Hack For Global Good 2020 is HERE! See you all Saturday Night for the LIVE kickoff session at 7:00 pm.
Join us this November 2020 as Hack For Global Good, RI's statewide social impact high school hackathon, returns for its third consecutive year. 
How does FOOD affect PeopleProduction, and Policy? 
High school teams will explore FOOD-related challenges within (but not limited to) 3 key areas:
  • PEOPLE: vendors, food pantries, growers, and food insecure populations with the overall goal - zero-hunger!
  • PRODUCTION: vertical farming, hydroponic techniques, robotics, GMO, seed saving/genetic ownership, food-innovation, etc. with the overall goal - zero-waste!
  • POLICY: sustainable food systems, access, transportation, health, affordability, and safety with the overall goal - food equity!
Here is your link to background resources about FOOD: People | Production | Policy that will help get your team started! 

After you register, Download the free Whova app!  This event is ONLY accessed using our FREE event app, Whova. Zoom links will be embedded within the agenda for each session. 

Welcome and happy hacking!