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How Terry Has Been Promoted 4 Times in 1.5 Years 

Whova Sales

How Terry Has Been Promoted 4 Times in 1.5 Years 

What made you interested in joining Whova?

I was randomly browsing my LinkedIn and came across Whova and thought the product was really impressive. Not only did the product pique my interest, but the story of how Whova was founded also inspired me as well. I thought it was very cool that this was a company led by a successful entrepreneur, who was also working as a University professor. This made me believe that Whova could have a lot of potential. 

You have promoted 4 times in 1.5 years since you joined Whova’s sales team, which is very impressive. What else have you achieved while working at Whova?

Thank you!  And along with the promotions, I also received equity of the company twice, which was very exciting! I truly feel that I’m a part of this fast-growing company and I’m excited to contribute to the team. I was also given the opportunity to mentor and manage the newer hires on the team, which I really enjoy.

There is high growth potential at Whova that you can continue to climb. The goals and expectations are clear, and the path to your success is well set, which will help you continuously reach the next level as long as you push hard and are eager to learn.

Whova also has great additional perks which help keep me motivated, like full healthcare, funds towards my HSA, and free access to a gym.

What made you become so successful?

Luckily, Whova is growing fast and is really loved by customers, which makes my job easier. It makes me proud of what I’m doing here, and my confidence indirectly helps increase customers’ trust in our company. This also helps close more sales deals, of course. 

My success was also boosted by the great mentors and leaders here. There’s a close bond with the whole team, no matter which department we’re from. Everyone really encourages one another, and we’re all constantly sharing new tips to ensure everybody succeeds. We also take the time to recognize and appreciate the achievements of our teammates, which keeps building that close bond.

On top of that, I feel self-discipline plays a huge role in my success. With such a fast-paced environment, as expected for a start-up, the ability to adapt to constant changes is important. Being coachable and open-minded to new ideas really allowed me to improve my processes.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with people who are interested in joining Whova sales?

If you want to be successful at Whova, you need to have strong work ethics to win and passion to constantly learn new things. My advice is to take advantage of all the resources available to you, including great mentors, a supportive team, and an encouraging work environment.

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