California State PTA 122nd Annual Convention

Please join us for California State PTA’s 122nd Annual Convention, which is all virtual.

Although we will not be meeting in person this year, thousands of PTA leaders, members and decision-makers from across the state will converge online for an exciting and dynamic period of learning and networking.

Convention is a wonderful place to ask questions, learn new things, meet new people and get energized for the coming term. This is where we learn how to make a positive impact in our local schools, councils and districts. At convention, we hear the stories of how PTA has impacted people’s lives, and we see the excitement in new leaders’ eyes after they have attended an amazing workshop. We know that when PTA leaders attend convention, they feel connected to the larger association and see how they are part of a bigger picture. PTA believes in our ability to lead and create change.

We believe this convention will be full of excitement. We have three General Meetings planned, more than 60 workshops, and activities including our Reflections Art Gallery, the virtual Exhibit Hall and networking opportunities.

Convention-related activities begin on Monday, May 3, 2021. Hearings for Bylaws, Legislation Policies and Resolutions will take place from May 3-7; workshops, the Reflections Art Gallery, and networking opportunities will occur from May 3-16; the official Business of the Association will take place between May 13-16; and the Exhibit Hall and Passport Challenge will be available from May 13-16.