VSC 2020: An Industry-Wide Security Event

September 14 - 18, 2020

Vanguard Security & Compliance 2020 is going virtual! For over 30 years we have brought together global cybersecurity leaders from private industry and government agencies to deliver the most complete knowledge-based training for securing and defending the IBM System z®. This event, which offers the most advanced cybersecurity training available in the marketplace today, is ideal for information security and compliance professionals. 


Our virtual agenda will feature both live and recorded sessions allowing you to customize a schedule that works best for you. CPE credits are available.


Education tracks are designed to put you in the right place at the right time. Select the track that best matches your interests or mix and match throughout the conference.  

New to the mainframe?   The Basic Administration track (BAS) provides training for security administrators, auditors, and system programmers, with the emphasis on RACF. The track starts with a Mainframe Computing Boot Camp and goes through Group, User, Dataset and General Resource profile administration. You will get experience in logging and reporting as well. Our top-rated instructors will provide the foundation for success!



The Beyond the Basics track (BTB) takes RACF Security to a new level. After completing the Basic Administration track, and with a few years of RACF Administration under your belt, it's time to bring on the advanced topics, like SETROPTS, JES2, Database utilities, UNIX Security, DBS and SDF. Topics presented will strengthen your RACF skills and provide a broader view of mainframe security.



With new tools coming out to provision Identity and Access Management on a variety of platforms, the Enterprise Security Managers track (ESM) covers the big three tools: ACF2, Top Secret, and RACF. Learn to speak a new language, and see how the fundamentals of security are addressed by the three major systems. 



Compliance and audit is ever-evolving. Gone are the days when you just had to deal with internal audits and compliance standards. The Compliance and Audit track (CAU) addresses the topics associated with an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines and their ability to evaluate them.



Reporting and Auditing rely on the integrity of the information in your mainframe - that's where you, the security professional, come in. The daily operations of your business are based on the strength of the data used to shape crucial decisions and your company's reputation is one breach from disaster. The Just Security (JUS) track will identify the crucial practices and tools for you to keep your mainframe secure.



With the new z/15 offering inflight and at rest crypto as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, the Crypto and More track (CCM) offers you information on maintaining the Keys to the Kingdom - the basics of encryption, master key management, digital certs and more. Our classes, led by the top people in the field, offer you the chance to manage your digital empire.

Click the below link to view a session grid.  For more information on individual sessions please click on the Event Schedule tab.
Virtual Session Grid PDF Version 09032020.pdf

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We are excited to use Whova as our event platform. Attendees please download Whova event app, to access the documents and handouts shared by the organizers.

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