Your Conference Needs an App

Here are the top 5 reasons!

Make Networking Smoother

Both attendees and exhibitors count on you to facilitate their networking needs.

Boost Attendee Engagement

Conferences are all about engaging audiences and making them happy.

Increase Exhibitor Visibility

Exhibitors expect you to help them drive more leads or sales to their businesses.

Attract More Sponsors

Proven strategies to secure sponsorship with customized mobile ads.

Digitize Program Brochures

Cut printing costs, make instant changes, go green, and be kind to nature.

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What is a Mobile Conference App?


Basically, it’s a piece of software application designed to run on mobile phones that conference stakeholders can download and use to achieve specific purposes, such as displaying program brochures, and interacting with others digitally within the community.

Over the past several years, it’s becoming an increasingly popular conference technology that event professionals adopt in the event planning process. With the complex and sophisticated needs demanded by conference planners, goers, exhibitors and sponsors, more advanced features are being added to a mobile conference app. Many app providers even offer highly customized services such as white labeling.

From an organizer’s perspective, some of the basic features in the app can include but is not limited to: sending push notifications, collecting feedback, exposing sponsor/exhibitor banners, etc. On the flip side attendees often use it to browse conference agenda, network with the right people, stay connected with organizers, etc. Experts in the events/meetings industry forecast that conference app technology continues to be one of the main trends that can improve the overall experience of a conference in 2016 and beyond.

What is Whova & Why Work with Us?

Higher Adoption Rate

We make sure your conference app is downloaded and used by attendees. Typically a 60-80% download rate can be achieved.


Drive More Engagement

We’ve integrated a set of utility tools within the app, aiming to help you and your audiences to better network and connect.

Save More Money

Our easy to use brochure uploading/display feature can help you print much less. You can expect to save up to 60%.

Measure Your Success

Our analytics report include almost all the data you’ll need to evaluate the conference and to report to your boss.

Awesome Conferences We’ve Worked with

MIT Tech Review - EmTech Digital

Helped MIT Technology Review generated thousands of networking actions among the attendees for the 2015 EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco.

National Rural ITS Conference

Whova supercharged attendee networking and engagement for National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (NRITS) 2015.

The 24th Annual SEJ Conference

We helped take the attendee engagement to the next lever: the result was that 77% of all attendees actively engaged Whova’s app during the conference.

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TEDxPetalingStreet Teams up with Whova to Provide a Heightened TEDx Experience in Malaysia

Major Platforms Covered

for iOS Devices

for Android Devices

for Blackberry / Windows Phones

What do Conference Organizers and Attendees Say about Whova?

The Whova app was great! We’ve got a lot of people used it and signed in, and the speakers loved the attention they got through the app.

Amy Lammers

VP of Events, MIT Technology Review

It’s safe to say that the conference was 10x more valuable to me than if Whova had not been available.


Mark Trexler

Attendee, SEJ's 24th Annual Conference

The thing I really liked the best was the customer service. They were always ready to help us or got back to us quickly. Rebecca Reilly

Director, CPSI Conference

I found Whova to be fantastically useful…By far it was the best conference app I’ve used. Heather Solos

Sponsor, Food and Wine Conference

It was great and the attendees really liked it…I’m sure we will use this again in our future conferences. Yoonsuck Choe

Organizer, IJCNN 2015

I believe Whova provided an excellent “just-in-time” resource for participants! Becky Prentice

Executive Director, Rockwall ISD

What Are You Waiting For?

Let us build the app for your next conference!

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