Welcome to the Public Speakers Association Conference  - Adapt Your Impact 2020

--Download the event app--
You can participate in Adapt Your Impact on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device! Download the event app and you'll get some additional features that aren't yet available on the desktop browser version. Those features include more granular control of notifications, gamification, and all this content and networking on-the-go. 

--Add sessions to your personal calendar--
You can add sessions (and reminders!) to your personal calendar. It's easy! When you view a session on the agenda, click or tap on the "Add to my agenda" button. You'll then have the option to add it to your calendar.

--Interact with attendees in Community--
Network and get to know some of the 300+ attendees. We are excited to have so many people and perspectives! Go to the Community section, browse the topics and respond, and even create your own topics. 

--Connect with speakers--
Don't miss your chance to connect with your favorite speakers. Go to the Exhibitors section to connect with and learn more about them.

--Be aware of your Zoom audio/video settings--

Friendly reminder: attendees can control your own audio and video, so keep an eye on your settings and be aware of when you’re sharing. Not saying you can’t share, we just want you to be aware. :) 

--Provide feedback--

Feedback helps us (both the organizers and speakers) improve. Please take a few moments to rate each session. Go to the session in the agenda and select the Rate button. Or, go to the Surveys section and access them from there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!