Virtual Data Boot Camp

The Institute’s first module is a two-week (four session) Data Boot Camp led by the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Zaentz Early Education Initiative.  The Boot Camp focuses on high-lever data strategies and mindsets to drive improvements in behavior management, language and literacy environments and everyday practice.  We will emphasize moving from mere compliance, to using data to drive higher-impact management and stronger outcomes.

Introduction to CQI

The second module (two sessions) of the Institute will introduce tools and practices to support continuous quality improvement (CQI), as mandated in the Head Start Performance Standards.  CQI represents a distinct mindset and a methodology with particular tools and practices, including problem identification, root cause analysis, process mapping and solutions testing.

These introductory presentations will enable the beginner to learn basic tools and concepts including problem identification, understanding a problem as part of a larger system, the use of rapid tests for guiding solutions, and how to think about engaging staff and customers to diagnose issues.