Join us and break through chaos with purpose.

The theme of the 2020 Evolution Leadership Conference is Accountability in a World of Chaos. Market and social changes have created a climate of disruption—business cultures and leadership models need reimagining. Taking responsibility means stepping up and seeing yourself as an agent of change. At Evolution 2020, leaders explore what’s needed to develop a sense of ownership and build a culture of accountability.

The conference keynote will be delivered by Dr. John Izzo. His message dives into purpose and accountability in a chaotic world. You will learn about stepping up to create a culture of responsbility and deepen commitment by connecting with the highest purpose of your work. Dr. Izzo has written eigh international bestellers, including Awakening Corporate Soul and The Purpose Revolution. He has advised over 500 organizations, including Dupont, IBM, Lockheed Martin and McDonald's. His work is frequently featured in Fast CompanyWSJCNN, and Inc Magazine.

The morning workshop will be taught by Corinne Hancock. During her interactive presentation, you will learn about working in chaotic environments and how to lead when everything changes out of your control. Corinne is the former Director of Clinics and Training Programs for Project C.U.R.E., a global leader in bringing medical aid to low-income countries (certainly a chaotic industry!). She is also a contractor with the Department of State and Department of Defense, helping develop the next generation of African Leaders and improve health care systems.

The 2020 Evolution Leadership Conference will also again welcome a new class of the 10 New Leaders Project.

There are three ticket options to participate in this year's events:

  1. Team Admission (5 Attendees) - Get back to being strategic as a team. Include up to five team members to watch all six of the Leadership Labs together with your team.
  2. Individual Admission (1 Attendee) - If you are thriving and ready to grow as an individual, this ticket is for you. Enjoy all six Leadership Labs.
  3. SPECIAL REDUCED Individual Admission (1 Attendee) - If you are an individual navigating COVID, uncertain about what the future brings, this ticket type is for you. Enjoy admission to all six Leadership Labs.

We don’t want price to stop you from attending Evolution. If you have been impacted by COVID or other factors in 2020 and need a reduced fee, we encourage you to still sign up, and take advantage of the "SPECIAL REDUCED Individual Admission" ticket type (at the reduced fee), and learn more about thriving in chaos.  If you have a more complicated situation, contact us at to talk.

For more information, such as bundled pricing for the conference or sponsorship opportunities, please contact the event producer at