Welcome to FJMC’s A Taste of Convention, Virtually

Our goal is to replicate as many of your favorite events from past conventions such as Ma’asim Tovim, Torch Awards, Ruach, and, of course, everyone’s favorite, Our World Famous Cantors Concert! 

So far, we have seen a special honour awarded to Norm Kurtz, being presented with the President's Award, special programs such as Abayudaya Jews of Uganda, mental health awareness, BRCA Gene in the Jewish world, multiple Affinity Group sessions, keynote speakers, Rabbi Sharon Brous and Israel's famous basketball player, Tal Brody, and more - all which you can re-watch from your agenda menu. 

As part of the ruach, we still have our IKC night (June 10 from 9 pm ET to .....), followed by Cards  Against Humanity, and smoozing. 

A Keynote speaker yet to come is Micah Goodmanone of Israel’s most renowned authors and speakers live from Israel on Sunday, June 13 at 11 am ET.  Micah’s topic will be “Catch 67 - The Ideas Behind the Arguments That Tear Israel Apart”.

This Whova app will help you  easily navigate  through our Convention. Some of the features include: 

Whova is a terrific way to keep us “Always Connected” during the FJMC Virtual Convention on June 6-13.

Danny Mandeau and Rick Wronzberg

Convention Chairs