Opens September 01

Join us for the 18th annual National Workforce Registry Alliance Conference.

This year's theme is Building High Impact Registries: Cultivating Equity through Relationships, Data, and Technology.

"Data can be used as an equity tool. Bringing data to conversations about equity, policy, and practice is important because people often have perceptions that do not match what is actually happening in a (school) community.”-David Stevens and Theresa Deussen of Education Northwest

"How we collect data determines whose voice is heard. Collecting data is about more than just numbers. Our surveys and evaluations can either unintentionally perpetuate bias and harmful stereotypes, or promote inclusion and equity. Rethinking data collection through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens is a critical undertaking for values-driven organizations, but few resources exist to guide this process. We are publishing "More Than Numbers" as a first step toward filling this gap in the field."  

Reflecting on these resources, learning from The National Skills Coalition's "Roadmap for Racial Equity: An imperative for workforce development advocates," and considering the 2018 CLASP brief: Advancing Racial Equity through Career Pathways, let us lean into our possibilities as we look through the lens Early Childhood workforce registries provide, allowing us to tell the story of the workforce, building robust professional development systems, and examining career pathways that remove obstacles to success.

Conference Flow:
  1. September 1-5 Sessions available in the Auditorium, virutal event open
  2. September 8-11  a new Plenary and Keynote each day (11:30, 1:00 eastern daily)
  3. September 9-11 Open Space Cafe, breakout discussions (2:30-5:30 eastern daily)
  4. September 1-30 access all sessions, plenaries, keynotes in the On-Demand Library

More About Our Virtual Conference:

About our Keynotes:

Dr. John B. King, Jr is the president and CEO of The Education Trust, a national nonprofit organization that seeks to identify and close educational opportunity and achievement gaps. King served as U.S. Secretary of Education in the Obama administration. Prior to that role, King carried out the duties of Deputy Secretary, overseeing policies and programs related to P-12 education, English learners, special education, innovation, and agency operations. King joined the department following his post as New York State Education Commissioner. King began his career as a high school social studies teacher and middle school principal.You can read more about his recent work here: https://edtrust.org/team/john-b-king-jr/ 

Dr. Walter Gilliam joins us from Yale University's Child Study Center, where he is the Director of The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy. He is President of the Board for Child Care Aware of America; a member of the board of directors for ZERO TO THREE, the Irving Harris Foundation, All Our Kin, and First Children's Finance; a research fellow of the National Institute for Early Education Research; and former Senior Advisor to the NAEYC. In the spring of 2020, Dr. Gilliam worked closely with the Alliance and workforce registries on the following national study "COVID-19 Infection Rates & Mitigation in US Child Care Programs: A Natural Experiment of Critical Implications for Reopening Child Care & Schools." Dr. Gilliam will share the study results and discuss the critical role registries will play in future research. You can learn more about the study here: https://socialemotionalchild.org/covid-childcare-study?fbclid=IwAR2KHe7QvOz4IgNOmdiRegkznSqJw1wPfXHsHCFFziF7qZ_Md_Pzup2w7Zs 

Enrique Feldman
joins us as Keynote exploring "Connections Reimagined" The Art of Connection: how our individual choices can recreate loving communities. Enrique is an artist, educator, and public speaker. Some of his accomplishments include: Founder and Director of Education for the Global Learning Foundation, Co-Author of the children’s book series Sam the Ant®, Creator of iBG® Intellectual Brainwave Games, Author of “Living Like a Child," Co-writer of Arizona First Things First Early Childhood Standards, an Original Council Member for First Things First Early Childhood Initiative. Enrique is an Advisory Board Member for CCLAC (Intergenerational Learning), and a past board member for SAZAEYC, (Southern AZ Assoc. for the Education of Young Children), he is a 2-Time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist, executive board member for Fight Cancer .

You can learn more about Enrique here: https://enriquecfeldman.com/  
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/enrique-hank-feldman-a95a9b9/

About our Engagement Opportunities:  

What you will experience:
Sept 01-07: 
  • 25+ Registry relevant sessions are available in semi-live format and on-demand from our library.

Sept 08: (LIVE DAY)
  • Keynote Dr. John B. King will speak to equity and education (EdTrust CEO and Former Secretary of Education)
  • Town Hall Meeting with Alliance Leadership
  • Evening Kick Back & Connect
Sept 09 (LIVE DAY)  Plenary,  "Asking the Right Questions: Improving Data Quality by using an Equity Lens" with Becky Milliard (VT Northern Lights)
  • Keynote Enrique Feldman will present on "Connections Reimagined: The Art of Connecting and how our individual choices can recreate loving communities"
  • Open Space Cafe, moderators provided, for maximum engagement opportunity
Sept 10 (LIVE DAY)
  • Plenary, "2020 State of Registries Survey Findings" with Jill Soto (OK) & Denise Mauzy (MO)
  • Keynote  Dr. Walter Gilliam (Yale) presenting on the COVID-19 Infection Rates & Mitigation in US Child Care Programs with special emphasis on the contribution of ECE Workforce Registries to research now and in the future
  • Open Space Cafe, moderators provided, for maximum engagement opportunity  
Sept 11 (LIVE DAY)
  • Plenary, "Path to an Impactful Registry: The Journey is as Important as the Destination"  with a panel from Johns Hopkins University
  • Keynote Placeholder
  • Open Space Cafe, moderators provided, for maximum engagement opportunity

Sept 12-30 
 On-demand access to all event sessions. Access to Engagement Session Summaries.
Sample Sessions:
  • " International Education Evaluations in Ohio- One year later."
  • "Growing Master Trainers: How do we create a more inclusive & equitable system to diversify our trainers? Learning from Oregon."
  • "Asking the Right Questions: Mind the Gap."
  • "Equity, Data and Digital Literacy."
  • "Expanding Professional Development Opportunities: Leveraging Federally Funded Coursework."
  • "E-Learning Quality: What to Look For."
  • "Expanding Registry Technology to Support Professional Development Data Entry"
  • "Mindful Relationships: Looking Beneath the Surface."
  • "How a Little Social Media and Digital Technology Make a BIG Difference."  
  • "Best Practices for Customer Service, Tailored to Registry Members." 
  • Plus special Q & A sessions with CHEA and NAEYC

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