Looking to supercharge your cannabis cultivation?

ACT is a full-day educational summit for growers, owners and investors, focusing on using proven commercial-scale technologies to maximize quality and yield while improving operational efficiency and lowering costs. ACT features leading horticultural industry experts, consultants and cultivators, who will demonstrate best practices and share their experiences implementing advanced cannabis cultivation technologies. Take advantage of presentations sharing years of commercial experience, a lively roundtable discussion featuring the day’s hot topics, and the unique opportunity to speak directly to the experts at a post-summit reception.

Are you ready take your grow to the next level?


Due to the highly-focused expertise shared, space is limited to only currently active growers, owners and investors.

Limited seats available. Full day access, including drinks, lunch and networking reception only $299.

Special Keynote Speaker: Laust Dam, Vice President Horticultural Development, Aurora/ALPS


*Please note: The ACT Summit has been created with the needs of growers and owners in mind. Due to limited space, tickets may be selectively refunded prior to the event to those who do not fit this criteria.