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Postdoctoral Research Associate - Advanced Modeling & Sensing for Complex Systems
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will support the Sensors and Controls Group in the Energy Science and Technology Directorate (ESTD)at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) with expertise in modelling, sensor management, and process monitoring. The incumbent of this position will support research in water treatment process control, advanced manufacturing, and energy systems.

The chosen candidate is expected to perform research that expands the state-of-the-art for data- and model-based techniques for process supervision in a diverse range of manufacturing, energy production and distribution, and water treatment application areas. The chosen candidate is expected to publish the results of their research. Representative activities include: the development and implementation of algorithms and software tools for online identification of water treatment system models, smart manufacturing controls approaches for energy-intensive manufacturing applications, and collaboration with other ORNL researchers to develop technical research strategies to solve problems proposed by the Department of Energy (DOE) and industrial partners.
Professor in Chemical Reactor Engineering: Simulation, Optimization and Process Safety
KU Leuven
As the title indicates, we are looking for a new colleague who is expert in
Chemical Reactor Engineering in the broad sense but with a lot of simulation and optimization experience and has preferentially also a passion for Process Safety. Junior but also more senior candidates are welcome!
Water Resource Recovery Modeller
Nanjing Smart Technology Development Co. Ltd
We are developing a new team aiming to use simulation modelling to solve real problems in China. Improving the performance of WRRFs (formerly WWTPs) is one such area. With nearly 6000 municipal plants in China, there’s no shortage of opportunities. Of course plants could benefit from improvements in aeration, to reduce energy usage and costs, but reduction in GHG emissions (CH4 and N2O) will become increasingly important. We’re looking for people and also for connections. I’ll be pleased to discuss with individuals who may be looking for a new job, or with faculty in China or around the world, who may know students (past, present or future) who might be interested. You’re welcome to connect with lloydtownley on WeChat.
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Urban Water Systems Modeller
Nanjing Smart Technology Development Co. Ltd
We are developing a new team aiming to use simulation modelling to solve real problems in China. China has committed to implementing concepts of “sponge cities” in 80% of 600 cities by 2030. Pilot projects were started in about 30 cities in 2015-16, but many opportunities remain. Sponge cities are closely related to low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure (GI) in North America, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) in Australia and may other concepts. The link with water resource recovery (the focus of WRRmod2021) is through design and operation of sewerage and drainage systems in cities that may have multiple WRRFs. We’re looking for people and also for connections. I’ll be pleased to discuss with individuals who may be looking for a new job, or with faculty in China or around the world, who may know students (past, present or future) who might be interested. You’re welcome to connect with lloydtownley on WeChat.
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Postdoc or PhD: Automatic calibration of digital twins for leak detection in drinking water networks
Ghent University - Biomath
You will be working on a 1-year research project in collaboration with the Flemish drinking water utility De Watergroep. The project focuses on the development of a framework for automatic calibration and uncertainty analysis of digital twins for leak detection in drinking water networks. Specific tasks include:
- Conduct a literature review on state-of-the-art calibration methodologies
- Make an inventory among international drinking water utilities of the application and calibration of hydraulic models
- You will develop an open python package for automatic calibration of EPAnet drinking water network models. This framework will include:
o Sensitivity analysis to determine the most important sources of uncertainty in a calibration exercise (ex. pipe roughness factors)
o Definition of physical constraints on the calibration algorithm (ex. flow-pressure relation)
o Implementation of a parameter optimization algorithm (ex. genetic algorithms)
o Identifiability analysis on the estimated model parameters
- If needed based on the identifiability analysis you will look into model reduction strategies such as skeletonization
- You will develop a methodology for the propagation of important sources of uncertainty in a hydraulic model.
- You will apply and test your methodology to a case-study in the north-east of Belgium.

Assistant/Associate Professor in environmental engineering. University of Navarra
University of Navarra
A full-time academic position as a tenure track lecturer for a period of two years is offered. Following a favourable evaluation, this period will be followed by permanent appointment (tenure) as assistant/Associate/Full professor.

As a member of the academic staff, candidate will contribute to the University of Navarra’s three core tasks: research, educationation and services/management. Thus, his/her role will consist primarily on academic research (50%), lecturing (40%), and services and management (10%).

His/her research activities will be carried out in collaboration and as part of the Water and Waste group in Ceit. The group’s R&D activities are developed from an experimental, mathematical modelling and digitalization point of view. This activity is applied in the industrial sector (agri-food, paper, oil and gas, pharmaceutical-sanitary) and in the urban area (sewage and solid waste).

Candidates will have the opportunity to develop his/her own research in a closed relationship with other members of the group, other faculties or research institutions at the university related to the above mentioned areas.

Simulation Engineer
A great vision requires great people. At AM-TEAM we want to be the global trendsetter in advanced process modelling for innovative design and operation in the process industry. So, we are always looking for talented people that match our vision and values.

Job Description
• You will be applying AMOZONE (inhouse kinetic model for ozonation process) to a highly diverse set of advanced oxidation processes worldwide.
• By mastering flow-sheet models, kinetic modelling, and eventually other process simulation tools, you will help costumers unravel what is happening inside reactors and will be able to improve processes significantly.
• You will analyses large datasets to dig out information, reconstruct missing data, and
• After a while, you will be able to execute the spectacular modelling work, for which AM-TEAM is known. The complexity of the modelling projects will grow along with and will be adjusted to your modelling experience.
• You will also be developing a broad knowledge on existing and novel industry processes.

Main responsibilities
• Setting up the planning of modelling projects in collaboration with the project manager
• Setting up AMOZONE kinetic simulations
• Running AMOZONE simulations and postprocessing of simulation results
• Internal/external communication of projects with different clients (progress) and other interested parties (results obtained),e.g. the water sector internationally, the scientific community ...
• Presenting project outcomes at meetings and events
• Guidance of internship and master thesis students

What are we looking for
• Deeply share AM-TEAM’s core values
o Fun: working with us makes you smile
o Ambition: Why should the sky be the limit?
o Team spirit: A team is so much more than a bunch of individuals
o Quality: We tailor to enhance value, but fit for purpose
o No boundaries: geographical, cultural, technical; integrity is key
o Learning/improve: we want to infinitely learn and improve, both as team and individual
Solution Engineer
AM-TEAM offers leading edge computer simulation services for breakthrough process optimisation and innovation to the water, pharma and process industry. We help end users, equipment providers and engineering firms getting the process performance and insights they desire based on unprecedented virtual testing with unique computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and kinetic models.
Our clients include the industry leaders, innovative SMEs and major corporations worldwide. Simply explained: “we turn our clients’ treatment and production processes into very realistic computer simulations that allow us to play with the process settings on the computer”. Hence, we a) save our clients time, b) decrease their costs, c) significantly improve their processes, d) provide them with advanced insights and confidence and e) cause paradigm shifts in how they innovate.
Next to our commercial projects, we also have strong internal R&D activities to serve and develop the market of the future.
AM-TEAM wants to be a trendsetter at the global scale in the industry and is a fast-growing company (consistent growth >100% per year for the last 3 years).
Software Developer
EnviroSim Associates Ltd.
We're looking to add a developer to our team. Modeling background useful, but more specifically looking for software developer skills - C sharp, C++, Delphi, Python, web-based applications, Azure, etc.
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