Welcome to Justice Day!

Justice Day is the annual advocacy day of the Justice Reform Partnership, a coalition of over fifty organizations working in the state of Georgia and elsewhere around the issues of criminal legal reform and justice. This year's Justice Day will take place on February 25th from 10am-1:30pm.

The theme of Justice Day 2021 is "Where Do We Go From Here: Community over Chaos," inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s similarly titled 1967 book. After 2020––a year of chaos–– Justice Day 2021 asks how we can build community moving forward.

This year, we'll cover last year's legislative accomplishments and setbacks, review the impact and outcomes of the 2020 uprisings and the coronavirus pandemic, propose a vision for where Georgia can go in the coming year, and offer opportunities to get involved, to advocate directly to legislators, and to support those who are most impacted by the criminal legal system.