Sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship (SEE) are building blocks for harnessing the creation and creativity of a new generation of businesses that renew and strengthen rather than deplete or weaken the environment, social fabric, and economic resources of our planet.

The SEE Conference is an international venue for the top scholars and practioners in the area of sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship (e.g., social entrepreneurship, cause-based enterprises, B-Corps., impact investing, etc.) For scholars, the SEE invites cutting-edge research, ideas and theories across these interdisciplinary fields. For practitioners, the SEE also invites companies and managers who want to share their experience and connect with scholars in order to build a worldwide community that advances the state of knowledge and practice on SEE-related issues.


We invite you to join our growing community and we look forward to seeing you at the SEE Conference!

The Organizers

PS: There will be no refunds past December 15, 2016 due to conference committments.