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We are delighted to be launching a new Cotton Sustainability Digital Series for 2021. Sessions and speakers originally curated for the in-person 2021 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference will now be coming to you live online, at more accessible rates and times across the entire year.

Join BCI and partners through 2021 for the monthly Cotton Sustainability Digital Series, where the entire sector will come together to shape a more sustainable future for cotton.

Connect with industry leaders and experts to explore the entire cotton value chain. Episodes will focus on topics including climate action, innovation today and social sustainability.

Register to join us online, where together, we will discover solutions for more sustainable cotton sector. 

Watch highlights from the 2019 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference to find what inspired our adaptation to a digital series through 2021.

Episode Details

A 2030 Futurescape | January Episode

January 19, 2021
15:00-16:00 GMT

Lucy Shea  Group CEO, Futerra

Lucy Shea
Group CEO, Futerra
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Giorgia Roversi
Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
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What will 2030 look like and how do we respond as brands, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens?


Lucy Shea, Group CEO, Futerra, presented an exploration of the sustainability trends that are shaping the world around us and the fashion and textiles sector. In particular, she looked at how companies who embed sustainability have proven to be more resilient in 2020 and are building back better, becoming the businesses that our future needs. The next ten years will see the disruption of almost every industry, driven by our fast-changing world and the shifting desires of consumers, especially Gen Z. 

Following her keynote address, Lucy Shea was joined by Giorgia Roversi, Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, YOOX-NET-A-PORTER GROUP, in discussion.

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Future Episode Details

Money, Magic, Measurement & Sustainable Agriculture | February Episode Keynote
Getting Aligned on Impact | February Episode Panel

February 11, 2021
10:00-11:30 GMT 

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Allan Williams, Keynote Speaker and Panel Moderator
General Manager, R&D Investment, Cotton Research & Development Corporation
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Charlene Collison, Panellist
Associate Director of Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods, Forum for the Future
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Melissa Ho, Panellist
Senior Vice President, Freshwater & Food, WWF US
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Money, Magic, Measurement & Sustainable Agriculture


Sustainability indicators are the foundation for articulating impact, but how do we define sustainability at the farm? Having grown up on a cotton farm, Allan will explore in this keynote how the cotton industry is interpreting data against tangible change today and the implications for farmers: How do we define and measure soil health? What do popular terms like ‘regenerative agriculture’ mean in practical terms? What data can and should be shared? Through the lens of ICAC’s Social, Economic and Environmental Performance (SEEP) on cotton, you can expect some fresh perspective.


Getting Aligned on Impact

Everyone wants positive impact, but what does that mean? This panel discussion will tackle the challenge of alignment among the sustainable cotton industry on common sustainability goals and indicators.

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