMAG is the place where researchers from various backgrounds including mathematics, physics, biology and medicine research together to develop mathematical theories and tools and apply them to solve various biological and medical problems. We have several openings for senior researchers and postdoc fellows. If you have interest in, please email me so that we can chat during the conference.

Sr. Research Associate, Bioinformatics
kite pharma
- Provide engeneering services and solutions as required by the bioinformatics team
- Build and maintain bioinformatic pipelines for the analysis of high-throuhgput multio-omics data
- Develop and maintain technical solutions to support the bioinformatic team
- serve as interface between IT infrastructure and analytical capabilities and automatic processing of multiomic data
Postdoctoral scholar position
UC Davis
The Albeck lab at University of California, Davis is a multidisciplinary group studying mammalian cell growth and metabolism, using live-cell imaging and computational modeling. The lab is recruiting a postdoctoral scholar to join us beginning in the Fall of 2023 or Winter 2024. This position will integrate with our ongoing projects studying EGFR/RAS/ERK-driven gene expression and AMPK/mTOR-regulated metabolic homeostasis, offering training opportunities in the development of biosensor cell lines and computational analysis. The position will also provide opportunities for new project development to support future directions as an independent investigator. Interested applicants should contact John Albeck,
Link: None
Multiple Positions Open
University of California, San Francisco
The McManus lab at the University of California, San Francisco is a vibrant multidisciplinary environment with the research resources and space to develop your scientific skillsets and create your own path towards independency. The diversity of our scientific program and publications is a self-evident reflection of the scientific freedom our trainees have, and the incredible opportunities for collaboration.

We have mentored positions of varying levels that provide freedom, funding, and resources in a highly supportive environment. The McManus Lab combines multiple fields of genetics, synthetic biology, and systems biology to explore connections to human development and disease, and uncover fundamental science. Computational, engineering, molecular biology backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

UCSF is a world class institution where postdoctoral training and faculty mentoring includes a wide spectrum of opportunities and support. Trainees in the McManus Lab receive a generous cost of living supplement and most trainees have additionally obtained their own independent funding while in the lab.
Post-doctoral fellowship
Hebrew university
Fusion of experimental techniques and quantitative modeling for a novel approach studying cells under drug treatment
Link: None
Program officer
Paul G Allen Frontiers Group
Check our site - openings for an associate program officer and a senior program officer - looking for frontier ideas in the life sciences
Postdoctoral position
Columbia university
Optical pooled crispr screens coupled with multi-omic single cell in situ profiling
Postdoctoral Scholar
Duke University Biology Department, Schmid Lab
NSF funded position to build predictive models of archaeal community metabolic interactions in extreme hypersaline ecosystems. Interested candidates feel free to email or apply at the link provided
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