Building a Resilient Future

The New School, New York, NY

September 22, 2019

Building a Resilient Future is full day event designed to support the UN Climate Action Summit.

We are in living in a period of increased volatility and unpredictability.

Climate change is affecting food security and political stability. Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently, exacerbating resource scarcity, forced migration, and conflicts.
If the current approach to development is not re-shaped, global aspirations toward a resilient future will not be achieved, leaving behind the most vulnerable and marginalised communities. Alongside action to limit emissions and transform towards low carbon development pathways, urgent action to build resilience is vital for achieving nearly all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Dedicated to reinforcing the focus on resilience and the commitments expected to be made at the UN Climate Action Summit, this event will feature innovative, interactive and participatory sessions for participants to share their actions and commitments for a transformative and resilient future. Participants will learn from each others experiences and discover how to embed resilience into actions and achieve the SDGs.

#ResilientFuture19 #ClimateAction #Resilience 

Event Collaborators
Building a Resilient Future is convened by Global Resilience Partnership and sponsored by UK’s Department for International Development. It is hosted by Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Programs in International Affairs and the Urban Systems Lab at The New School.

It is organised with a wide range of public and private organisations including: Adaptation Fund, AFSA, Asian Development BankAtma Connect, AXA XL, A2RBSRCGIAR/CCAFS, Climate Investment Funds, CJRF, EAT, EcoShape, FAO, FEBA, Future Earth, GNDRHuairou Commission, ICCCAD, ICF, ICLEI, iDE Global, IDF, IFAD, IFRC, IIED, IISD, International Standards Organisation, InsuResilience Global PartnershipIISDIUCN, LUCCC, Luther World Relief, Mercy Corps, NEF, Oceans Unite, ODI, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, Resurgence, RMEL CoP, SDI, SEI, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIWI, SRC SUN, Tebtebba, The Lightsmith Group, UNCTAD, UNDP, WBG, Wetlands InternationalWFPWillis Tower Watson, Women's Climate Centers International, and many more!

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We are excited to use Whova as our event platform. Attendees please download Whova event app, to access the documents and handouts shared by the organizers.

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