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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of providing promotions in Whova?
The new feature provides another way for you to engage with attendees and gain more leads. You can attract more visitors to your booth even before the event starts.
What information do I need to provide?
Currently we support two types of promotional information: Raffles/giveaways and coupons. For raffles/giveaways, you will need to provide a description and simple rules if you have any. For coupons, in addition to the description, you will also need to provide the coupon image.
Do I have to participate? What if I don't have any promotions?
No, you don't have to participate. If you don't have any promotions, you will still be listed as a regular exhibitor in the app.
How do I know who requested and received my promotion information? How can I announce the winners?
During and after the event, we will send you a summary of attendees who have signed up for your promotional activities. With this list, you can easily contact and message them in the Whova app.