IEEE COOL Chips is an International Symposium initiated in 1998 to present advancement of low-power and high-speed chips and systems. The symposium covers leading-edge technologies in all areas of microprocessors and their applications. The IEEE COOL Chips 24 is to be held as a virtual conference on April 14-16, 2021.


Handouts and documents

COOL Chips 24 Proceedings and postar session’s material
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  password: icooLTw4@zm


・Meeting Rooms
   COOL Chips 24’s main conference room on Zoom is here.
   Room (Remo) for Online Social Hour (2021/4/15, 16:30-18:30) 

・Posters (A0 style) are exhibited at virtual poster presentation room [here].

・Chat Rooms
   -There are many chat rooms for sessions in the community board. 
   -All poster session have chat rooms. Links for desktop app. are as follows.
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 Room for Poster 1 Parallel Implementation of CNN on PYNQ Cluster
 Room for Poster 2 Just-In-Time Machine Code Translator for Deep Learning Processing on Supercomputer Fugaku
 Room for Poster 3 A Toolkit for Power Behavior Analysis of HLS-Designed FPGA Circuits
 Room for Poster 4 Multi-FPGA board design using CyberWorkBench, a high-level synthesis tool
 Room for Poster 5 Design and Evaluation of High-performance SHA-3 System on Chip for Society 5.0
 Room for Poster 6 Low-power convolutional neural network accelerator for edge computing
 Room for Poster 7 Test of less configuration memory FPGA
 Room for Poster 8 Evaluation of Narrow Bit-Width Variation for Training Neural Networks
 Room for Poster 9 A Case Study of DNN Pre-Process with System-Level Design on FPGA
 Room for Poster 10 Evaluation of Neural Network Based Scan Matching for SLAM SoC Implementations
 Room for Poster 11 Software management system of the PYNQ cluster
 Room for Poster 12 A Conflict-Aware Capacity Control Mechanism for Deep Cache Hierarchy
 Room for Poster 13 Optimal placement of coherence directories using memory networks
 Room for Poster 14 An Online Trace-Driven Cache Simulator for ARM-Based Supercomputers

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