Could atlas carry the weight of the world if he stood on a broken foundation?

Do you feel like a burden as a man? Do you feel like you aren’t pulling your weight? Do you wonder if you’re strong enough?

Maybe you are strong enough, you just need to reconsider where you stand.

The International Conference on Men’s Issues 2019 in Chicago August 16th, 17th and 18th brings together numerous experts on men’s issues and civil rights to answer questions about modern masculinity and cultural change.

This year’s conference is hosted by Honey Badger Brigade(HBR) and features a convention within a convention, bonus Badger-Con(tent) focusing on free speech as a civil right for everyone, an issue essential to advocating for the often contentious issue of respecting the human dignity of men and boys. Our presenters include UK MP Philip Davies, former MEP Candidates and free speech advocates Carl Benjamin(Sargon of Akkad) and Markus Meechan(Count Dankula), Psychologist Tom Golden who specializes in men's mental health, Youtube personality Karen Straughan and Professor Janice Fiamengo, plus many many more. 

We aim to give men the best foundation to stand upon as they answer the question “what does it take to be a man?”

VIP Tickets include access to all catered events with the speakers, VIP swag box and preferred seating. 

Conference Tickets include access to all non-catered conference events and presentations.

One day tickets provide access to all non-catered conference events and presentations on the day selected. 

Exhibit tickets provide access to our exhibit hall and our video room(with a feed from our keynote room playing.) They are an excellent sneak-peek option and will be available closer to the event. 

We still have space in our room block in our official hotel less than a five minute walk from our venue! Once you purchase a ticket and enter the app you will have access to information to reserve your room.

Any questions? Send a email to:

**For the safety and privacy of our delegates unfortunately we cannot issue refunds except in emergency situations(documented proof will be required.)