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 Driving Directions to Bonny Doon

Our address is 126 Martin Road, Bonny Doon, in Santa Cruz County.

There are basically three ways to get there from the Bay Area.

1. The most scenic route is going down Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay, past Davenport, left on Bonny Doon Road for 3 miles, and then turn right on Martin Road (first driveway on the right). This route works best for those coming from SFO or San Francisco.

2. The main route — Go South on Highway 17 until you get to Santa Cruz, then right on Highway 1 for 10 miles, then right on Bonny Doon Rd for 3 miles, then right on Martin Road (first driveway on the right). This works best for those coming from SV or San Jose Airport. Highway can be very slow at rush hour or if there is an accident.

3. The Back Mountain Route — Your GPS may tell you to get off Highway 17 at Mt Herman Road, go thru Felton and get to Bonny Doon thru the redwood forest and mountains. This route also works but is pretty curvy and hard to drive, especially at night.

Our telephone # in Bonny Doon is 831-427-9855. Note there is very little cell coverage in the mountains. Pls don’t hesitate to let me know if you need further information.

Howard Chao


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