SHARE Budapest 2018 International Architecture and Engineering Forum

Budapest Music Center BMC, Budapest, Hungary

October 25, 2018



SHARE BUDAPEST 2018 International Architecture and Engineering Forum will take place on 25th October and brings together principal and senior architects from leading practices to discuss and gain inspiration from each other.

The lectures are concentrated on the present and future, innovation in architecture and engineering, on explorations of new materials and technologies for designing a smart and sustainable built environment.

SHARE Budapest 2018 act as an effective platform for networking, business, inspiration and exchange of ideas and transfer of know-how.

Highlights SHARE Budapest 2018:

  • The event will gather a series of outstanding speakers from 12 countries: Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, France, Albania, Thailand, Sweden, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Denmark and Italy;
  • Arch Csapó BALÁZS, BEK president, will lead the forum conferences as CHAIRMAN;
  • Great speaker, arch Renato Rizzi - lecturer of Instituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice;
  • Keynote speaker, arch Gábor ZOBOKI, Lead architect, company owner, ZDA – Zoboki Design & Architecture Hungary;
  • Keynote speaker, Mark Sutton Vane - one of the top 10 lighting designers worldwide;
    arch Tarek Hegazy - with over 28 years of experience, and numerous prestigious projects in his portfolio resulting in more than 270 plus projects, the majority being 5 stars hotels;
  • arch. Ferenc Haász studied vacuum-electronics technology and has 27 years of lighting design experience. He is CEO and conceptual lighting designer as a founder of MadebyLight and university lecturer in architectural lighting. Arch. András Miklós Balogh is CIO and responsible for visualization solution and development provider at MadebyLight. He was a founder of ZOA – one of the first Hungarian architectural visualization teams.
  • arch Sirapa SUPAHALIN - 2017: Winner, Inside World Festival Of Interiors, Hotels Category, Ir-on Hotel;
  • arch Paul BULKELEY, Director, Snug Architects Ltd, United Kingdom, 2018 Civic Trust Awards – winner;
  • arch John BULCOCK - 2018 RIBA International List Prize, ‘Factory in the Forest’, Penang, Malaysia;
  • arch Dean LAH, Owner, and Principal, Enota, Slovenia - 2017 Iconic Awards, Architecture, Best of the Best, Germany winner.
  • arch Tima ZOLTAN, Head of Studio, Member of the Directory Board, Deputy CEO KÖZTI Zrt. Tima Studio, Hungary, he was appointed Head of Studio in 1999. Winner of 2007 Ybl prize,2011 Tierney Clark prize ,2011 AHA Csonka Pál prize, 2015 International Biennale Krakow 2015 – 1 st prize.
  • arch Angel ZAHARIEV, Manager and Partner, A&A Architects, Bulgaria, Best International High-rise project, Building of the Year in Bulgaria – several times, Architect of the Year in Bulgaria, Archiova award – two times;
  • arch Ervin TAÇI, Co-owner / Co-CEO, DEA Studio, Albania, Awarded in the 1 st place in the International Open Competition of “Durana Tirana –Durresi Economic Corridor”, shortlisted and awarded in the 3rd place in the International Open Competition “Tirana Station Towers” in 2008;
  • arch László FÖLDES, Principal Architect, Földes Architects, Hungary;
  • arch Emmanuelle PICHON, Associate architect Representating, CoCo architecture from France;
  • arch Heechan PARK, Partner, Urban Agency, Danemark - 2017 Building & Architecture of the Year Awards, Best Retail winner;
  • arch László RADNÓCZI, Architect, (vice president), Terasz Group, Hungary, (Ybl, Pro Architectura and Prima Price winner) János Golda, as well as in competitions as a member of various teams, many of them awarded with 1st, 2nd Prices, or honorable mentions;
  • The SHARE Forum is expanded online through the communication platform between participants for 6 months.



The participation package includes: 
1. Access to SHARE Budapest 2018;
2. Business Networking Opportunity;
3. Access to Whova Application - SHARE Networking App, which allows: creating an individual profile page, communication with other attendees and speakers, navigate the event agenda, networking (a month before and during the event);
4. Participation Certificate; 
MÉK accreditation: 2.5 points (2018/215)

5. The event portfolio (it contains all the materials of the conference);

Participation Package - free of charge
Business lunch and coffee breaks services are optional for 50 euro/person
Participation Package - 75 euro/person
Business lunch and coffee breaks services are optional for 50 euro/person

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We are excited to use Whova as our event platform. Attendees please download Whova event app, to access the documents and handouts shared by the organizers.

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