PHX Startup Week needs your help! This week long event is totally volunteer run, and we're looking for volunteers! When you volunteer with PHX Startup Week you meet awesome people, have a great time, and you get to go to PHX Startup Week for free!

Volunteer for one five hour shift, get a free venue pass. Volunteer for two or more five hour shifts, get a free WEEK pass! 

PHX Startup Week connects the PHX entrepreneurial community through an event which provides resources, education and support; one person, conversation and event at a time. PHX SUW 2019 is six days, three locations, 2,000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, multiple happy hours and limitless networking opportunities.

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Event Locations:

Monday & Tuesday, March 4 - 5 | Mesa Arts Center, Mesa
Wednesday & Thursday, March 6 - 7 | Skaled Sandbox, Phoenix
Friday & Saturday, March 8 - 9 | Park University, Gilbert

Shift Options:  

AM Shift 7:30a-1p
PM Shift 12:30p-6p