The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) will host the Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) 19 April 9-11, 2019 aboard the Monterey campus. This activity is an essential element in the success of the NPS Naval Research Program, as envisioned by the Secretary of the Navy. It serves as a forum for Navy and Marine organizations to communicate, review, validate, and recommend topics for NPS research in FY20.

All NRWG 19 event participants are requested to register. Topic Sponsors are requested to register for NRWG 19 no later than 18 March 2019. All NPS faculty and students are highly encouraged to register.

This year we will be using the Whova event management tool, to manage registration, session participation, participant feedback and most importantly to increase collaboration opportunities.

IMPORTANT - Participant registration for NRWG 19 is available via the web and via the Whova event app, but in order to sign-up for individual event sessions and to most effectively collaborate with other attendees, you must download the Whova event app to the mobile device of your choice. Please use your official work email address. Please register for NRWG 19 and download the Whova event app ASAP.
If you prefer not to use the mobile app or you have any difficulty in accessing and/or using the app please contact us at

You may return to the App later to select the sessions you would like to attend but we highly suggest signing-up for sessions as soon as possible, as some sessions have very limited seating. How to use the Whova Event App