Welcome to the 32nd Annual Keys for the Homeless Conference! This is the only conference dedicated to addressing the needs of the homeless and at risk populations in our region. Workshop topics cover best practices in direct services, combating institutional racism and bias, policy and planning, housing development/funding, and legislative action. This year's theme, "Adapting to Changing Times: Where Do We Go From Here?", hopes to encompass, as well as possible, the changes we've had to make in response to a global pandemic, our need to battle systemic - and individual - discrimination and racism, and growing risk of increases in homelessness amid an unstable job market. 

We will be offering 15 workshops this year:

 - The Effectiveness of Case Conferencing
 - The Impacts of Homelessness on Long Island Through a Pandemic: What Did We See, What Did We Learn and How We Plan To Go Forward
 - Using the Community Land Trust Model to Create Affordable Housing
 - Affordable Houisng Plus Services for Older Adults: Healthcare Savings and Construction Best Practices
 - Community Resources In Plain Sight
 - The Fawn Response and Working with Survivors of Human Trafficking
 - Next Step, Recovery! Using SOAR to Maximize Income and Employment
 - The Chain Reaction: The Effects Trauma, Cultural Inequality and Culture Bias Have On Homelessness (2-part workshop)
 - Adapting to Virtual Times: "Safe Place" for Women Veterans to Access Medical and Mental Health Needs
 - Wealth and Income Inequality
 - Intersection of Homelessness and Criminal Justice
 - Why We All Judge a Book By Its Cover: Defining and Deconstructing Implicit Bias
 - Disaster Preparedness
- Education During COVID-19 and Racism-20: How We Got Here and Where We Go From Here

Attendees can select workshops by "track", including:

Cultural Inequity and Culture Bias
Trauma-Informed Care
Disaster Planning and Preparation
Continuum of Care
Housing Development/Program Funding
Best Practives in Homeless Services
Community Reources, Benefits Assistance
Serving Special Populations