We are living in a very challenging time of the pandemic, more social isolation, anxiety, and social distress. Vulnerable individuals are becoming even more vulnerable through the consequences of the pandemic and its social impact. Potential physical harm, infection, and severe health consequences are supplemented with psychological distress and the challenge to get appropriate healthcare and support. In Canada, the number of overdose cases is at a historic level, alcohol-related mortality is rising, and the capacity for care is getting smaller.

Web-based resources, E-Mental Health, and virtual care, in general, is getting more attention given the physical distancing rules and closure of in-person services. What are the experiences with this way of providing support? How effective are all these apps promising to organize triage and inform patients about risks? We want to present as much experience as possible to make this crisis also a learning opportunity! We will reflect on the experiences in different countries, current Canadian solutions, and discuss the future of mental healthcare from different perspectives. We are convinced this will be part of the future of healthcare and promise a very interesting and informative online meeting!

This event is hosted in partnership by the University of British Columbia Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Research Group, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), the University Health Network, InnerChange Foundation, and the Canadian Association of Social Psychiatry.

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